Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension

By The Blood-stained Lamb

Chapter 509 Barr's Roaring (on)

Chapter 509 Barr's Roaring (on)

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When Wu Lingfeng and Brigitte rushed to their destination, the tenth generation had fallen on the ground, and a large hole was broken in the chest. The whole body was stained with blood and a gray scent was revealed.


Suddenly, Brigitte quickly came to the tenth generation and looked at him with concern. He knew that the tenth generation also had her kindness, and the professor gave her magic knowledge.

Ten generations of breath, watching Brigid and Wu Lingfeng, suddenly said: "Cough ... miscalculated, the kid has the power of Bar, he is with him, hey, I am afraid this time I can not be spared, I This dean has been ashamed of the strongest college. The dean of the first generation, who died at this time, should have done his own power for the eternal demon, but did not want to be buried in this place. Ah, I am the youngest and strongest dean, but the one who died the fastest. The three generations of old men are estimated to be stupid. Oh, I am also an old man, haha, not qualified to say him..."

Wu Lingfeng took out the life pharmacy and immediately gave it to the tenth generation of the dean. In an instant, the big hole on the chest of the tenth generation of the chief quickly grew the granulation and filled it up. In a flash, the appearance of the tenth generation was much better.

"This injury is not incurable. Do you want to forget it? I am still an alchemist pharmacist. There are life remedies. My life remedy is very powerful. I can cure a wound that others can't heal, even if it is half a foot. Stepping into hell, I can also pull you up, haha, so it’s okay to die.” Wu Lingfeng’s healing agent in his hand smiled and said.

Suddenly the tenth generation was surprised to see the pharmacy in the hands of Wu Lingfeng. Just after he was taken out of the internal organs, he even repaired the agent in an instant. It was too powerful.

"Your pharmacy actually has this effect. Before I heard that the Dragon King City auction of life medicines did not care, I did not expect it to be such a powerful potion. It is really amazing, you can actually make this medicine. It’s really not normal. You are no longer the alchemy master. You are the god of alchemy pharmacy. Haha, I didn’t think that the old man could survive. It’s really a blessing!” Ten generations suddenly said with emotion, Wu Lingfeng The life pharmacy exceeded his expectations.

"Oh, do not praise me, need to pay. 1 billion gold coins, remember to give, I can not treat free." Wu Lingfeng suddenly revealed a sincere smile.


After listening to Wu Lingfeng’s words, the tenth generation suddenly patted Wu Lingfeng’s shoulder and said: “Well, well, 1 billion is 1 billion. You guy, it’s really interesting, unlike the average person. Haha, I like...”

Wu Lingfeng suddenly took a look at the ten-year-old man.

Said: "Cut, I don't like men. I don't like the old man. I like beauty, if it's beautiful. This treatment costs you won't charge, but you are the old man. Respecting the old and loving the young is not suitable here. Big beauty. Love is a little girl, hehe..."

"You guy, haha..."After listening to the temper of Wu Lingfeng, the tenth generation suddenly felt relieved, and the mood that had just been injured by the traitor was suddenly improved.


Brigitte also gave Wu Lingfeng a white eye, but she also saw the gentleness of Wu Lingfeng, and definitely wanted to replace the sad mood of the ten generations.

After laughing for a while, the tenth generation still said with a deep voice: "Really, it doesn't matter. I just killed him. The traitor is the virtual guy. I treat him as a pro-son. I didn't expect him to I shot, the key to the different space he has already got, and now the guy has already released the snow moon mirror.

The fifth-grade student’s chief thunder tyrant, Stosa Hadas, is the reincarnation of the first demon god Bal in the devil world. Now, Li and Listein are already his right arm, and both the virtual and the Li are very promising guys. I think Barr has taken a fancy to them, plus some temptations, hehe!

At that time, Li Stan, Xu, and Wu Yueying were the orphans of the three Shenlong survivors who I found while traveling outside. At that time, they were taken in. The potential of the three of them was indeed very strong. After the strongest college, the strength of the three people advanced by leaps and bounds. , made a name in the college.

Later, because of the mission of going out to run a college, Li Si and Xu, the two arrogant guys, entered the well of the magic. As a result, when the well of the magic was the eruption, it was clear that the two had already supported Going down, the result is that Wu Yueying, who was worried about them, saved them both. They used the secret method to absorb the magic of them and saved their survival with their own death...

