Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension

By The Blood-stained Lamb

Chapter 140: The Rock Giant

Chapter 140: The Rock Giant

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Although Wu Lingfeng is very proud of his male gunman, he soon did not feel this way. The magical attacks of the second-grade students were really good. Under the joint magic attack of the college students, the wall below The golden dragons and dragons are all like blood and fall to the ground.

Because the defense of the Golden Dragon is superior, the trainees have to attack many times to make them really die.

And Wu Lingfeng also began the action of 捡 experience, from time to time to shoot a flame ball, fill the knife, seeing those gold armor dragons will die, Wu Lingfeng immediately released the flame magic ball to attack, if the magic ball attack is not enough, then directly put on other power Strong magic.

The male gunman is responsible for combating the defensive hood of the Golden Dragon. The "m,-137 Green Machine Gun" can let the Golden Dragons do not open the defensive hood's reaction time, and then the magician will cast spells and then the gold armor. Kill the dragon.

The situation changed under the appearance of the male gunman, and the balance of the victory began to tilt toward Wu Lingfeng, but will it continue this way?


Jin Jialong Wang saw the scene of the defeat of the younger brothers and suddenly screamed a few times and changed the battle plan.

Suddenly all the golden armor under the city wall immediately opened the defensive cover and retreated. Then all the golden dragons and dragons bite the tails of their companions, and they become a ring of dragons formed by a huge golden armor. Then all the golden dragons and dragons have flashed a yellowish glow, gradually becoming a huge magic. It started to fluctuate. Hundreds of gold armored dragons have the magical fluctuations, that is, hundreds of magic guides cast spells together!


Then a huge rock giant condensed in front of the wall. With a height of more than 100 meters, the huge body makes everyone feel shocked.

"Joint Magic!!! Everyone quickly avoids, close to the curse!!" Easton shouted and said that this rock giant could not face it in front of it.


But the rock giants will give Iss their time to escape. A huge pair of palms slammed directly toward the people on the wall. If they hit, I am afraid that hundreds of people will be killed in a flash.

How can Iss sacrifice these students in the college, and there are a lot of pink petals around them. Formed a huge pink shield blocking a palm of the rock giant.

The four sides of the city of the gods were under siege.

Wu Lingfeng is responsible for the south wall, and the commander Wu Lingfeng, these low-level students are the fourth-grade students, the strongest flower, the sword, the holy Ess, and the third-level student, the strongest Brigitte, the fifth-grade student, the strongest. The tyrant Ninoka will assist in a crucial moment.

"Hey, beast!!"

Nanaoka's figure suddenly flashed out, and a huge light shield immediately blocked the other hand of the rock giant.

But the huge rock giant can't stop like this. Lifting two huge palms and taking them again, suddenly the flower shield of Iss and the light shield of Nanoka began to crack and it won't take long.

And Wu Lingfeng, these students are quickly leaving the city wall.Nanoka frowned at the rock giant in front of her eyes. There were only two solutions. The first was that she turned the third-order magic to defeat the rock giant, but now there is a cast time. Who can help her block this rock giant for a moment, no one can, another way is to destroy the joint magic of the golden dragons, as long as they are eliminated, their casting will be interrupted. This is the best way.

Of course, there is a better way to use the elders of the Faith in the Academy. However, this is just the case. The students of these strongest colleges are really useless. Now it is the time to exercise them. It has been unable to grow under the warm embrace. Only experienced life and death and war. Only after that can be successful.

"Is, Brigitte and Wu Lingfeng, you three to prevent the joint magic of the following gold armor, as long as you kill one of them, I will drag this rock giant, up to fifteen Minutes, I can't hold on for fifteen minutes, fast action!!" Nanoka quickly commanded, a lot of magic appeared in the body, and a huge golden shield appeared, replacing the flower shield of Iss.

Yi Si, Brigitte, and Wu Lingfeng immediately nodded, ran down the wall, left the city gate, and came outside. Wu Lingfeng brought all his dolls. When they were critical, they could take their current shields. Dark and Galen also followed.

When they came to the city, Wu Lingfeng was about to shoot the dragon in the circle of gold, but now the golden armored king came out, and the golden armored dragons violently stepped on the ground, suddenly a huge tip. The thorns came out from the ground and attacked them against Wu Lingfeng.

Wu Lingfeng had to flash quickly.

However, the attack of the Golden Dragon King still did not stop, opened his mouth, a lot of khaki magic began to condense, and then a violent khaki dragon rushed to Wu Lingfeng for a moment...

