Paradise of Demonic Gods

By Bear Wolfdog



tall Tu also crazily drinks one: „Suppresses him, his Level was too low, how long Heavenly Abyss Doom Armor cannot start.”

During the speeches, giant lava giant gives birth to the palm, one on the left and other on the right maliciously has whipped toward the position that Fang Xingjian was , the scalding hot air current resembled the high-temperature steam same first to be pressed, a piece of distortion that the place visited burnt.

The demons female also similarly erupts, thigh one that regenerates rises suddenly fiercely, the next quarter kicks the atmosphere unceasingly, excludes and attacks the air, the extremely concise strength extrusion atmosphere, forms dragons of the atmosphere, changes into sufficiently the air gun that several streets explode ascend the sky, has hit toward Fang Xingjian.

Has plundered Zhang Zuo to open the right two twins also similarly to get rid, crazy, death and despair, probably the lunatic diary same information flow disregards all attacks, covered directly to the Fang Xingjian position.

Perhaps ordinary humanity light encounters this information flow impact, all of a sudden will turn into the lunatic.

Even if the Knights level energetic is also attacked, henceforth is unable to recover. If Conferred Knights the will is insufficient possibly the spirit break.

The 1st layer heavy terrorist attack back and forth sweeps, is similar to is the series attacks of over a hundred bomber aircraft is the same.

Fang Xingjian under foot floats the spatial island to be evaporated to gasify in an instant, the light and heat cover all, the fluctuation of Ether Particles also got up in this moment incomparable disorder, lets the people sensation on the scene special details.

„This attack, even if I am also the severe wound.” The lava giant of high slaughter incarnation calmly looks at situation: „Should not be good?”

A Sha Li brow wrinkle, unprecedented palpitation is harassing her mind unceasingly, makes her feel that unexpectedly a faint trace was flurried.

„Any thing, had any thing to come out.”

„This feeling, probably several hundred snakes creep along to be the same on the body.”

„What's the matter?”

In light and heat that gradually extinguishes, the Fang Xingjian sound passed on slowly, although was still the original sound, but in expression ice-cold and brutal are many ten times to have continued.

„One second.”

„You following, one second of ponder own last words.”

The potential starts to consume, Boundaries Negation starts.

100,000 potentials consume, Natural Selection Sword Intent starts.

Natural Selection Sword Intent changes into the dreadful aura to shoot up to the sky together, in an instant has covered Fang Xingjian entire Sea of Consciousness, then spread from Sea of Consciousness, floods in the Fang Xingjian entire mortal body.

The innumerable information, innumerable swordsmanship, the innumerable experiences rise suddenly in the Fang Xingjian mind, made his both eyes suffuse the blood thread with the innumerable pain.

Meanwhile, the terrifying strength is the air flush ball blasts out in his within the body probably equally, the heat energy is also good, the energy of light is also good, the electrical energy is also good, the magnetic energy is also good, even directly had been deprived the freedom including Ether Particles by an absolute will, has usurped the strength.


A shadow first appeared in tall Tu the front, then world in the eye of high slaughter as if all of a sudden torn to pieces.

Wiped the information to meet to emerge tall Tu the brain straight, he even wiped to disdain including Fang Xingjian eye in that to see in this information flow, made the Fang Xingjian sound resound in his Sea of Consciousness directly.

„Meets my this move not dead, I forgive your dog's life.”

Swallowing Earth erupts finally, is very turbulent, the incomparably wild strength with the sword incline of Fang Xingjian , the lava explodes broken, over ten thousand tons rock magma exploded completely the entire sky directly, as if has had fireworks rain.

The bloody water of high slaughter entire body explodes to disperse, then resembled the meteorite same hit on the earth.

Meanwhile tyrannical to has swept away just like the naked eye obvious electromagnetic wave, 40 levels of thunder prison swords start, the high slaughter simultaneously felt the earth upward brace of under foot, simultaneously in the sky returned to the gravity condition fiercely floats the spatial island to drop from the clouds, composed a hill same great sword to cut in the midair directly in his head.

Above was a mountain fell, below was the extrusions of 78 magnitude of earthquakes, tall Tu rave, the firepower four shot from top to bottom, probably the fuel-air explosive same blasted out, this will has withstood the mountain of dropping from the clouds.

Also in catching the instance of hill, on him over 50% bone disruption, the bloody water resembled the fountain same to sprinkle, he was similar to is up and down two mountains to grip, could not move again.

Along with the sword incline of Fang Xingjian, Swallowing Earth displays, the innumerable heaven big trees, the big or medium hill, the stone drops from the clouds.

But until this time, Fang Xingjian has spent for 0.2 second.

Under 15 times of speeds of sound, in entire sky whereabouts stone rain before him just like static, he several steps tread, has flickered to move same appears in demons female, a sword shoots just like the lightning electricity, thorn to demons female waist.

But in this seems in the static world, the demons female turn head fiercely, the longleg sweeps away, is bringing the bracing cold crazy volume of rushing.

Perhaps her maximum speed does not have Fang Xingjian to be fast, but also does not have the strength to hit back.

But this turns head, actually also only kicks to wipes the remnant shade.

Meanwhile, wiped the information to spread into her brain.

„Do you know the light quickly?”

In an instant, demons female can only notice that six luminous spots enlarge in her eyes rapidly, probably six Sun same has flooded her entire field of vision.

40 levels of Aurora Sword start fully, has the Natural Selection Sword Intent in addition to hold, the might actually operated far more than ten times compared with usually Fang Xingjian.

Innumerable Light Sword have swept away the demons female body, is not cutting, is only the heating, is gasifying the moisture content in demons female body in an instant.

„!” The pitiful yell sound soon will send out from the demons female throat, her whole person already regenerates, while sprinted over a hundred meters distance, how however regardless of her Zuo Chongyou suddenly, to accelerate to move, could not shunt the strafe of Light Sword.

Entire body was heated up unceasingly, the moisture content in eyeball was decomposed, the blood turned into the boiling hot steam, the lungs and heart 11 is fired the hard coke.

Struggling and in the pitiful yell sound one after another, the demons female stopped slowly, only then the brain wave of beat showed slightly she reluctantly is also considered as to receive work.

These days of also in her struggling, the Fang Xingjian body dodges, arrived at Zhang Zuozhang the right front once more, two twins grasped Fang Xingjian directly, the trash in mind is the virus same continually wells up probably toward Fang Xingjian Sea of Consciousness.

In the information flow, contained their rave: „Feels our pain!”

But in the next quarter, Natural Selection Sword Intent of Sea of Consciousness most central place resembles the heart same all sorts of one to jump, erupts fiercely, just like having the innumerable [say / way] sharp swords cut the smashing the information flow attack.

More tyrannical Martial Intent sweeps away: „Side door heretical ways, collapse at the first blow.”

The light sound little radiates in the air, over a hundred Ether sword wave transverse cutting, according to Supreme Sword Intent - the weakness that refers to extremely, cut the bulk hashed meat two twins directly.

First successive severe wound tall Tu, the demons female, the second kills Zhang Zuozhang right, the time also just passed by for 0.7 second.

Fang Xingjian turned head to look to the Sha Li direction, actually the discovery opposite party roared to clash, the back scarlet golden light wing flaming combustion, was bringing bit by bit the dark green white flame.

Also is the flash that Sha Li clashes, Fang Xingjian has the time to feel a next current condition slightly.

‚Ether synchronization lead 100%?’

‚This information sensation strength.’

‚Many information.’

‚I can see the space slit.’

‚I saw the technique future change.’

‚I can feel...... Flowing of time.’( To be continued.)

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