When Barr was in Li Stan and he was helpless, he sneaked in and in the name of resurrection Wu Yueying, they were conquered by their own hands. Over the years, I am afraid that Li and Xu have done a lot of things for Barr, and they also With the assistance of Barr, Barco was the guy who was there thousands of years ago, and he was the most historical demon except the Seven Devils.

With the guidance of Barr, the two of them grew up quickly and they have already realized the realm of God. Now they are our opponents. My two proud students have become the devil's minions. I am the dean. It’s really dereliction of duty. ”

Brigitte shook his head and said comfortably: "You don't want to blame yourself. This is not your voluntariness. It's not your dereliction of duty. Just now, Ling Feng has defeated Li Stan and asked him to surrender to the college. Go, so only the virtual is following Bar."


Ten generations suddenly frowned, and sighed heavily and said: "Hey, you think wrong, Lee guy will not go back to college, are you surprised that the devil will let Li go so far? As a piece he valued, he Would it be so simple to let go? No, certainly not, I guess, shortly after you started, the guy in Bar will probably appear, then threaten to intimidate and use Wu Yueying’s soul to force it. In this case, he has to Prison."“How come?” Brigitte said with amazement, really? Then they just did not kill Listein better, let him live, in this case, the future is an enemy, and Listein is also a very powerful person, at least her words, to win him is not so easy.

Wu Lingfeng did not care about it: "Nothing, I guess he will not do anything bad. After all, although he is relying on the devil, but just after the battle is over, I think he probably understands something, but it is the words of Bar. He has to do something. It’s a sad person. I know that today, why was it that if I didn’t become a Bal, I wouldn’t have anything now, in the end, I’m going to get people, but I will kill him once I see him."

"Well, yes, this guy can beat him really well. This guy has inherited the magical swordsmanship of the Lilong Kingdom Lijia, the magical swordsmanship, very powerful, you can defeat him with the power of the magician. It’s not bad.” The tenth generation chief nodded and said that Wu Lingfeng defeated Li Stan. He really didn’t think about it. After all, how can Wu Lingfeng’s melee man be a rival to Liszian’s long-distance career?

"He is naturally not an opponent of Lingfeng. Lingfeng has turned the metamorphosis of the Kingdom of God. How can Listein be his opponent?" Brigitte said with confidence and admiration, obviously Wu Lingfeng made her feel proud.

"Shenguo!!!!" For a moment, the tenth generation of the dean's eyes wide open and looked at Wu Lingfeng incredulously. He said, "You guys have established the Kingdom of God, really? You are not lying to me? You are a low-level The gods opened the kingdom of God!!"

Wu Lingfeng suddenly pouted and said: "What's wrong? Can't you? As if I can't open the Kingdom of God, can I defeat Listein's guy without the godland? I rely entirely on the power of the kingdom of God, or what do you think?" And the vision that happened just after the birth of the Kingdom of God is nearby, except who else I am?"

Well, although Wu Lingfeng needs to admit that his kingdom of God is completely mistakenly hit by mistakes, curiosity makes it use the intrinsic enchantment spell of red a. After the result is made, he adds various elements. Exist, in the case of ignorance, a god country is established. To be honest, Wu Lingfeng was closed with eyes and never opened his eyes. He was afraid that the fantasy thing was the existence of a super slag. I dare not look at it. Nothing really hurts.

But here is the outside world, UU reading www. As long as the energy structure conforms to the power of the world, then there will be a great chance of success. After all, magic is gradually created. This is not the earth. If on the earth, Wu Lingfeng sang red in front of everyone. The magic of a, then it will definitely be regarded as a mental illness, and then sent to a mental hospital.

Cleverly and skillfully, Wu Lingfeng created his own country of God, and this country of God is quite complete, and the rules of the law are complete."You guy, it seems that it is really weak, but you are a human king, then there is such an explanation. Well, I think it is too weak, everything is possible, it is the age. Change, old is worse than new, well, forget, you can create a world of God is also a destined world, so in the future there will be the cost of fighting with the devil king, work hard, look forward to your growth."

The tenth generation of the patted the body, stood up from the ground and walked toward the direction of the college. Barr’s transfer of the squad should be in the college. There is still a battle. After all, he can’t let him leave like this easily. The face of such a strong college can be unsightly.

"Well, let's go, it is estimated that we have to fight again. This time let us meet Barr..." (To be continued.)

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