Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension

By The Blood-stained Lamb

Chapter 300 Bloody Rose

Chapter 300 Bloody Rose

Black Yan looked at Andu Mali step by step, suddenly retreating, madly retreating, did not expect to actually encounter the devil of the devil, and this demon king conquered the demon called himself.

"No... No, I beg you... the great Highness of Andumari, and the humble I can also offer the soul to the demon king. Would it be better to let me join the camp of the demon king?" Black Yan quickly pleaded.

Andumari suddenly sneered and said: "No, this can't be done. The devil's will will not change at any time, struggle, fear, humble existence, even dare to fight against the devil, your courage, hey, really Not too small, this is called self-defense, you can't live, you can die, look at the face you call me, I will make your pain relieved."

"Oh... I don't want to die, Andu Mali, you are also a low-level god. I am too, don't think I can beat you, now I want to devour you!!!" Black inflammation was forced to a dead end, suddenly face Knocked up, a large number of tentacles stretched out in the black robe and attacked Andu Mali.

[Condition conversion]! !

For a moment, Andumari and the position of black inflammation changed each other, and Black Yan tied himself up.

"Oh, my strength is not simply that low-level gods can generalize. I use the power of rules. Compared with the middle-level gods, it is not weak. Now offer your soul..." Andumari sneered, the little black snake on his right hand, instantly incarnate a huge python, and swallowed black inflammation for a moment.

Although defeated in the hands of Wu Lingfeng, Andu Mali is still very proud of his ability, just facing the words of Wu Lingfeng. His psychological and spiritual pressure will be enormous, and Wu Lingfeng defeated him with strength. It is better to beat him with momentum.

"Hey, kill the eighth-order characters in the outer world. Get the Nether Magic Stone 100, Chaos Magic Stone 100, 5qp points, drop the orange epic equipment, drop a special permanent doll production drawing (consumables), please Pay attention to check..."

In a flash, Wu Lingfeng suddenly smiled, not bad, the guy of the primary gods will actually drop so many good things, there are 100 empty magic stones and chaotic magic stones. And directly reward 5 qp points, an orange epic equipment, and a doll design, permanent, really good.

The system's prompts naturally represent the black inflammation that this guy has died.

Clean and neatly eliminated the black inflammation, Andu Mali turned to the front of Wu Lingfeng, kneeling down and said: "Great my king, so humble Andu Mali will temporarily return to the devil. I look forward to your next call. ”

Wu Lingfeng nodded and said: "Go, I will call you when I need it later..."

"Yes..." Andumari nodded,

A blood red magic array emerges beneath the body. The body gradually fell into the magical array and disappeared."Call..." Wu Lingfeng took a light breath and tried to win over Andumari, if it was Bellial. Wu Lingfeng is not sure that he will be able to defeat. After all, it is a nine-order figure. And Anda Mali’s own strength is in the eighth order, and his power is his skill. Then Wu Lingfeng only needs to use his strategy to combat his self-confidence.

"Oh, Devil King? Wu Lingfeng, you really don't show up in the mountains, it's actually the seventh demon king, now we are going to destroy you?" Xue Shaoguang sneered and looked at Wu Lingfeng.


Wu Lingfeng chuckled and said: "If you have that ability, you can try it... and I tell you, I don't want the devil, if I am the real devil, I will have swallowed up, and you think you can still Speak?"

Xue Shaoguang said with a grin: "You should use the human body to hide in the human camp, and then you should hang out and ruin the ground. I have already seen your thoughts..."


The poisonous island scorpion pulled the sword in an instant, and the big sword arrived at the neck of Xue Shaoguang. The ice was extremely cold and said: "If you want to die, I can fulfill you and put your mouth clean..."


The wind suddenly changed, and haha ​​pushed the big sword of the poisonous island scorpion. He smiled and said: "I believe that the martial arts brothers are human beings. If they are the devils, they have all swallowed us all the time, keeping the blood of our gods." It’s not his failure, and the words of the devil, the magical fluctuations must be strong, the Wu brothers are completely absent...”

