Paradise of Demonic Gods

By Bear Wolfdog

The auction starts

The auction starts

flatter colored glaze air/Qi results in the eyelid to jump, said: „Good, that three days later evening this time, in the school arena saw.”

Looks that flatter colored glaze departs dingily, in the Thenos heart is very in an instant carefree.

Another side, Fang Xingjian also stood in entrance watches this farce, nearby female apprentice Lilia said: „Master, that flatter colored glaze just probably also gave the gift to come.”

Since Fang Xingjian completes 1% Martial arts Level plan, Archbishop announced that can with the Church high-level discussion, then cooperates the second issue of matter with Fang Xingjian.

May have many Sword Technique to give the Fang Xingjian evaluation.

Although does not know that first issue of Fang Xingjian has made how much money, does not know that next issue of concrete fund number, this after is the secret.

However thinks also to know that casually these money will be only getting more and more, therefore the increasing number of people run up to his front dozen of relations.

Cracks a joke, how much money does the Martial arts Level plan have? But a Fang Xingjian person snatches, cannot win including Hillbrand, naturally was nobody snatches.

However racket Fang Xingjian flatter, Fang Xingjian, even if keeps a share to do to them from the finger seam, that was a great sum of money.

Fang Xingjian has selected nodded: „flatter colored glaze is not his match, that Thenos, a little meaning.” He shows a faint smile, walks toward the gate.

„Sends for asking that he is willing to come to chat.”


„Did Fang Xingjian invite me to pass?” Thenos hear Yanmi in an eye heart secret passage: ‚This fellow saw wonderful of gate of underground spring, wants to be on good terms I? Gate of inquisition underground spring mystery.’

However whatever, Thenos did not plan that to Fang Xingjian this face, said directly: „Him told that my a little matter, next time will gather again.”

The waiters draw back accordingly, after the moment, Hillbrand pushed the door to enter the theater box, said: „Thenos, one year does not see, cannot think that your martial arts enter greatly.”

Thenos stands up, a face ponders looks at Hillbrand saying: „How Brander did you arrive at my this small passenger compartment to come?” He turns the head to look to the theater box positive window, can see that stage in roughly is preparing, the innumerable ordinary guests started to enter the stadium.

As for four periphery other theater boxes, is the Great West City powerful public figures, in except for the auction room itself, and nobody knows the status of dough figurine.

The area of entire theater box exceeds 100 square meters, on the wall and roof have made the multi-layered metallic coating.

Such far distance adds on metallic coating, even if Conferred Knights is also very difficult to survey with Heaven’s Perception sat any person. Has provided the best privacy for the customer in theater box.

Hillbrand smiled to sit in the Thenos side: „We had not seen for a long time, such doesn't welcome me?”

Thenos only thinks funny, one year ago, even if rank fifth, when Hillbrand uses to see itself.

But now, oneself move of severe wound flatter colored glaze, to convenience and intimate, this is the charm of strength.

„Hillbrand big Young Master, how don't I possibly welcome?” Thenos shrugs to say.

Hillbrand looks at Thenos to say curiously: „Your this year progress is striking, what fortuitous encounter had?”

Thenos said lightly: „Entered several ancient vestiges, has studied a small gadget.” He is certainly impossible to say the gate of underground spring secret.

Hillbrand smiled has not continued to inquire, but continues to try to get close with the opposite party, before long one side a waiter arrives, put one's mouth close to another's ear said several.

Hillbrand said: „I accompany Xingjian, you as one likes, the expense here calculates today on me.”

Thenos beckoned with the hand to hint to know, in both eyes closely stared at content in the auction, the auction formally started.

Saw only the director to open the first auction, almost transparent, actually sent out the faint trace Thunder light stone.

The directors introduced: „This Earth's magnetic field essence is the high-quality goods that must come from Country of Sand, the center of earth temple from Country of Sand, is promotes the body intensity the best quality goods. Now a large sum of money has the racket, every time cannot increase price less than 1000 gold/metal.”

A Thenos face looks at the Earth's magnetic field essence on stage greedily, he promotes shortly after 29 levels, lacks this enhancement foundation officially the material, therefore was saying to the waiter directly: „5 large sums of money.”

Therefore the waiter holds the sign outside.

„5 large sums of money!” The directors exaggerate shout greatly: „The guest of No. 3 theater box leaves 5 large sums of money, but also do some people need to bid? This is the Country of Sand center of earth temple, experiences ten thousand years of breeding, but Earth's magnetic field essence! Is unequalled regarding the promotion of body intensity.”


In No. 2 theater box, the Divine Level powerhouse Ancestor of Xingchen disciple, a Hopps treasure blue long gown, the whole person seems the elegant bearing, the one side sat a young girl of being beautifully attired.

Young girl named, is the daughter of Governor Great West State, after hearing the offer of Thenos, smiled saying: „The fellow of No. 3 theater box is very anxious.”

Hopps has shown a bright smiling face: „The Earth's magnetic field essence, indeed is most Conferred Knights needs. I leave six large sums of money.”

These months, Hopps came out of the Fang Xingjian shadow gradually, in aiming at Fang Xingjian, has removed Fang Xingjian in fact, he is the top character in the younger generation.

But youngest daughter of governor is the rare beautiful woman, is the youngest daughter who Governor Great West State most loves.

Although Hopps is the Divine Level disciple, but Ten Thousand Stars Palace may continue his youngster, he needs the foreign aid similarly, but Governor Great West State as entire second person of Great West State besides student, obviously is very good object.

Therefore these days Hopps by handsome appearance and outstanding martial arts talent, is thick as thieves with.

Host people shouts: „60,000, No. 2 theater box leaves 2 large sums of money, but also do some people bid?”


Hillbrand returns to own No. 9 theater box, looks at outside offer, has smiled: „Hopps and Thenos are also very competent.” As the conducting side of auction, he naturally happy in this.

„Congratulated the big brother to gain one greatly.” Nearby Pete said: „That Fang Xingjian also is really extremely arrogant, has been cold a face, probably everyone was in him the debt to be the same.”

Thinks that just looked for Fang Xingjian to show good will, appearance that opposite party did not respond, Hillbrand also slightly knit the brows, said: „ His present crest of wave is competing, other annoys him directly.

Did the matter of volcano, look up? ”

Pete said: „Had not found the eyewitness, that side volcanic eruption, the villagers already removed up. Big brother, you suspected really a Fang Xingjian person can suppress a volcano?”

„Is careful for on, Fang Xingjian can in several days complete over a thousand sets of Sword Technique Cultivation, you think him really only then superficial strength?” Hillbrand said: „If wants the means to search the bottom.” Thinks of here, he changed No. 3 theater box vision, is the position that Thenos is.

Friend Mid-Autumn Festival is joyful


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