Cuts to kill the demon beast

Cuts to kill the demon beast

Chapter 644 cuts to kill the demon beast

The Battle Qi unceasing promotion of Yi Feng within the body, above the filament tiger sword the ray jumps brightly, the filament tiger sword has been sliding void together the trace, has a sound from out of the blue, Yi Feng and three demon beasts faces each other across a great distance, look also incomparable vigilance.

The demon fox sharp claw grabs ground, entire body also tightens, it walked two steps toward front, an energy probes from the mouth has spurted. Is having the energy of blazing aura, is bringing ripples void.

The attack of demon fox , before the moment rushes to the body of Yi Feng, in an instant. The demon fox is looking at the energy straight bang on front person's shadow, in the eye is lax is also having the ray of despising, perhaps front person is this good to look at but of no use.

But the demon fox has not come sharply happily, to see front person's shadow to scatter with the wind. In the demon fox look has the alarmed and afraid color, he felt together the strength thorn to his left.

The demon carcasses proper energy all gushes out, claw stays behind several deep traces after the ground, it also runs away the one side.

Yi Feng big feeling disappointed at the same time, two demon beasts one on the left and other on the right spat the breath energy also to turn toward him to rumble. Filament tiger sword fierce wielding on Yi Feng, Battle Qi wells up to emit the dazzling white light crazily.


The sounds of consecutively two collision, the Yi Feng sharp sword scattered two to spit the breath energy, odd/surplus Jin wreaked havoc, blows Feng Xiao/wind howling, fluttering that the dust blew, the vegetation also turned toward the one side to collapse.

The Yi Feng form flashes, a sword punctured toward an sharp corner/horn wild boar, Yi Feng decided to solve first these two demon beasts, then brand-new coped with the demon fox. The minacity of demon fox were too many compared with these two fifth-order demon beasts!

The energy in sharp corner/horn wild boar mouth has emitted once more, wants to resist the attack of Yi Feng. The sharp corner/horn wild boar is also only the fifth-order middle rank strength, including high rank has not achieved, how Yi Feng will fear their energy attacks. Almost welcomed the energy of sharp corner/horn wild boar to go, the filament tiger sword bang broke to pieces the energy attack, the step did not have to be slow. Sharp sword straight punctured toward sharp corner/horn wild boar.


Called, spitting breath fierce spraying in another sharp corner/horn wild boar mouth, pounding maliciously to the Yi Feng left, helping the companion resist Yi Feng together.


Yi Feng felt that left formidable energy, he could not bear obloquy, the form fluctuated to shunt this attack. Spits breath energy pounding maliciously above the ground, several meter/rice big big hole formations, have raised everywhere grit, as if explosion.

Yi Feng prepares to attack sharp corner/horn wild boar once more time, sound the sound of out of the blue remembers in the ear, the greatest strength from speeds away to come at the same time, the Yi Feng heart is alarmed and afraid, the step hurries to flash.

The claw of demon fox is sliding cracks void, straight grasping to the chest of Yi Feng, savage ruthless spicy, making the Yi Feng speed display the limit. afterimage moment by the claw of demon fox grasping smashing.

Yi Feng deeply inspired, looks at three demon beasts the confrontation among three forces to surround him, his very clear these demon beasts have decided to besiege. If Yi Feng wants to remove one first suitably and difficult.

Three demon beasts are dodging the savage vision, they also realized that the present humanity compares them to imagine fierce, three demon beasts vigilant. Surrounds Yi Feng not to make Yi Feng contact nearby the tulip!

Yi Feng has sneered: „Besieges cannot cut to kill your demon beast?”

Battle Qi of Yi Feng within the body rose suddenly, above the filament tiger sword sword point, condensed has become a lemon spot of beat, pulled void somewhat is being slightly fuzzy.

„Breaks to pieces!”

Yi Feng gives a loud shout, the sharp sword in hand straight punctured toward the strongest demon fox eye. The sharp sword place visited, sound from out of the blue is lingering on faintly.

