Paradise of Demonic Gods

By Bear Wolfdog



Regarding You Jie Dharma King, can strengthen his talent aptitude, is an incomparably wonderful matter, has the intense enticement.

Even if Dharma King is impossible not to want not to strive, many people want to achieve their achievements, their boundaries, but tour Dharma King they naturally also want to go a step further, achieves the boundary in legend, for example Divine Level 6th layer, the control of world.

Although in Truth Church the rich resources are unusual, the law of Cultivation inheritance emerges one after another incessantly, has God of Truth to bestow God Technique, may be called in the mainland the Cultivation condition best sacred place.

But in Truth Church such first under heaven sacred place, world mutation to the present nearly one year, still did not have any person to achieve the Divine Level 6th layer boundary, obviously this boundary has difficultly how.

Naturally Dharma King and three Son of God have to surmount the itself strength God Technique, its battle efficiency is not simple Divine Level 5th layer.

But this also explained the difficulty of Divine Level 6th layer, can say in entire Church, only then three Son of God having confidence achievement Divine Level 6th layer, as for other Dharma King, then did not have the complete assurance to make itself attack Divine Level 6th layer.

Like beforehand Sky Lion King, although said that has the one pace to Divine Level 6th layer, momentarily can try the breakthrough, but this one pace is far of world.

Breaks through this 1st stratum Heavenly Palace extremely to be really difficult, even if takes the inheritance of Sky Lion King, to cultivate, still unceasingly was saving, has not dared to attempt. If not forcing of Fang Xingjian, he also will perhaps continue to save.

When tour Dharma King sees existence of this Dharma Prints, immediately looks the extraordinary splendor, the heart cannot bear fiery.

He looked that said to Fang Xingjian: „This Dharma Prints I go back to test, if successful, must have the generous reward.”

Fang Xingjian selects nodded not to speak, his goal naturally is not the ordinary repayment. Gives an immortal Son of God department Dharma Prints, on the one hand can expand this is the strength of troops, keeping sea day Son of God and uncommon Son of God from going south easily, is equal to constraining these two with immortal Son of God is the troops.

On the other hand Dharma Prints has entire 10th stratum, Fang Xingjian planned that is used to make the transaction with immortal Son of God.

By the Truth Church innumerable year of savings, does not know that has many wealth, many precious day material treasure, these are the Fang Xingjian goals.

Like his Thunder Calamity, White Bone, Abyss and plate micro four Divine sword, can refine through some materials once more seriously, especially some 3 Level 5 above god human bone arming, if can obtain to refine into his Divine sword, naturally can increase the Immortal Executing Sword Formation might again, is equal to strengthening his strength.

After all he must break through Divine Level 6th layer, similarly needs layer upon layer to accumulate, this prevents sea day Son of God and uncommon Son of God with immortal Son of God at the same time, on the one hand received exchange for the Church huge resources strengthening own transaction through the transaction.

Regardless of this to immortal Son of God to Fang Xingjian, is a good deed, it may be said that is win-win.

The tour Dharma King also flash understood significance, deeply looked at Fang Xingjian one, said: „After confirmed Dharma Prints succeeds, we again chat.”

The next quarter, his body dodges slightly, then vanished does not see.

In the Fang Xingjian vision flashes through a fluctuation, just swam Dharma King to break through the method of his palm, he has not seen the depth unexpectedly, only thought that transfers with the space somewhat is faintly similar.

‚His God Technique? These Dharma King, really all are the immeasurably deep generations, but does not know that has to restrain my ability. Perhaps process type of transaction, can trade these Dharma King God Technique abilities.’

The Truth Church numerous Dharma King strengths are not perhaps formidable to present Fang Xingjian, God Technique that but they grasp has actually surmounted the itself strength kills greatly, even if Fang Xingjian does not dare easily with it to be an enemy.

Who knows that these God Technique have any function, can restrain him.

In the heart considered once more slightly, the body of Fang Xingjian has glittered, then entire vanished, returned to the imperial capital.

But in this time imperial capital, on the people face is rejoicing of being survivor of disaster.

The especially final time, Fang Xingjian hits Sky Lion King from directly exploding, built the absolute authority before the people.

After all a Evil God clan Warrior war, the entire imperial capital more than ten people have also seen, therefore to the strength appraisal of Fang Xingjian, was past Alexander was still equally matched.

But this Fang Xingjian defeats 14 Divine Level powerhouses to collaborate, and hit to explode Sky Lion avatar while still alive, showed to suppress a country truly, pushes the present age strength horizontally, looked at the imperial capital people are the mind drags, is unable to restrain oneself.

On the faces of countless person has shown one after another proud and excited expression.

Knights Association Association President has caressed own white beard, said with a smile: „I said that Country Master is impossible to lose, let alone trivial Sky Lion King calculates anything, made into the dead dog him in the same old way.”

Charlie has also smiled: „Heard Country Master on not to fall the news that the city defeats, really frightened me to jump, this was Country Master wants to catch the whole lot in a dragnet evidently, intentionally layout.”

„After this war, southwest the mainland, my empire does not have the rival again, the Country Master success arranges the mainland to be top sufficiently.” Great West State student said: „After this, then can a person of strength, aid safety of the country.”

Nearby person all shows the expression that deep to have been so, at this moment, the people in entire imperial capital incomparably are worshipping Fang Xingjian.

Crown Prince Phillip in distant place has also felt at ease, on the face flashes through color of the comforting: „Has Country Master, I can also feel relieved.”

In his side, Phillip Crown Prince's son Richard sighed, this time true determined one is mistaken.

‚I think Fang Xingjian has exhausted the bag of clumsy tricks, is actually I have eyes but fails to see, the talent strength of this person is above the imagination, the empire has him, only if Truth Church gets rid personally, otherwise may guarantee for over a hundred years to be safe fully.’

The expression on nearby Sha Li face is also complex, when wants initially his first time to meet the opposite party, the opposite party is Cultivation more than one year of Conferred Knights, but once more meets now, the opposite party not only became the Divine Level powerhouse, is the strength unparalleled, becomes suppresses a country, aids existences of empire eight states.

Some people like, some people were naturally sad.

crown prince coldly looks at the sky direction, the complexion is ugly, is listening to the cheers outside room, puts out the one breath slowly, the whole person as if becomes the incomparable irritation, finally shook the head, turns around to go back to own room, but the whole person looks like incomparably desolate.

But in this moment sky, Left Wise King Goshawk and Pope Sacred Fire Church, the Sacred Fire Church saintess three people gather together, on face gloomy.

Just Fang Xingjian coped with Sky Lion avatar time, again has not actually managed them.

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