Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension

By The Blood-stained Lamb

Chapter 732 Death Servant

Chapter 732 Death Servant

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Gradually, the souls of the world have entered the dwarf of Jig. With the infusion of these souls, the underworld has a complete law and system, and the entire underworld has become more and more complete.

At the moment when the underworld was built, the whole world had an aura. Both the main world and the underworld were full of aura. The two worlds seemed to have some connection.

At this moment, Jig also has the power of Supreme Pluto, and fourteen ghosts have been transformed into the underworld.

"Haha, Jig, isn't that good? This kind of power is much stronger than Adela. It's really beyond imagination. I thought you would only add some strength, but I didn't think it was created in this world." After the underworld, you will get that kind of power.” Ozmaton said with amazement, he also mastered more powerful forces with the strength of Jig.

"I didn't think that the energy lost was added back in a flash. It was really amazing. It seems that we have to become one of the world's rulers. Of course, it is only this underworld." Kazan felt his body and gave it to the past. Strong.



The frosty Saia and the Burning John are once again together, no longer have to deal with the grievances between the two countries, but live by their own preferences.

"Well, you are familiar with your strength in this world, and then you each set up your own forces in this world. The underworld is divided into fifteen sections. You and I each occupy a piece of management, I am in the center, you are defending I will establish my own country. Then manage those souls under their own rule, build them in the underworld, need to be established, and give them to you. I will defeat the guy who hinders the master from moving forward," said Jig.

"You still can't get rid of the contractual power of that person?" Ozmar said.

"Nature, because I created it, well. I never have this kind of idea."

Jig shook his head and the body instantly walked out of the underworld and entered the main world.

Agares looked at the current Jig. Give him a feeling that he can't beat it anyway, its power is simply beyond his limit, not at all at the level of power.

"Okay, let me send you back on the road!"

Jig's body was covered in a dark armor.

A dark sword appeared in the hand. A strong wave of volatility emanated from his body, and then Jig's eyes were dark, and the sword in his hand slammed out!

Thousand ghosts! !

"Call...簌...簌..." The world suddenly screamed and the whole world became gray. It seems that Jig is going to solve it with a blow. After all, it has been fighting for a long time.

"It seems that I have to be desperate!!"

The elements of the death of Agares suddenly surged, and the dark clouds of the sky instantly rolled up, and a spear of death only descended from the sky. For those who are free in the space to declare the soul! !But at this time, both Jig and Agarez were shocked by the fact that a huge death trident fell from the sky and instantly ran the body of Agares. Then a delicate figure stood on the shackles of the Trident! !

"Lord of death, it seems that it is really over..."

When Agarreston began to look dark, in the face of real death, he was just a clown who stole the power of death.

"You, be my servant, agree or refuse?"

The little dark and cold voice spread out.

"Do you need me to be a servant? So okay..." Agareston reunited his body and shouted to the little darkness, kneeling in front of the little darkness, in the moment of facing the darkness, He has a feeling of surrender and closeness, and the power of the body calls for himself to submit to the dark.

"Yes, then, from now on, I will give the name of the god of death and manage the power of death under my name!!"

The little dark finger pointed at Agales, and a dark death spread spread to Agares. A huge robe of death was put on Agarez's body and fell from the sky. The great death of God is in front of Agares.

"Hey, Master, I am right. This guy is actually a good servant. The understanding of death is really better than many people. Although it is not comparable to you, it is really good as a servant." Oh..." Mammon, wearing a purple robe, emerged from behind the darkness.

"Well, it's not bad. It can be used as a manager of death to manage the death rules of the world!" Xiaoxiao nodded.

When Agares saw the figure of Mammon, he was shocked and said: "Demon King, are you actually?"

"Well, now I am also one of the master's attendants. The master is now the order of the supreme god. It broke the limit. Hey, Agales, I helped you a little..." Ma Meng Agares nodded and said.

"The other two?" Agares felt more and more shocked.

"Lilith is a human woman, Beluzebabu is dead, understand, the rest of the three devils are awakened and useless, and then should fight against the four great angels of the heavens. Mammon said calmly.

"What?" Agareseton was shocked. The army of the Devils was completely annihilated. It seems that the strength of this human king is no longer the same.

Jig looked at the dark, a little shocked. I have never been able to see this guy before. Now he has stepped into the realm of the Most High God, and he understands that Xiaomu is different from his strength. It is an absolute powerful force, and he is using the power of the underworld.

"Hey, Jig, your strength has improved a lot, and the little darkness has come. Oh, just playing with a good guy for a while, solve him." More wooden swords gossip When I came back, there were a lot of wounds on my body, but he didn't feel painful, letting the wounds crack open.

It seems that this demon pillar is lifted, then the next one..."Jig retracted the weapon, and the 64th Demon Pillar was finished, and there were five Demon pillars left.


The 60th thorn of the thorn flower, the guardian of the people are Soderros and Tiffa.

This night, a peacock appeared in the sky. Two people were sitting on the peacock. One was the first demon god Barr, and the other was the sixty-five demon god Andre Anfu.

"His Royal Highness, do you want to act?" Andrei looked at the side of Barr and said that in the absence of the devil, Bal is a king of the devil, the highest presence of the title.

"Well, it seems that I will meet a good opponent. Haha, the devils are estimated to have failed mostly. The guy who died in Agares probably attached to the enemy. Hey, I know, his death. The force is basically achieved by the power of a certain person. Now it is probably the servant of that person. Haha has recently felt a lot of powerful power, as if returning to the ancient times." Barr smiled and said.

"Well, I have always had a doubt. Why do you choose darkness like the existence of you, obviously you are good god in the ancient times." Andrei said with confusion.

Barr finger caressed his chin and said: "Oh, why do you say that you lost to a guy in the ancient times, and then promised that he will not return to the mainland, he will be a demon in the devil world, huh, then he will know that he is Deceived me, defeated me with a strange power, huh, huh, but I don't regret it, no matter what tricks or conspiracy, the king is defeated, it is only set.

Obviously know that the devil will be destroyed, but I still watch it go to the end. My strength is the most powerful when it is shining, but since I promised the guy, I no longer use the power of the light, so do it. Real devil, huh, I hope I can die here today..."

"Yes? You should have been the supreme god before, completely abandoning your own strength. It’s a pity, huh, you always do something special, just like fighting with all the gods thousands of years ago, really. It’s a mess.” Andrei shook his head and said that Barr was probably counted by the four sleeping angels in heaven.

"Don't say me, you, the prince of the Peacock King, why not migrate in the ancient times, UU reading to stay in this place, huh, your strength is only the current level, not the same Did you give up some of your own strength?" Barton looked at Andre.


Andre looked at the moon in the sky and said: "I was going to leave, but my father will leave the children who are unable to soar. After all, the ethnic migration, the people who can take away are limited. At that time, his dimension world was not centered on so many people, so the old man and the child were abandoned, so I was angry, and I was determined to stay, and finally, after all the children were sent to the outer space, my power finally exhausted. Then, he died on the mainland, and a soul entered the devil world and reborn the demon god..."

"Hey, is it similar to my will?"Barr was a little surprised and said: "You also hope that the new world, by yourself to watch the end of the world, incarnate the devil, and finally die, become a stepping stone established in the new world? It’s evil, the wicked need someone to act, haha, Andre. If you talk to you early, maybe we will be good friends."

"Oh, that's because I am a small character, how can I compare with the king?" Andre said modestly. (To be continued.)

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