Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension

By The Blood-stained Lamb

Chapter 541 The warmth of the morning

Chapter 541 The warmth of the morning

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The breath of the morning is always so refreshing, a soft light shines through the window, and the face is gentle.


Wu Lingfeng sat up from the bed and looked at the messy sheets. I suddenly frowned. I drank too much yesterday. At night, I was mad at Charlotte and I fought for a night. The process of Wu Lingfeng forgot, sister, 哎, Charlotte and I love you, I don’t know what the process is. It’s really...

It’s all the guys of Goode and Stark, the old man’s servant, Wu Ling’s mouth can’t help but take turns to turn them around, but it’s probably because the baby son was born, Wu Lingfeng is happy, no drink. I grasped it, so I finally got drunk and returned to the bedroom, and gave Charlotte a sneak peek.

"Hey, I beat you to die this bastard..."

Charlotte was also awake, but when she woke up, she was crying with rain and playing Wu Lingfeng with her little hand...

"Don't, what happened, I didn't have anything? What happened?" Wu Lingfeng asked in confusion, how did Xiao Nizi suddenly worry about it?

Charlotte suddenly licked his ass and said: "You guy, tortured someone for one night, let you lightly, the harder you are, the more people hurt, the latter half of the night...and the other...the back of the family ... hate, you go to die..."


Well, Wu Lingfeng suddenly became surprised. Together with the two flowers of Charlotte Xiao Nizi, they are all devastated. When you are drunk, you must use all your strength. Poison Island scorpions are not necessarily living. Not to mention the first Charlotte, it is estimated that today is not a bed.

"That... I apologize. I am absolutely not intentional, drunk..." Wu Lingfeng immediately appeased Charlotte. The energy of the light attribute on the hands warmed the place where Charlotte was devastated by him last night. At first glance, it was really red and not like it...

"People don't want to do it with you anymore. My sister-in-law lie to me, obviously said that it is very comfortable, and it hurts people..." Charlotte suddenly became afraid of intimate things. Last night, she was really tortured and dying. However, if it is not because the body of the big magician has magical elements, the moisturizing power is stronger, and the body of the ordinary girl has long since collapsed. After all, Wu Lingfeng's body is not generally strong, and after drinking, the sex is more powerful...


Wu Lingfeng suddenly bitter face,

Sister, Charlotte must have a psychological shadow, it seems that it takes a while to heal, hey, drink something wrong.

"I'm sorry, it's my fault. Today, you have a good rest. Let me give you other things..." Wu Lingfeng appeased Charlotte to lie on chuang again, and put on the quilt to let her rest.

"People want to eat the food you make today, you have to do it, it's not good to eat. People don't forgive you!" Charlotte said with a small mouth.Wu Lingfeng nodded, Wen Sheng said: "No problem, I will. I will try hard to do whatever you want, I am sorry. I am drunk, I will never drink it next time. Hey, actually, you sent me to another. The room is fine, why bother to be yourself, both are husband and wife, when can you do this kind of thing?"

Charlotte suddenly said with shame: "When people think of you, Sophie, Scorpion and you have already had that kind of thing, and what are the people, so that people are in the room, and Winnie is in front of others. And... people want a child."

Wu Lingfeng suddenly nodded helplessly, patted Charlotte's little face and said: "An, let's rest, the child is not in a hurry, it is painful to have a child, wait until you mature..."


Charlotte suddenly frowned and said: "How are people petite? People can already give birth, little babies are so cute, people have to, tonight, not tomorrow night, you and others... Then again, people must bear small baby……"

Wu Lingfeng suddenly had a headache. Charlotte's body is the same as Winnie. It is small and small. Sophie is better. Although it is not a royal sister, but also a medium-sized body, Wu Lingfeng is afraid that Charlotte will be too painful to give birth.

"Your body will be recuperated for two days, then it is not enough pain last night. You will give me a good rest in these two days. After the body recovers, we will do it again. When will the baby not be able to?" Wu Lingfeng said with concern.

Charlotte bit his lip and shook his head and said, "No, people are going. Last night, there were several maids who said that they couldn't have children. They also said that Sophie had to overpower others, although people hated the battle between palaces. I don't want to do this, but people also want to have a child. Yesterday's wedding, the children have covered everyone, as if people are not important at all. Now look at those people and talk about how the children are good. Ok, no one said how good the queen of the family is, and those who have the light of the light say that people have gone for business and have climbed you. People are so uncomfortable..."