Demon fox where dares with his eye and Yi Feng sharp sword to bumping, the claw that it wants not to think grasps, the fierce beat one side, wants to shunt the attack of Yi Feng.

But in instance of demon fox avoidance, Yi Feng sharp sword direction fierce changes, toward a nearby sharp corner/horn wild boar straight punctured. The demon fox clearly was then swindled, it raises the claw maliciously has grasped toward Yi Feng, but does Yi Feng return to the opportunity that he overtakes?

„Flickers to move......”

Yi Feng cold snort/hum, form fierce disappearance, next appears in a side of sharp corner/horn wild boar, the filament tiger sword straight thorn to it, why Yi Feng flickers the speed of moving to is such as quick, although the sharp corner/horn wild boar hit one get lost/rolled on the ground, energy rebellion came toward the Yi Feng bang, but the strength differed giant it, how to have the minacity to Yi Feng. Almost does not have the suspense. Filament tiger sword straight pricked in within the body of sharp corner/horn wild boar, the scarlet blood has also braved.

Yi Feng just prepared to make persistent efforts, makes up a sword solution sharp corner/horn wild boar. The wind that but at this time the claw of demon fox brings made a sound has remembered in the ear, letting Yi Feng has to hurry to move sideways to shunt.


Yi Feng is built on the demon fox opposite, is listening to the sharp corner/horn wild boar called, look looking straight ahead sharp corner/horn wild boar nearby demon fox. In look as before incomparable prudent!

The demon fox looked flowed an sharp corner/horn wild boar of place blood, it could not bear called several in a big way, the personal appearance unexpectedly moment several points. Although the sharp corner/horn wild boar had not died by a Yi Feng sword, but did not have many battle efficiencies.

The demon fox looks at the Yi Feng also incomparable vigilance, the step unconscious removes in the direction of tulip.

Yi Feng sees demon fox movement, he has sneered, breaks to pieces composes once more, toward another sharp corner/horn wild boar straight thrust in the past.

Two energies one after the other speeds away to come toward Yi Feng, Yi Feng almost did not make the idea, the demon shade movement starts, has shunted the spitting breath of demon fox, regarding enduring compared with the attack of King Rank, Yi Feng can not face does not bump absolutely hardly.

Spitting breath energy pounding of demon fox maliciously above ground, sand Shiheng flies at the same time, a giant big hole also forms. The Yi Feng form flashed unceasingly, has shunted everywhere grit lasing.

„Flickers to move......”

Yi Feng vanishes once more, the sharp sword punctured toward another sharp corner/horn wild boar. This sharp corner/horn wild boar studied obviously intelligently, it has spat an energy fiercely before the body, pulled open the step behind to hide to being bewitched fox.

Shunted its this energy Yi Feng to sneer, flickered to move starts once more, keeps off before the body of sharp corner/horn wild boar, a sword maliciously toward its straight thrust in the past. Acute angle wild boar where can think that Yi Feng speed such rapidness, kept off before its body unexpectedly instantaneously, but it displayed the pinnacle the speed to stop radically without enough time. Then, the body of sharp corner/horn wild boar unexpectedly straight moved forward to meet somebody toward the Yi Feng filament tiger sword.

The sharp corner/horn wild boar looks at the sharp sword that front is enlarging unceasingly, in the eye also full is the alarmed and afraid color. Originally clean that vanishes savage.

Yi Feng energy fierce rebellion, speed once more quick several points, a filament tiger sword revolution, punctured toward the coming sharp corner/horn wild boar heart place.

Yi Feng filament tiger sword not accidental jabbed into the body of sharp corner/horn wild boar, in the pain of sharp corner/horn wild boar, Yi Feng has also pulled out the filament tiger sword, together blood fierce rises dramatically, making Yi Feng hurry the shunt.

Heart pierced scream wild boar straight pouring above ground, after called several, finally does not have the sound again. The scarlet blood flowed place, dyes red that the ground.

„Only remaining you!” A Yi Feng sharp sword revolution, refers to saying of being bewitched fox condensation.

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