The impermanence of the wind has vaguely conjectured some things. Wu Lingfeng is a demon king and not a demon king. His body is home to the demon king, and Wu Lingfeng probably uses some of the power of the demon king for this reason. His essence is still human, and now it is not appropriate to oppose it immediately. It is not a good thing to force him to go astray.

And the wind is impermanent, but Wu Lingfeng is not hostile to him. He wants to make a good impression on the poison island scorpion. As long as he waits for Wu Lingfeng to become the demon king, he can save the image of Wu Lingfeng and the poisonous island scorpion. Together, for a long time, he does not believe that the poison island scorpion is a hard-hearted person...

" Impermanence, you..." Shaoguang suddenly shook his head. He felt that if Wu Lingfeng is not eliminated now, it will become a big problem in the future. Forget it, impermanence has been fascinated by the woman who is poisonous island scorpion. Xue Shaoguang does not want to count on the wind. Impermanence, anyway, he has to talk to his grandfather after they go out, they must get rid of Wu Lingfeng.

The Red Devils looked at the scenes in this scene and did not dare to stand in the queue. After going out, he was going to choose one of the forces to rely on. This is for sure, but now it is not good to make a decision. Is Wu Lingfeng the devil, what is it? Lost, he can't make a choice now.

Originally, the Red Devils wanted to take advantage of the ancient family camps, but he could see that Wu Lingfeng was obviously more powerful and more potential, but whether the devil's body made him worry.

"Well, everyone will first remove the remaining embers of Black Yanzhi..." said the Red Devil.

......After the forces of Black Yan were all eliminated, the rebellion of the Temple of the Sea Temple finally reached a full stop, and then Wu Lingfeng began to rest. Form a force and then break through the Temple of the Sea.

After the battle. Wu Lingfeng looked at his own harvest, and the battle harvested two epic gears. In addition to the one that black inflammation fell, the members of the black-skinned scorpion also dropped one.

The two epic-level equipments are the Conqueror's Wing and the Falling Wand, which can be used by both Wuling and Dudao.

[Wings of the Conqueror] is the great sword of lv55. The basic attributes are: cast speed -2%, attack speed -9%, power +39, physical attack power +638, magic attack power +479, independent attack power +328; The special attribute is: when attacking. There is a 5% chance of exploding. When attacking, there is a 5% chance to repel the enemy. +20% attack power for architectural armor enemies, burst properties and repelling properties are very good, damage to buildings increases by 20%.

With the [Wings of the Conqueror], the strength of the poisonous island scorpion will rise a lot, and weapons and equipment can be very important.

[Falling Magic Wand] is a lv50 wand, suitable for magicians. The basic attributes are: cast speed +8%, attack speed +11%. Intelligence +59, physical attack power +479, magic attack power +585, independent attack power +328; special attributes are: normal attack time. Launch an inflammatory star. Attack speed +1%, very good, ordinary attacks will become an inflammatory star attack. Equivalent to the skill attack, and added the attack speed. Nice wand.

Epic equipment is second only to artifacts, and its attributes are powerful. Equipped with these weapons, deal with ordinary monsters of the same class, it is estimated that two or three can be destroyed, against the elite level of the same level monster, the damage is also very powerful, but a simple ordinary attack can bring powerful damage .

After reading the equipment, Wu Lingfeng took out the special permanent doll production drawings.

Special permanent doll production map: bloody rose (female roaming gunman, lv70)

Synthetic material:

Tough soul essence 0/10

Top Milk White Egg Oil 0/10

The interest of life 0/10

璀璨 rose 0/1000

Golden large crystal 0/100

Blue large crystal 0/100

Red large crystal 0/100

White large crystal 0/100

Black large crystal 0/100

Requirements: Level 1 of the Control Officer

Description: Consumables (disappear after use)

Need a spouse lv3.

Actually it is a roaming gunman, and it is a guy of lv70, it is not bad, but there is no attack distance from the gunner, and there is no range damage of the mechanic. The single output of the roaming gunman is strong, and the body fighting is good, singles It’s good to be alone, but the role of the battlefield is still gunners and mechanics, and ammunition experts are not bad.

