Paradise of Demonic Gods

By Bear Wolfdog



Humanity realized reality that forever is only the real part.

Probably throws the shadow on wall, always changes with the change of angle, adopts the shadow to come the observed shape, forever is only part of main body.

But if visual observation projected main body, naturally can see his all shapes.

This is also so-called, when the biology observes the real world at the angle of view of higher dimension, then can also see many realities.

But the Fang Xingjian concise virtual image, then own Sword World rise into the higher-dimensional world, has resembled at this moment the average man to regard the picture scroll same to regard the real world.

Also resembles the finger to hold back the picture scroll to be the same, finding the way to make the higher-dimensional world Sword World attack the real world.

All in picture scroll can hold back with the finger at will, but before being run over and dying, the life in picture scroll is impossible to feel.

In the reality is also same, before higher-dimensional attack hit, they are impossible to realize this attack, but any material any defense of real world, before this attack meaningless.

Facing this attack, any other energies do not have the effect, can only resist by own Martial Intent hardly.

About the martial arts in high dimension, the entire mainland is almost a blank.

This is also Fang Xingjian and Ulpian they passes through the embryonic form that in March the self-torture creates.

But above mainland, in Divine Level 9th layer Knights martial arts, after transferring space, the direction that controls then must grasp the time.

But regardless of Ulpian and Fang Xingjian understand that walks following this road, can only forever walk in the back of forerunner.

Only then breaks out a road, appears just like the tank, the nuclear bomb rewrites the history, this can in the way of brand-new technical complete transformation fight, carry on the crush regarding the method of original fight.

But three months of self-torture, they went out of one eventually with the Divine Level 9th layer different roads, although began, actually also had the qualitative change.

Fang Xingjian at this moment, has been able to integrate in an own fist foot the Sword World attack in higher-dimensional world, fights by the higher-dimensional attack.

Also is his every time gets rid, has to be in Sword World outside picture scroll to press down the finger, in goal by crush picture scroll.


When the fatty was wounded, the first entire base seven child, begin is the bold child, then saw his body in a flash, then directly pushes front all spaces, the whole person has probably delimited a black lightning in the sky, rushed to the Fang Xingjian front, was a fist rumbles.

His fist seems by the sea mountains equally general space concentrations, a boxing leaves, just like was the trim continental shelf has hit, as if must thoroughly tear the present space.

However facing the fist of bold child, Fang Xingjian directs merely gently, then in all person astonished vision, cut open the butter same to cut open the fist of bold child.

All defenses, all energies, all spaces, in front of his sword, are unable to resist.

A sword cut away the arm of bold child, Fang Xingjian has taken advantage of opportunity to tread, arrived at the front of fatty again.

The fatty facial color crazily changes, the personal appearance of whole person shakes slightly, changed into the innumerable light to scatter in all directions to go.

At this moment, the black mole with fish roe one on the left and other on the right, brings ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) six muddy streams, probably the Tsunami same comes toward the position encirclement of Fang Xingjian.

Possibly how such readily to let your severe wound our companions?

Black mole coldly smiles, a boxing leaves, is the black emperor night sovereign fist, the curtain of night in sky seemed is fell along with this fist, has wrapped toward Fang Xingjian.

The fish roe put out together the sound wave gently, void as if there are ten thousand demons to grow thickly, the humanity in innumerable Fang Xingjian recollection appears in his line of sight, even Martial Intent of Fang Xingjian within the body indistinctly vibrates, as if must overstate was the same.

They get rid are kill to incur, not slight keeps the hand.

‚Although does not know why this Fang Xingjian had the Divine Level 6th layer strength, but both of us collaborate, Fang Xingjian strength again strong, impossible......’

But in the next quarter, Fang Xingjian refers to the sword, sword light seems the star light kills to come toward them equally, the whole person is actually the personal appearance keeps , to continue to pursue to the fatty.

‚Cracks a joke...... Does this want to keep off our attack to pursue the fatty? Possibly how to let you......’

But in the black mole incredible vision, sword light suddenly tears the curtain of night, myriad heart demons vanishes in puff of smoke, the fish roe and he is stuffy snort|hum one, stopped the footsteps.

During them by a Fang Xingjian sword was compelled the time of drawing back, Fang Xingjian to arrive at one piece to be void, cuts in the sky, ka scratches crashes to resound, the personal appearance of fatty ka scratches has revealed that Martial Intent from top to bottom crushes once more.

„I displayed the secret to move to Su law to shield the induction of being prompted by a sudden impulse, how did you possibly find my?”

