Paradise of Demonic Gods

By Bear Wolfdog



Charlie eyebrow first choice selecting, asked: „This...... Is Truth Church the material of Martial arts Level plan?”

Other people also gained ground, asked own doubts successively, because they discovered that above record Sword Technique, was their Regional Academy becoming famous Sword Technique, now Sword Technique various targets have actually been made the detailed material.

Although above does not have the record concrete Cultivation method, but the light is that dense and numerous data, they who also look at were fearful and apprehensive.

„This indeed is the material of Martial arts Level plan, but a more concrete part involves the secret, I cannot inform everybody. Today asks everybody to come, mainly wants to consult, do these materials have the issue, has the mistake.”

Entire office gradually silent, all people were reading the material on hand and know 11 to compare.

After a half hour, a bald old man sighed: „Church really worthily is the mainland first influence, these Sword Technique are our Regional Academy teaches obviously, finally their material in detailed of also compared with our school.”

Also some people shout: „Far more than is detailed, he has tested many directions, we have not thought that read this material, I thought my swordsmanship Bai Lian.”

„Church Church, is really fierce, I think them the research on Martial arts, at least has been in the lead for 20 years compared with us.”

Charlie frowns, reads the material, in mind actually the people to the words that spoke faintly approves. This material was extremely really detailed, the above many data, he is very difficult to do completely, explained the Truth Church strength.

At this moment, another small fellow said with a smile: „Everybody, this you may speak incorrectly, if I guess good, perhaps this thing is Conferred Knights of our country does?”

„How is this possible?”

„Can the empire also make the Martial arts Level plan? Our country makes this, isn't Lao command suffers a financial loss?”

„Brother Charlie, you are association, has the news in this aspect?”

Charlie stares slightly, he now a outsider, how possibly knows that the core the news, can only say: „Has listened to similar hearsay, probably must with the Church cooperation, concrete I not know.”

The small fellows hey said with a smile: „If not my brother in Great West City, I do not know this matter. I ask first that Fang Xingjian you do know?”

„Fang Xingjian who does not know.”

„Invents Rebirth Sword that?”

„Rebirth Sword was too difficult to practice, our Regional Academy student has not practiced to the present.”

„Indeed is the good thing, our principals practiced the third level, was similar to the potential of past every day.”

„Um, this Fang Xingjian has the talent.”

„Oh, had heard probably sacred praying said the Sir to recommend him to participate in the Martial arts Level plan.”

„The delegation did not come the sovereigns a while ago, but can also summon Fang Xingjian?”

„This Fang Xingjian is also young and impetuous, heard that has rejected directly, afterward the delegation eagerly went to Great West City.”

„This is others cow, gave us the empire long face.”

Charlie listens to the words of people to knit the brows slightly, in the heart even more is not feeling well, dark secret passage: ‚Fang Xingjian, you are secret the first self-satisfied several years. Concentrates on homemade Martial arts about you, places the Martial arts Level plan time, I every time am progressing, one day, I want your hundred times of repayments.’

Hears words that the people spoke, small fellow said: „More do not pull was farther, told you, material that you read now, should be Fang Xingjian writes.”

„How is this possible?”

„Then how long, has detected these several sets of Sword Technique?”

On the small fellow face even more happily said: „This you do not understand, Fang Xingjian that is the true having god-given wisdom rare talent, far more than is several sets, 1000 sets of Sword Technique that others entire Church subscribes evaluated, took several at the scene surely.”

„Cracks a joke.”

„Boasted, Divine Level powerhouse impossible one breath study 1000 sets of Sword Technique.”

The small dwarf whole face disdain looks at the noisy people, said: „My brother personally sees, but can also have the vacation? Told you, from the beginning I did not believe that but entire Great West City already passed on insanely.”

Saying, he looked to Dijak of nearby newspaper office, said: „This time asked us to come the checkup material, to confirm news?”

Saw that people vision simultaneously on the scene stared, but Dijak of newspaper office said: „The material that you read, indeed makes from Great West State state Regional Academy Sword Technique Group, I but who who writes cannot say.”

The evaluation material that Fang Xingjian writes, naturally also kept one in Regional Academy, the Martial arts Level plan of Truth Church to step up the Martial arts research standard of world range in any case, the request that has not kept secret.

Therefore will deliver to the center, at this moment had been studied by the innumerable high levels.

But Dijak of newspaper office has not stated clearly, but meaning was considered as on is clear.

Only listens to that Dijak to look to whisper, the whole face shocking people then said: „This news at present top-secret, but also asked everybody to pay attention to keep secret the provision.”

„Is is, we will definitely not disclose the news.”

„Is about 1000 sets......”

„Really is landscape generation has the talented person to leave......”

„This Fang Xingjian is serious, several years later perhaps will be Divine Level.”

Is listening to people's sigh, Charlie's brow wrinkle is tighter, cold snort|hum, left in a huff directly, looks at one side the people astonished incomparably.

But only Charlie understands that his innermost feelings at this moment are very bitter and astringent.

‚My this lives this world, perhaps is unable to surmount Fang Xingjian......’


Ten days later, is away from the Great West City northern 150 kilometers Charques areas.

Above a entire sky gloominess, the indistinct purple lightning covers, presses the 1st stratum shadow to the heart of people.

Walked to look at the mountain peak of distant place in Ferdinand of team front line, said: „Xingjian should now there.”

Follows side Ferdinand, is white clothing Bai Jia, belongs to Truth Church Warrior, even one of the Archbishop guards, named Jia Wei.

Jia Wei looked at the distant place smog to wind around, black mist and dust billowing on, rushed to the sky unceasingly the volcano, asked: „Can this volcano, erupt?”

„Yes, Xingjian said that he must look for a such volcano, confirms own Sword Technique.”

„Looks for the volcano to confirm Sword Technique?” Jia Wei slightly one dull, then understood clearly the place nodded: „, Did he have Sword Technique to with the aid of the strength of center of earth flame come Cultivation? However this volcano seems very fierce, once erupts, perhaps the surrounding area hundred li (0.5km) are one piece in confusion, won't be dangerous?”

Ferdinand smiled: „Martial arts can't Cultivation, fear the danger?”

The group walk toward the mountain on slowly, but along with their migrations, the earth of under foot transmits one to tremble unceasingly intermittently, the direction of crater has the flame to transmit unceasingly.

Sulfur taste of irritating the nose heads on, the whole body high and low air also becomes more and more hot.( To be continued.)

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