Paradise of Demonic Gods

By Bear Wolfdog

Trap and inducing somebody to capitulate

Trap and inducing somebody to capitulate

Looks present these startled changes, the purple star, the snake king, the ice soul, Oita, Luo Haonan only thought that cold air of penetrating to the bone drops from the clouds.

Shows one type from top to bottom thoroughly the cool feeling of heart.

Current situation is obvious, that was asks and naughty children to betray them to hire oneself the god emperor.

And even the plan of entire attack god emperor, is a trap.

The pupil of snake king has contracted, a pair stares just like the snake eye same vertical pupil stubbornly is asking and naughty child, kills to intend to crazy tuck dive.

„Asked! Were you insane?”

„Was I insane? I not insane, I sober very much.” Asked to smile: „Instead is you, you know what are really one making?”

„Defeats the god emperor? Becoming Divine Level 5th layer? Returns to the original world? You think how long you arrived here.” Asked to sneer saying: World that „ you are, is in the world mutations? Otherwise is impossible to achieve Divine Level 4th layer.

In the world mutation, this represents your enemies, your personal enemies high-speed will be progressing, represent your world soon to welcome the next impact.

But did you stay in this world how long? South Romanian Hao, even if you goes back now, your foe has also been far in excess of you, but has wasted these many time, how many survival percentages do you think you also some in the great misfortune? ”

Nearby naughty child deeply to be so place nodded, he was for these reasons strives, this moment face that an institute persuaded is sorrowful: „We have not been able to turn head, now goes back, might as well stays here.” He deeply looked at present several Divine Level powerhouses, persuaded: „Surrender, our fights simply do not have the significance.”

Their persuasion, indeed very much has the effect, even the hostilities of several Divine Level powerhouses as if all of a sudden weakened, dies the same silence to arrive in Quinta Grande.

The next quarter, Oita's form dodges, appeared to seek that side, he lowers the head saying: „The words of my hiring oneself god emperor, he will not be disadvantageous to me.”

Sought to say decidedly: Meaning that „ relax, that side the god emperor has not wanted to be ruthless, will not use any limit method. After that side, we are under one person, above ten thousand people, can still present such day.

No, had the god emperor's technical support, we will pass compared with the present well. ”

Oita somewhat awkwardly looked at snake king and the others, said: „Excuse me, I did not like fighting. Asked and naughty child said right, we went back now, can be what kind of?”

„Do not say.” Snake King coldly snort, said: „God emperor that fellow, I am untrustworthy he.”

Side the snake king purple star and ice soul also eye of dew cold brightness, in the chest kills intent to thrive: „Has hit these many years, you think that we do not know what goods god emperor that is? That is a bastard, I will die will not have hired oneself he.”

South Romanian Hao is actually an anxiety and hesitation of face, looks that the present situation does not know how to handle.

But in the information flow, four people instantaneously has also exchanged.

Snake King said: „Cannot surrender absolutely, by the manner of god emperor, how god knows he to cope with us.”

„First kills the naughty child, Oita fights intent not to be strong, seeking a defense not to be a short time impossible to break.” Ices the soul to analyze to say calmly: „Naughty child has scattered Ether Particles, so long as defeats him, can draw a big inferiority immediately.”

The purple star clenches teeth saying: „Fellow of serving the interest of outsiders, I must dig up their skin.”

South Romanian Hao said suddenly: „Did anyone of you see Fang Xingjian?”

Other three people hear these words, terrified one startled, sees only during Martial Intent sweeping, originally stands in nearby Fang Xingjian disappears unexpectedly.

A purple star brow wrinkle: „Walked?”

„When matter?”

„Damn, I know that this fellow is unreliable.” Snake King Nudao.

„Could not control these many.” Iced the soul Martial Intent to sweep to entire seven Saint Quinta Grande.

More and more mechanical armies covered the outer layer of Quinta Grande, the dense and numerous insect groups back and forth walked randomly, accumulated more than ten meters thickness in the surrounding of Quinta Grande, probably turned into a super hornet's nest to be the same the entire Quinta Grande.

They tear unceasingly, bite the epidermises of entire seven Saint Quinta Grande, the faint trace plasma flame spout from their mouths.

But seven Saint Quinta Grande have lacked the supplement of Ether Particles, holds with in addition of seven big Divine Level powerhouses, can only depend upon own strength resistance mechanical army's attack, the superficial golden ray is also getting more and more weak, this mechanical army as if anytime and anywhere possibly breaks through the defenses of seven Saint Quinta Grande to clash.

Once to that time, several people of this motions is the outright failure, perhaps in receives is going not dead facing the mechanical army besieges continuous crazily.

„Begins!” The snake king drinks one in the information flow lightly.

Seeks to look at present these confidently, shows a faint smile: „He He, you will regret.”


In the sky asked the pledge seven big powerhouses to start to fight.

Fang Xingjian actually drops along the space gap, hurries to toward the god emperor in underground base most deep place that side.

‚Really is the main body!’

‚Finally found you.’

Must depend upon the words that Fang Xingjian seek, because the opposite party uploads the relations of internet part of consciousness, even if prompted by a sudden impulse is also hard to determine opposite party is at truly.

The words of imaginary technique, must find the main body to be useful, otherwise deceives consciousness on several server, meaningless.

But now can find the main body, affected to Fang Xingjian is too big.

Almost is the instantaneous shuttle space, drilled to the underground more than ten kilometers, Fang Xingjian appears in the front of god emperor suddenly.

„Um? Are you that newly arrived?” The god emperor sees sudden Fang Xingjian, does not have the slight flurry, but smiled saying: „You think that you arrive in front of me, can defeat me?”

Meanwhile, four forms flash before, arrived at Fang Xingjian all around suddenly, has surrounded Fang Xingjian.

These four people are actually four facial features vary actually fine attractive, the beautiful young girl of respective wear Chinese dress, bikini, sailor suit and witch clothing/taking. Stature or face fine like humanity, does not walk probably from the picture is the same.

In both eyes of this these four beautiful young girls ice-cold, as if cannot see existence of any sentiment.

Fang Xingjian can feel that these four beautiful young girls at all are not humanity, but their within the body are containing a rushing strength, almost can compare the Divine Level 2nd layer powerhouse, seems some type of advanced energy engine.

These were the snake king they said evidently, the guard of god emperor, transformation person army.

„Ji child, child you draw back.” The god emperor waved, smiles to look at Fang Xingjian saying: „ Are my female servant armed forces what kind of? I in all legend, myth, animation, game, movie, soap opera and book beautiful young girl, to transform the pattern of person to produce.

What kind , are they very attractive? ”

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