However, the roaming gunner wins in the fighting, the action is fast, the mobile attack is not easy to be tripped.Well, there is always more than no, Wu Lingfeng began to prepare for the material. The materials needed are as long as the money is spent. At present, Wu Lingfeng said that the funds are sufficient, not bad money, and then it is also the master of a country. Money is indispensable, and in the war with the orcs, there is not much money to be robbed, and there are many war compensations.


Among the most magnificent halls in the devil world.

Agares sat on the huge gold throne, and it seems that Andumari, below, said: "Andu Mali, what do you think of the devil?"

"Well, the strength is not fully awakened. Compared with your uncle, it is still too much, but in the middle of the battle, it is quite calm. I have a tie with him and the soul has been hurt a little." Andu Mali Smiling, he hides the real situation. In fact, he is defeated, but now his body is actually a spy inserted by Wu Lingfeng, and he can't reveal more things to Agares.

Although Agares can predict the future, Andumari knows that as a demon person, it is impossible to predict the demon, so for Agares, the future of the devil is not clear, and the devil There is an implicated existence, and he can't figure it out, so Andumari is not worried that Agares will know that he is going to Wu Lingfeng.

"Well, Barr’s real body is already in a hurry. I will strengthen the seal these days. But this guy in Bar is very clever. With the power of the strongest college, he has swallowed up some fragments of the remains, that is, the fragments of the Six Devils. In this way, the power of the demon god is broken and the power of the demon level is reached.

However, I am not unprepared. Recently, I just discovered the habitat of the birth of the Six Devils. The pure devil's interest is enough for me to complete the law of death. Once I have created the law of death, hey, the guy in Bar does not have a way. Cut, Lao Tzu gave him a slave for a lifetime, and now it is time to let him taste the feeling of being suppressed by my slave.

If Amon joins me, it is easy to deal with Barr. It’s just that Amon is too strange and mysterious. Among the single-digit devils, I am the most taboo. Bar, Amon, Washak, Samiki. Four people, Bar symbolizes the king, the devil is the strongest, the power is not much compared to the devil, Amon is the most mysterious, no one knows his true strength, Washak is my brother, the power is almost the same, but the core strength and me Some differences, the power of the sub-methods is shocking, and Samikena, the guy who manipulated the dead, is the most evil, although it seems to be awkward, but it is extremely evil.

You have to practice it recently, and your [snake snake] has not really grown up..." Agares said slightly.

"Well, okay, uncle, I have to retreat, try to break through the power of the middle-level gods. [The snake of the ritual] is powerful, but its strength is not good." Andumari nodded."Well, it is necessary to break through, hey, yes, Phoenix's six daughters will come to see you in two days. If you can see it, then... you know, marriage is one of the means to fight for strength. I heard that. The six daughters of Phoenix are still almost the same. A son of Amon even betrayed him for this girl. It seems to be called a mirror. He inherits some of Amon’s talents...” Agares said.

"Well, okay..." Andumari nodded.


After the materials were prepared, Wu Lingfeng began to make, and his hands covered the materials and started to make...

After fifteen minutes...

“Hey, UU reading was successful, congratulations on getting a permanent doll: bloody rose (lv70)...”

"Hey, please name this permanent doll..."

“Hey, pay 100,000 gold coins to adjust the appearance, character, and age of the permanent dolls at will; you can also choose a fixed choice: anime characters, game characters...”

"Hey, the attendant system is activated, currently has the attendant Paladin Galen, the attendant battle mage Golden Shadow (Eve), the attendant 驭 swordsman Altolia, the attendant mad warrior (red eye) more wooden sword eight, the attendant Stormwind Wushen Tifa Lockhart, the servant soul reaper Ukrain Wood. Haier Said, the attendant Sword Magic Island scorpion, the attendant bloody rose (unnamed), currently has 10 attendants, The number of places currently used is 8..."

“叮, the experience distribution system has been re-adjusted. At present, the ratio of the main and the service experience is 2:1:1:1:1:1:1:1, which can be adjusted randomly...”

"Hey, the attendant can't be more than 100,000 meters away from the owner..."

"..." (to be continued..)

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