Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension

By The Blood-stained Lamb

Chapter 566 Askar's integration

Chapter 566 Askar's integration

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For a moment, Suan Aska turned around with some doubts, and looked at Wu Lingfeng in front of her eyes and suddenly frowned. Her will told her that the person in front of her is her master, but?

When did I have a master?

Susan Aska couldn't help but ask herself. She didn't know. She just thought that she was still in the country of the ancestors the moment before. This moment she suddenly came here. Shouldn't she stay in the ancestors? Shouldn’t you protect your father, the king of the ancestors, Susan Kay?

Unexplained, Suzuki Askar looked at Wu Lingfeng's eyes and wanted to hear his explanation.


However, what made Susan Aska less patient, the man in front of him did not seem to have to answer the question, which made her somewhat unbearable, and wanted to know where it is!

"That...the master..." Although there was some rapport, Susan Aska was still called out.

"Oh... what?" Wu Lingfeng did not feel embarrassed at all, and accepted the title of the master very calmly.

Ok, the space of infinite imagination, in a room with only two, the room is closed, a cute Loli is calling a boy called the master...

This kind of situation is really a plot of good luck.

"Master, why am I here?" Susan Askarton issued her own question, she did not understand what it was all about.

Wu Lingfeng listened to Susan Aska’s inquiry and immediately said, “Well, this question. In fact, I used a magical spell to summon you. No, or it can be said that you copied it. Your soul, body, memory, knowledge, and so on are all copied.

Then, you can think that you are Susan Askar, but you can also think that you are not Susan Askar, maybe I am a bit confused, you think so, you actually exist in Adelaide, but I copied everything out of you, and then created a new Sulan Aska, only for me. You are both the past, because you have everything in Susan Askar, and you are also a brand new Susan Aska, because what you are going to experience now is not the same as what you are going to experience in Adela. ”


When Susan Askarton frowned, the kind of copying ability that Wu Lingfeng said was really too strong.

Have you copied everything out of her, and then in this world, the new one has a new future, is he a god? Actually can create such a self.

For a moment, Susan Aska felt that she was a little shy in her body. He made it himself, so he must know himself best, including the soul and the body!

"What's wrong?" Wu Lingfeng looked at the somewhat sluggish face of Sulan Aska. Suddenly asked.Susan Aska shook her head shyly and said: "No...nothing, just feels weird. Forget it, since I made it for you. Then I am yours, then you summon me to have What's the matter? Since you know my identity, then is there any place for someone to help?"

Wu Lingfeng waved his hand and said: "Don't use yours, the usual name can be, I will probably tell you what we are facing now.

Now the continent we are in is called the continent of Alemant, then I am the king of a country in this world, the king of the king of the dragon. Now the test we are facing is the war between the devil and the mainland. The devil has seventy-two demon gods. , are very powerful existence, our aim is to defeat the devil world and then reshape the world.

This is probably the case. If you are specific, you can read some materials in the library of the royal family, so you will probably understand some specific things. I want you to do things very simple. I want you to help me defeat. Devil world, at present, I want to give you management to the intelligence network of Shenlong Wangcheng, and then hope that you can train some guards, protect me and important people.

The qigong master is still very good when he is a bodyguard, at least I think so. ”

Susan Aska nodded, these do not matter, she has some experience in managing the national intelligence network. In the time of the ancestor, the intelligence network of the virtual motherland is also her care, but this training qigong master It is necessary to find some talented people.

"Well, okay, I can do it, so start now?" said Susan Aska.

"Well, let me be my bodyguard for the time being, then the information network, I will let you contact you for a while, and give you the current intelligence network to take care of. As for the qigong master, you can collect some talented people from all. Everything is coming slowly. Now I will introduce you to other people. There are also a few people from Adelaide mainland here." Wu Lingfeng took the small hand of Sulan Aska and walked outward. The soft one The small hand is in the palm of the hand, Wu Lingfeng feels the heart is swaying.

Although Tiffa is also a Chinese-style beauty, but it is the level of the Royal Sister, but Shuan Askar is not the same, Loli Sai Gao.

