Paradise of Demonic Gods

By Bear Wolfdog



The entire Immortal Executing Sword Formation strength condenses in this sword, in not firm Sword Intent under erupts, has reached a limit regarding the interference of strength of heavenly thunder Earth's magnetic field.

The electromagnetic strength, that composes world myriad things all thing qualitative basic forces, he has represented all thing qualitative structures.

By the entire Immortal Executing Sword Formation strength stimulation of movement the strikes not firm sword, making the Fang Xingjian heart flash innumerable clear(ly) to become aware.

Then sees under a sword, the black and white light rolls simultaneously by sword cutting, cuts to extinguish, next quarter Thunder Calamity Longsword has delimited the body of 5th Prince, with Fang Xingjian whole person wrong body.

Among swords, 5th Prince mortal body and nano armor not slight damage, but one group of white Martial Intent directly had actually been cut, changes into the innumerable luminous spots to crash toward the ground.

The sword of swordsmanship peak, has not cut to kill the mortal body, but has cut Tian Yi Martial Intent directly, and severe wound.

Entire Great West City several hundred Conferred Knights shock looks at this sword.

This sword, Fang Xingjian felt that he has touched a electromagnetic essence.

Crown Prince Phillip has grown up the mouth, in look is endless frantic and worship: „Under a sword, will and mortal body division, this is a swordsmanship peak sword.”

The governor Benjamin same whole face with amazement, hears the sound suddenly, turns head to look that actually the discovery this and Genius Swordsmanship of big leading to sword has had tears streaming down the face.

„Ha Ha, the lifetime can actually make me see this Sword Technique peak a sword, although dies not regrets......”

Great West State Regional Academy Zhou Xingwen, Rota, Fang Qian and other people deeply put out one to get up, looks that in the sky that holds the form of sword to shock inexplicably, subsequently is the incomparable respect.

In Great West City, Conferred Knights of innumerable all influence all silently low head, expressed for the sword of this swordsmanship peak respects.

A Fist Sovereign face is dejected, in front of the sword of this swordsmanship peak, in his heart could not mention slightly the heart of revolt again.

„Fang Xingjian......”

Another side, then saw that Tian Yi Martial Intent is defeated and dispersed unceasingly, weakens, in an instant falls to the ground above, changes into a small light person.

When he forces he begins, then discovered that Fang Xingjian grabs the white puppy to appear in his front.

„You want to do!” Tian Yi suddenly had one not good premonition, but he caused heavy losses to by a Fang Xingjian sword, Martial Intent as weak as an pinnacle, the present brilliance remaining matches sizes, do not only have the strength of revolt.

In the Fang Xingjian hand Thunder Calamity flashes, direct in Tian Yi small light person, in a minute already Tian Yi Martial Intent into the body of white puppy.

A sword can cut the relation of mortal body and will, a sword can speak the will to put in the body of animal, on good to undergo the surgery to be the same with the will regarding the mortal body, at this moment Fang Xingjian regarding the swordsmanship, regarding electromagnetic, regarding the understanding of material structure, made the new breakthrough.

Executes immortal Sword Technique, not firm sword, contained Sword Technique of electromagnetic mystery to reach an unprecedented peak.

But put in Tian Yi in Little Bai dog body to collapse instantaneously.

„Amn't I the first under heaven?”

„I should not be invincible?”

„Why will I lose?”

„Why will I be defeated?”

Entire will instantaneous delay, then down, then falls into the stupor.

Fang Xingjian looked in the hand the stupor puppy, threw the Fang Qian bosom at will: „Visits him, do not let him starve to death.” Fang Xingjian saw the Tian Yi origin is interesting, therefore wants to grasp to ask, as for 5th Prince......

He looked up the day, the body of 5th Prince still looked at dumbly in the sky.

Fang Xingjian just that sword may, not only cut Tian Yi Martial Intent to be so simple, must know that just Tian Yi was borrowing the 5th Prince strength the condition.

That sword he not only has cut Tian Yi Martial Intent, cut to crush 5th Prince Martial Intent.

This moment 5th Prince, the strength remaining the small part of most core has only hidden in his mind deep place.

But four surrounding people look under a Fang Xingjian sword, Martial Intent of opposite party into a body of dog, panic-strickenly was unexpectedly more inexplicable, this simply was Sword Technique of strange its technique.

In the Talant heart had a scare fiercely, is the endless excitement: „I have not really bet wrong, Fang Xingjian future...... Limitless......”

The 4th prince similar vision brilliant looks at present Fang Xingjian, was still at just in shock of that two sword: „In the Great Emperor Xuan You strength has surmounted Fang Xingjian, but regarding the understanding of swordsmanship, perhaps is not the Fang Xingjian match, this person simply is the inborn swordsmanship talent, no...... Should say is in the sword god.”

Tian Yi fainted the past speed to be quick, almost several seconds the memory that the delusion firm view will be just defeated wrote off thoroughly, he opened the eye, the corners of the mouth has shown a happy expression proudly.

„Did I fall asleep?”

„In process that hope sleeps, has not caused the destruction to the surroundings.”

„After all my strength was too strong, even if some fluctuations of unconsciousness, is easy to create the unquantifiable destructive power.”

When Tian Yi is thinking, he has gawked suddenly staring, is the palm that at present stretches out why a dog claw?

He extended another hand, is the dog claw.

„What's the matter?”

He wants to exude similar roar, near the ear actually hears yelps.

‚I? Did I become a dog?’

Tearful tearful Wang!

The Tian Yi brain down, the whole person lethargic sleep in the past, the delusion firm pass/test in mind started to have a faint trace inexplicable change instantaneously once more.

But during the sky, 5th Prince fell into thoroughly was panic-stricken, is feeling the strength in within the body, links weakest Divine Level 1st layer not to compare unexpectedly, even some half Divine Level powerhouses cannot compare continually.

‚Damn Fang Xingjian...... Damn Tian Yi......’

‚My strength...... Was my strength eliminated by him?’

Fist Sovereign had rushed, holds 5th Prince saying: „How, have you been all right?”

5th Prince also without enough time said anything, Fang Xingjian has stood in front of them.

5th Prince gains ground, the appearance looks at Fang Xingjian fiercely, clenches jaws saying: „Have you abandoned my martial arts?”

Fist Sovereign stares, Martial Intent has swept the body of 5th Prince, the complexion immediately changes.

Fang Xingjian said lightly: „For it, you on own initiative confessed actually conveniently now the origin of armor, I can make you die comfortable.”

5th Prince hear word has laughed: „Kills me? Fang Xingjian, I told you, you can injure me, can the shame I, even can discard my martial arts, but killed me? Do you dare?”

Then, he sweeps by a mock vision to Fang Xingjian, coldly said: „Father sovereign achievement Divine Level 5th layer, he has been able, no matter I, whatever I encounter the setback, but kills me...... Sorry, so long as you dare to begin, he speed of light military officer, will cut to kill you immediately.”

Saying, he looks at Fang Xingjian by a vision of taunt, said: „You begin, I feared that you do not begin. Forever do not want to kill me, these time calculates that I lost, the next time, I will retaliate, I can rumble to kill entire Great West City, making you feel that what is the true pain.”

The Alexander achievement Divine Level 5th layer, 5th Prince assured Fang Xingjian has not dared to cut to kill itself truly.

Let alone the opposite party dares to begin just right, he looks forward to kill the opposite party with the hand of Alexander. The strength and Sword Technique that after all Fang Xingjian displays now were too terrorist, 5th Prince lost has defeated the confidence of opposite party, only wants to depend upon Alexander to cut to kill the opposite party directly.( To be continued.)

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