Fang Xingjian had not replied that a direction has approached the body of fatty once more.

At this moment, the overlapping space barrier has covered his body, the barrier probably innumerable glasses of 1st stratum level are the same, shines upon a fuzziness his form.

Was the entire base seven child in dumplings began, these got rid then among the piece the spaces to congeal sheet irons, must surround Fang Xingjian directly.

But the next quarter, his complexion fiercely changes, only felt that oneself surrounded the space movie screen of opposite party to turn into the bean curd to be the same probably, how regardless of Martial Intent operated, is unable to prevent the rapid routs of space movie screens, in an instant then saw the palm of Fang Xingjian pierced the final movie screen, the trim movie screen changed into a piece of smashing.

The dumpling only thought that all space movie screens resemble the glass to be the same in front of Fang Xingjian, in heart intermittent inconceivable: ‚How to have this matter?’

Then the Fang Xingjian form dodges, arrived at the front of fatty again, directs.

‚How possibly to let his be in front of our to kill the fatty?’

The black mole, fish roe, dumpling and bold child shouted angrily completely, four people simultaneously began in this moment once more.

The black viscous material following six muddy streams, wraps toward the body of Fang Xingjian, the place visited, all Ether Particles lost the effectiveness completely.

But under the Fang Xingjian sword refers to sweeping away, these evil incantations of black mole in instantaneously were also cut the flying ash.

The fish roe brow reduces, ten big Dharma King heart demon totals vanish, then his pointing at even/including Dan, just like takes void as the string, in the mind of all people flood is unable by language description the sound of day demon, the body of Fang Xingjian to shake slightly, black air/Qi already directly from his flood.

But is also only the body shakes, inundates the darkness air/Qi to be crushed all, cannot prevent his body slightest.

When the heart demon attack, before the bold child also once more fled the body of Fang Xingjian, his both hands by the scrap, was cut, at this moment is actually the right foot high lifts, seems a handle epoch-making tomahawk is the same, explodes toward Fang Xingjian fiercely presses under.

The right leg place visited, the myriad things completely turn over to chaos, a piece absolute dark spread toward Fang Xingjian, that is equal to the strength that the entire mainland pounds.

But facing this strikes, Fang Xingjian counts on the fingers the micro ball, in the absolute darkness then as if has sword light to flash through, sword light 11 on the right leg of bold child flashes through, links up into a single stretch, the next quarter his entire right leg changed into everywhere luminous spot, vanishes without the trace.

Then the Fang Xingjian sword refers to does not stay, is the world a sharpest handle sword is the same, punctured the dumpling directly these days over a thousand space movie screens under arrange, regards six muddy streams to not to have the thing, selected once more maliciously above Martial Intent of fatty.

Everywhere Martial Intent was strangled to death the smashing.

In the ground, Talant looks in the sky dull the staggered battlefield, muttered: „They...... They cannot hit Xingjian.”

At this moment, consciousness a piece of shake, transmitted roaring of black mole, in the expression has filled breathless.

„Fang Xingjian! You damn!”

Bang! Light Sword raises from his hand in together, was he started White Emperor Aurora Sword impressively, changed into together the light beam of exceedingly high penetrating place, has covered toward Fang Xingjian.

But facing the attack of this White Emperor Aurora Sword, Fang Xingjian has not returned together, a fist flings conveniently backward, the fist and light beam hit in one, the light beam total rebound, have hit impressively then to the sky, has projected a radius several thousand meters cavity directly, goes directly to 9th stratum Heavenly Palace.

Meanwhile, the Fang Xingjian sword refers to even/including Dan, said that sword light has locked the fatty once more.

Fatty consciousness at this moment is almost an ignorance, seems cannot rise any strength of revolt, then saw that black sword lotuses void open in him, absorbs the decomposition all fatty all Martial Intent of all.


Finally the moment, the fatty sends out a sad and shrill call, the whole person erupted the final potential, the secret moved to Su law to start fully, the whole person transferred the space continuously, escaped toward the mainland at the super velocity of light.

But at the last minute, he can only hear a few words that in the mind transmits.

„Stays behind.”


The entire base seven child remaining five people look dull the Fang Xingjian palm pinches slightly, fatty final Martial Intent of crushes to dissipate suddenly, the complexion was completely difficult to see the extreme.

Said kills you, kills you, even if you prevent not to save him fully.

When the Fang Xingjian vision sweeps to black mole and the others, in the entire base seven child people eyes, the first appearance was intense.

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