Wu Lingfeng suddenly frowned, and those who are not able to kill the palace ladies can not kill one by one. There are also such things between the courts. Now Wu Lingfeng noticed that Charlotte is not a talented divine blood, and second is not a mother. Zigui, now that Sophie has a child, it will obviously make people talk about it. It is not easy for Charlotte to be able to swallow it. It is not easy to have any quarrel with other sisters, and they have become a piece with them, but Wu Lingfeng They know that Charlotte is good, others don't think so, no children are considered to be out of favor...

"Well, I will work hard with you in those two days, but Charlotte, our dragons and royals cannot be like other royal families. I don't want any disagreement between you. Your child is my child, Sophie. Their children are also my children. You want to have a child of their own, I understand, but..." Wu Lingfeng agreed, and by the way reminded Charlotte not to engage in palace fighting.Charlotte snorted and said, "Is people so selfish? I hate it. The members of our family are very kind. No one will do that kind of thing. You think too much, just below. People talk about it. People want their children to be mainly their own wishes. They have nothing to do with other things. People will not be unhappy with Sophie."

"Well, this is good, hey, this topic is a bit heavy, I go to cook, feed you chubby, good fertility..." Wu Lingfeng was relieved, smiling and kissing on Charlotte's little face. A moment, then walked out of the room.


After leaving the palace, Wu Lingfeng rushed over to Sophie’s room. Look at the baby son. This is the boss. For a few months now, the poisonous island nephew and his own children are also born. Baby, I think it will be very happy.

Came to the courtyard of Sophie, Wu Lingfeng in the yard, watching Sophie holding the child to bathe in the sun, the little guy is eating milk happily.

Wu Lingfeng quietly walked to Sophie's side, watching the child in her arms, blue clear big eyes, like Sophie, and then other places are similar to him, mouth, nose, ears, face, chin are very Like him, it is a miniature version of Wu Lingfeng. The little guy possesses a strong desire to eat one, and one holds one...

"You are coming..." Sophie saw Wu Lingfeng, and suddenly said with a smile, now she feels happy, the family feels, there is a handsome genius husband, there is a lovely son, she is like being warm Surrounded by the same.

Wu Ling was on the ground, gently stroking Sophie's white face and said: "Yesterday is not by your side, let you be alone, I thought it would be a few days later, when I can hold your hand, Give you a little strength and comfort, didn't think suddenly on the same day..."

Sophie shook her head and said: "Nothing, although it was very painful at first, but after the baby was born, all the pain was gone, but when the guy was born, the family was shocked, and when it came out, it gave off a powerful The strength of the frost, several of the ladies who served next to them almost died of freezing, but the little guy knew that I was his mother, but did not hurt me, the entire palace can only be covered by frost in the place, all other places are It’s a naughty boy covered with frost.”


The baby in his arms seemed to feel that Sophie was talking about him, and opened his mouth and called him two cheerfully.

"so cute……"

Wu Lingfeng looked at his son's cute state, and suddenly could not help but reach out to touch his face, but...

"Yeah! Oops!"

The baby suddenly bite Wu Lingfeng's fingers, his hands fluttering up, against Wu Lingfeng...

Sophie suddenly squeezed the baby's face and said: "No, this is Dad, UU reading can not bite..."

Well, Wu Lingfeng suddenly took back his hand. This little guy is still a little fierce...Sufi suddenly said helplessly to Wu Lingfeng: "Besides me, no one will let him move, there is still some life, my mother will not let him hold him. After two days, he is familiar with you and talk about it..."


Wu Lingfeng nodded suddenly, hey, he also wants to hug his son, but this little guy seems to be very resistant to people outside Sophie, but the father and son are connected, the little guy should adapt to him soon.

"It's okay, you should be familiar with him in these two days. It should be fine. After all, you are a father and son, and you have a bloody connection. He will recognize you..." Sophie comforted and patted Wu Lingfeng's arm.

"I know, I am not unhappy, but this little guy is so cute, when can I hug..." Wu Lingfeng couldn't help but expect to say that there was an impatient attitude in his heart, and he wanted to hug his son. Then tease him and let him call Dad, although he still can't talk now... (to be continued.)

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