Wu Lingfeng directly started the retreat skills. Galen used the retreat. The unicorn under Breidt flashed and teleported to the rear, and Isis condensed the petals directly under his feet and rose into the sky.

The male gunman in Wu Lingfeng’s doll did not escape. The male gunman was suddenly petrified by the khaki-colored dragon. Then the male gunman cracked and finally turned into powder and disappeared.

The dragon's dragon's dragon's interest is actually accompanied by the petrochemical effect. It is too shocking. If it is hit by the dragon's breath, I am afraid it will be the same as the male gunman.

The Nanaoka on the wall is also uncomfortable. The power of the huge rock giant is tens of thousands of pounds. After a few shots, Nanoka can't help but blew his blood, but he can't directly interfere with the attack of the rock giant.

There was a large number of lightsabers in front of Nanoka shooting toward the rock giant, but the lightsaber was inserted into the rock giant, but it did not have any effect, no painful attack, a small light sword relative to The huge body of the rock giant does not work at all.However, the existence of Nanoka as a great magician is not only this small power. Her body is once again condensed with a huge ball of light, directly attacking the head of the rock giant.


The huge ball of light exploded in the head of the rock giant, and suddenly the half of the rock giant's head was blown up, but this did not allow the rock giant to fall completely, only to see that its blasted head slowly recovered. ! !

As long as the magic circle of the Golden Dragon is not broken, the Rock Giant will not disappear until the magic of the Golden Dragon is exhausted. Even if a part of the body is broken, it will slowly recover.

Nowadays, Nanoka can only rely on Wu Lingfeng to quickly break the joint practice of the Golden Dragon, but Wu Lingfeng is being dragged by the Golden Dragon King. Can it succeed?

At the crucial moment, Isis was the strongest as a fourth-grade student and began to attack. Her shoulders stretched out two arms again, and the eight swords behind them were set. They were quickly placed in the air in four hands. Eight giant magical arrays appeared in front of her in an instant, and then eight huge magical arrays rushed out of eight huge bronze swords.

Like yesterday, eight bronze giant swords were formed in a circle, and the whole body of the Golden Dragon King was immediately surrounded. The magic wall formed between the sword and the sword made the Golden Dragon King unable to break through.

"Hurry up!!!!" Easton shouted to Wu Lingfeng and Brigitte.

Brigitte first shot, and shot the unicorn white under the lower body. Suddenly, the white whispered, and the golden spiral corner on the head suddenly condensed a powerful lightning. In a flash, the lightning flashed toward the sky, and then A huge lightning flash in the sky is shooting the magic circle of the dragon.

"Boom!!" The huge golden lightning struck a dragon in the body of a golden armor, and opened a huge blood hole in it, but the golden dragon was still holding the dragon, no loose mouth .


A rush of Wu Lingfeng came to the side of the injured golden armor, and there was a lot of magic in his body. Suddenly a series of hand-flame columns rose from the ground, and the flame column attacked twice, and the gold armor was suddenly released. The dragon closed his eyes unwillingly and died.



Two loud sounds, one loud sound of huge rock fragmentation, and the sound of the golden armor dragon breaking the bronze sword defensive cover.

After blasting the defensive hood of the bronze sword, the tail of the gold armored dragon directly slammed into the martial arts, breaking the magic circle of the golden dragon, making it very unhappy, he wants to crush these small insects of the eye. Broken, Wu Lingfeng became his first attack currently.

The small dark direct feet stepped on the ground, jumped into the air, and the squatter who started in the air, teleported to the side of Wu Lingfeng and then hugged him to the side!


The tail of the Golden Dragon King hit a huge gully on the ground, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com The whole ground is shaking slightly.

Fortunately, Xiaodue reacted in time to save Wu Lingfeng's life."Thank you..." Wu Lingfeng smelled the fragrance of the little dark body. He couldn't think too much. He thanked him quickly. If it was not a small dark response, he would die again.

"I won't let you die any more..." Xiao said firmly.

Moved, Wu Lingfeng moved, it is still the best of the small dark.

Jin Jialong Wang saw Wu Lingfeng leave its attack, suddenly angry, felt that it was teased, suddenly gathered a huge golden pistol in his mouth, and then attacked the past with Wu Lingfeng! !

When it was said that it was too late, Wu Lingfeng and Xiaoyun could not do it at this time! ! A thousand miles! ! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (.) to vote for the recommended ticket, monthly ticket, your support, is my biggest motivation. Mobile users please go to m.. read.

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