Paradise of Demonic Gods

By Bear Wolfdog

Fist and sword

Fist and sword

Lilia stands in the female family members, youth is pretty, from top to bottom she who is full of the vitality, stands is considered as in female family members on is the rare beautiful woman.

Such beautiful woman Xia will not certainly let off, especially this beautiful young girl or the Fang Xingjian apprentice, increased Xia regarding her conquering desire.

But when his grasps to Lilia, dazzling sword light explodes together in the place of his forehead, the smoke and fire that probably in a flash erupts is the same, the ray has covered him from top to bottom, makes dingdong the sound one after another, probably innumerable Longsword stroke on the metal is the same.

A Xia racket, scattered everywhere sword light conveniently, then both eyes looks to the sky, then saw that the empire crown prince Phillip under foot is stepping on overlapping white Light Sword, Light Sword puts the expansive sky horizontally, stands on above Phillip the moment is also only a small sunspot, next one already after arriving at sky over Regional Academy, face-to-face stands beyond the Xia several hundred meters.

Then originally Crown Prince Phillip after avatar was extinguished received the induction, was worried that the 4th prince safety, the main body sends out to rush to the southern border immediately, actually the discovery scene only leaves behind the wreckage, nine quiet fan conceal also disappearing traces.

Therefore he stopped a meeting slightly, immediately rushed to Great West State state Regional Academy, wants to look to look that Fang Xingjian they returned to here, then immediately saw present.

Looks at present Phillip, the corners of the mouth of Xia reveals one to grin fiendishly: „Phillip old ghost, what's wrong? Do you want to help over Fang Xingjian?”

Phillip sees present Xia, the brow micro wrinkle, as the Eight Sided Red Dragon leader, Divine Level that sways back and forth from the orgy of bloodshed, Xia is one the match who is difficult to do.

Especially Phillip just branched out 30% strengths avatar to be struck to kill, the northern border nobody assumes personal command, he very does not want again and Xia fight.

However loses the person not to lose, at this time weakness of his impossible performance, otherwise Xia this wolf child disposition, will change the method will only be profiting.

Only listens to Phillip to say lightly: „Has sufficed, Xia, have not messed around here, is your Eight Sided Red Dragon, can make war with the empire really? I keep here you now.”

Sees the arrival of Phillip, hears the Phillip sound, the people in exercising martial arts field are one are joyful and excited, a feeling of being survivor of disaster has covered them.

„Is Crown Prince Phillip, good, cannot think that the crown prince rushed unexpectedly.”

„Crown prince is one of the empire ten big Divine Level powerhouses, truth Longsword reached to the stage of perfection, Pope even/including Qianren has praised.”

„Was then good, has crown prince, did not need to be worried.”

department head James also long puts out the one breath: ‚Luckily, luckily, two Divine Level powerhouses divert mutually, Xia should not be impossible to be dissolute.’

In the Audrey eye also revealed has wiped the excited color, the Divine Level powerhouse, only then the Divine Level powerhouse can resist, now the arrival of Phillip, has brought about the hope finally.

Fang Qian and Wang Xiaoyan also similarly relaxed, looks at each other one mutually, in the eye remains is rejoicing the color.

Just the Xia that tyrannical and cruel aura had covered her body, making her back almost be soaked by the sweat, only then a faith made her stand is not getting down but actually, now Phillip rushes to the scene, her almost both feet became tender, somewhat could not halt.

The Divine Level powerhouse, especially Xia like this resorts to all means that did not speak the demeanor Divine Level powerhouse, to the pressure of person was really too big.

Talant was actually in both eyes still somewhat worried: ‚Isn't Phillip this fellow, now in peak condition? Has been short of three success strength, perhaps cannot be in the upper hand, hopes that Xia gives way before difficulties.’

What a pity wants Xia this type hundred to fight the veteran, in the life and death field sways back and forth unceasingly, energetic will tenacious to the extreme, the itself style is the incomparable powerful person on own initiative makes concessions, was too difficult to be too difficult.

Sees only Xia in sky to grin fiendishly, raised the fist to pinch tightly slightly, sends out lives the bang of air engine'knock' entire life.

„Phillip, among the powerhouses, the best language is the fist, wanting me to walk, first won me to say again.”

The next quarter, his boxing leaves, transparent invisible Martial Intent seems a crazy dragon hits to stroke toward Phillip equally maliciously directly on the body of Phillip, was resisted by 1st stratum level truth Longsword Light Sword, erupted surely the heavy bracing cold.

Phillip cold snort|hum, truth Longsword Sword Intent diverges, changes into a huge sphere space the entire exercising martial arts field to cover.

„Xia, has me here, has not been one's turn you to be dissolute today.”

„Ha.” In a series of laughing wildly sounds, Xia seemed changed into a crazy dragon, walked randomly in the sky, revolves Phillip one to stroke unceasingly sincerely, each boxing left, the mortal body strength mixed Martial Intent to make a leader to be wild, transparent, invisible big dragon.

The law of the jungle, the thing completely day selects, by the beastly nature rein human nature, this is the Xia faith, is the idea of his martial arts.

Therefore his Killing technique is called the Tiandao fist, because his idea is Tiandao is the law of the jungle, the thing completely day selects, what therefore hits is an invisible non- qualitative dragon shape bracing cold, because Dragon Lei was in the ancient myth, stood in all biological apexes species.

One strokes sincerely with Xia, under each fist, is the air current explodes, spatial warping, that law of the jungle of implication, I said that is Tiandao Martial Intent is the terror.

In front of this fist Tiandao fist, regardless of any material, so long as in the strength has not surmounted Xia, will be destroyed the powder powder by that billowing Tiandao natural will.

Facing the Tiandao fist of Xia, so long as in the strength is inferior to him, unceasingly will be routed, simply does not have any strength of revolt. But present Phillip, because of losing of 30% strengths, is not in own in peak condition.

Then saw that one strokes sincerely along with Xia, the aperture that in the wild dragon shade, Phillip maintains getting smaller, unceasingly contracts the defense, actually still retreated in defeat again and again.

„The Phillip old ghost, you also are really ****** weak.” Xia rave, double fist holds up high, is bringing incomparable demented, cruel, sprints maliciously from several hundred meters, a pair of fist was beyond the day the meteorite same has pounded probably maliciously, the truth Longsword aperture that hit flashed on and off erratically, as if will collapse anytime and anywhere.

„Since you are so weak, my one breath kills to consider as finished you!”

Sees only during the double fist shakes of Xia, as if turned into two big dragons billowingly, a carrier Tiandao situation , the irresistible trend, changed into intermittent violent storm to stroke toward the Phillip aperture.

Especially in each fists of Xia, is having the intense spatial warping, the distortion of this numerous space makes his strength incomparably condense, almost little reveals, the complete function in the small area before double fist, displays the unequalled destructive power, wastes in attacking the strength in complementary waves has almost 1%.

Obviously compared with the Divine Level ample capacity skill, Xia far ultra Lord of Destruction and crown prince, in fist feet, uses the spatial warping condensation strength, the destructive power of attack seems is inferior to crown prince and Lord of Destruction, but in fact actually all affected to the match on.( To be continued.)

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