Paradise of Demonic Gods

By Bear Wolfdog

1111 black holes

1111 black holes

„Damn, what ghost thing is this?” Mike - Michitoki cannot believe looks at the golden female giant who in the battlefield projection appears, the shock said: „Detection unit? Why do you eat? Did not say that the energy intensities of these electromagnetic lives are very low?”

„We do not know that perhaps the opposite party has the method of some of our unknown energy storage, is unable to survey in the existing method.”

„That present?” Mike - Michitoki presses the anger in heart saying: „His energy index is many.”

„9...... 9...... 9”

Hears the opposite party afraid to say a word sound, Mike Michitoki to exclaim: „Is many!”

„Does not have...... It is not able to survey, has gone beyond measuring range, possibly is the instrument had problems......”

„Cracks a joke?” Mike Michitoki complexion one black,

Points at golden female giant who is projecting, gets angry: „Has killed her.”

The crown prince exposes in the virtual image, stands in the universe vacuum, face upwards to send out silent roaring, the next quarter palm separates spatially strikes, the golden ray just like is a Sun raises in void slowly, tens of thousands of battleships and fighter aircraft were separated hit to explode spatially, change into one group of smoke and fires to release in the universe heartily.

„Ha Ha Ha Ha, do you vary?”

Hit to explode hundreds of thousands of battleships continuously, in the crown prince heart a happiness, shouted toward the Fang Xingjian three people.

„This fleet about 350 million battleships, you enough coped.” Fang Xingjian said: „The Katherine card in a hand has released, we cope with him.”

Stand regarding Fang Xingjian and Ulpian these a world peak character, they will handle affairs instead to be careful, because only then their this situations, will be clearer in this world to have many powerful ability and inconceivable unique skill.

Therefore before does not understand Katherine, they have not gotten rid, but now after having clarified the Katherine card in a hand, they naturally again unscrupulous, appeared the personal appearance completely.

„I come first.”

Then sees silver Mage King, when one step treads first, a space transfers, surmounted over a hundred defense fields of force of Venus outer layer directly, appeared in the atmospheric environment.

Then his both hands rip, separate spatially then tear the metal mainland of under foot, then saw that the innumerable tall buildings whirl around to back up, the resistance nuclear fusion attack and 1st stratum level metal deck of resistance energetic photon artillery was torn the disruption then to whirl around sufficiently all, silver Mage King has pulled out one several thousand kilometers on such one breath, several hundred kilometers deep violent canyon.


In the high tower of Venus, is almost the crown prince and silver Mage King get rid at the same time, Katherine changed realizes change.

Her brow wrinkles, looks that the golden giant and 1st stratum in level screen rips open silver Mage King of Venus exterior armor plate, the malignant influences on face are getting more and more heavy: „Ahem, one group of clumsy mischief-doers, but also thinks what really I am good to bully is.”

When she calculates how to be tidying up these enemies the person, artificial intelligence Dai Li has shown a projection before her directly, in the outer space appears Fang Xingjian and Ulpian of personal appearance.

The body of Fang Xingjian was labelled and enlarged with emphasis, is placed in the Katherine front.

„Master, discovered Fang Xingjian.”

Katherine vision one bright: „Is he Fang Xingjian?”

„ According to picture contrast in information bank,

Contour similarity close 95%. ”

Her thought moves, the metal floor of under foot as if changed into beach mercury, the head of purple star and snake king slowly has braved directly.

The Katherine cold sound said: „You have a look, is he Fang Xingjian that you meet.”

Although present Fang Xingjian and that in material image is similar, but as having person of shuttle Multiverse experience, Katherine naturally has to meet other Multiverse Fang Xingjian.

The purple star and snake king looked at Fang Xingjian in picture, in the eye have flashed through one surprisedly uncertain.

The snake king looked at one then to dangle the eyelid, coldly said: „I do not know him.”

The purple star is actually the hesitant moment, in the heart puts out one to sorry secretly, opens the mouth saying: „Only words from contour, that not wrong, is he.”

Katherine has smiled, in both eyes as if there is flame of hatred to burn.

„It is not genuine he, was he is parallel existence of world.” She grinned, on the cheek flashes through the sad color: „Sends out the slaughter god squad, holds him, must live, I must try him personally!”

Besides the Fang Xingjian three people with Katherine fighting, the universe battlefield at this moment, along with joining of crown prince, randomly has become a piece.

Then saw that the golden female giant dashes recklessly, strikes, each fist each foot can create a large area of spatial warping and field of force extrusion, these firm incomparable, the shuttle wormhole, carries on universe battleship Large expanse of hitting of space caper to explode sufficiently one after another.

The several seconds time, then has tens of millions battleships by the direct disintegration, changes into giant fireworks to explode to disperse in the vacuum.

But various weapons of silver shade empire, high-energy laser, electromagnetic artillery, plasma artillery, even the positron artillery does not have the effect, hits on the body of crown prince except for causing some slight trembling, even links a scar unable on the virtual image to stay behind.

Indoor the direction, Mike Michitoki pounds on the table to shout greatly: „Who can tell me, what ghost thing is this?”

Nobody spoke, looks in the battlefield projection unceasingly eliminated battleship group, on the foreheads of all people unknowingly has emitted the cold sweat.

Mike Michitoki cold snort|hum: „Prepares to use to shrink draws back the artillery, kills this monster!”

The people who hears these words all are complexion cold, so-called shrinking draw back the artillery, a more vivid name is the black hole artillery, is one type can change the gravity powerful weapons through the antimatter.

A round of black hole artillery, even can tear a star directly.

The expeditionary force of silver shade empire this time also only brought altogether three black hole balls, all, has not actually thought that will use on the body of crown prince Qiming asterisk prepares.

After several minutes, the loss of entire fleet over 100 million battleships, the wreckage of blotting out the sky scattered in the universe vacuum, just like is an interspace grave.

But the command ship entire starts to distort to stretch, has revealed quickly then a giant muzzle.

Almost while the muzzle presents, the brow of crown prince selects, during the painstaking care induction has transmitted the intense threat feeling.

A next quarter darkness are centered on her chest with the white brilliance toward spreads in all directions.

The virtual image of crown prince was swallowed instantaneously most probably, incomparably huge, is occupied her entire body by the sphere that the white corona wraps.

Incessantly is so, along with the eruption of black hole ball, the space of trim starry sky, the time, gravity had the huge change.

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