Suan Aska feels that Wu Lingfeng is a bit strange, but she doesn't think much, but she always feels ashamed. Her body is made by him. So that is, everything he has seen has been seen. It’s really too shameful, but Susan Aska didn’t dare to ask Wu Lingfeng if she knew her privacy. How can I ask this question?

After coming to the palace hall, Wu Lingfeng called out all the important people and prepared to introduce them to them.

After convening everyone, Wu Lingfeng was quickly depressed. The girls gave Wu Lingfeng a blank eye. Well, he admitted that he definitely did not take the initiative to summon the girl. This is a system reward, but in Charlotte they see themselves. It is the active summoning of the girl."Oh, guess the time, it’s time, this guy will summon every once in a while..." Charlotte has maintained a normal state of mind, she is used to the call of Wu Lingfeng's sister.

"Well, I hate h..." Xiaoduan’s contempt for Wu Lingfeng is like a torrent of water!

"This guy is looking for something new..." Tifa said very resentful.

"This sister is not bad, it's so beautiful..." Poison Island has no opinion, because she and Wu Lingfeng have already communicated in depth, there is nothing to complain about.

"The momentum is not bad..." Altolia said intuitively, probably this guy is the only one of Wu Lingfeng's women who would not have a shackle. First, she doesn't feel much about this kind of thing, and secondly because Wu Lingfeng never ignored her. She can see that Susan Askar is a good person. The person with good strength is not like a looks.


Then Aria, Shisaki madness, and Asuna have expressed their feelings. Alice has no opinion. She is playing her own doll. As for Xialu, Xiaoying, Meng, Beilu, You are not allowed, no publication. Any opinions, they have been normal.

Wu Lingfeng shook his head helplessly. This group of people did not regard themselves as a king or a family owner. Sadness.

Then Wu Lingfeng introduced all of them to Sulan Aska and reminded Adela's people:

"This is the ancestor of the ghost swordsman, the ghost of the ancestors, the former ancestor of the ancestors, you may know, and this is Adela's only so-called Soderos, the strongest sword saint, created the sword of the ghosts. The cultivation system has now advanced to the higher limit than the Juggernaut, the sword god; this is Harles, known as the northwest wind, the original assassin, created the assassin's training system, is the assassin's first ancestor Exist, once worked for the Dark Elf royal family, but it is now my subordinate; then this is Natiya, not very famous existence, you may not know much, the dark elf Master Sharan's proud disciple. ”

Jig, Soderros, and Harles are all permanent dolls, but Natiya is not. She is just an ordinary doll, but each summoning can keep the previous memory is not a real permanent doll.

"Jig God Officer? Soderos? Harris?" Susan Aska couldn't help but nod. They are all Adela's mainlanders, especially Jig's reputation. She has heard of it. The ancestors of the ancestors led the ancestors and the Detroit Empire in many times to crusade the surrounding countries and barbarians. UU read

Gig was transformed into a ghost in the underworld because it was hit by lightning in the battlefield. As a result, the ghosts and gods lost control, and they were dragged into the ground by ghosts and gods. He also became a ghost.Jig was deeply infected with the Kazan plague in the Diablo. After Gig was infected with the plague, he found that it was easier to sacrifice his ghosts. He could even summon ghosts in physical form to fight. Gradually, Jig was not satisfied with calling only Kazan and Keja to protect himself. Because he was not willing to be shackled by fate, he turned his eyes to other ghosts and became the earliest and strongest devil cry.

Ozma, the eighth ghost of Jig’s contract, concealed from Jig [the inability to control ghosts and ghosts, and will be killed by ghosts and gods]. This is a very important fact, which is one of the reasons that caused Jig to die. Later, he used the secret method to turn himself into the ninth ghost, was summoned by the devil's cry, and was able to return to the world to fight.

Susan Askar looked at Jig, Soderos and Harles, and they all felt a very strong atmosphere. Now she has a little sense of belonging. After all, there are people on Adela. Ah, but it doesn't matter. After all, here is the world of Alemant, not the continent of Adela. No matter who they are, the place they will fight in the future is this world, not Adelaide. Here is them. The hometown now! (To be continued.)

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