Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension

By The Blood-stained Lamb

Chapter 44 The most bloody victory in history

Chapter 44 The most bloody victory in history

Chapter 44—The Most Bloody Victory in History

Seeing the soldiers fighting for the meatloaf, the Golden Knight and the Ilya Magician can't help but stop, not to be good, the soldiers will hate themselves. After all, not eating for so long, hunger has overcome the fear. The gold knight and the magician dare to kill.

But don't stop it, let the soldiers continue to make trouble, not only let the enemy see jokes, but also let their own loss of a large number of soldiers, it is really not a person.

"What to do? Magisters?" The gold knight asked Ilya.

Ilya opened her mouth and said, "Let's do it, you are not the general of the leader, can't you deal with this?"

The golden knight is speechless, I am going to your MD. At this time, you let me take the idea. Do you play with the unsatisfactory characters?


Wu Lingfeng looked at the lively look of the city and said: "Grandchildren, hurry up and call the grandfather, then surrender, the meat patties waiting for you to eat, the broth waiting for you to drink, hurry up, or there will be no more.

In fact, I think people, being a full-fledged ghost is much stronger than a starving ghost. What are you fighting for? Look at your generals. Even if you can’t even eat for dinner, you might as well be a prisoner...”

"Bastard kid, don't teach my soldiers, they are all soldiers who are loyal to the thorn flower empire, and will never surrender to you..." Ilya said angrily, he was also a little scared, Wu Lingfeng went on, his The soldiers really have to surrender.

The Golden Knight proposed to Ilya: "The Magi Master, I think we are better to retreat. Going north or south for a few days will reach our neighboring cities. When food is not a problem, it can also lead a stronger one. The troops attacked him."

Ilya nodded and felt that the Golden Knight was very reasonable. If he couldn’t get away, he couldn’t do it. Why should he be mad at it?

"Well, withdraw..." Ilya said.

The golden knight nodded and turned and said to his fallen soldiers: "Everyone evacuated and rushed to our neighboring city. When they got there, they could have enough to eat..."

The soldiers heard that they could have enough to eat and watched the Golden Knight, but the neighboring cities were not close. Can they get there?

Wu Lingfeng on the wall of the city could not help but sneer, shouting loudly at the following: "Cut, to the neighboring city, a few days? One day? Two days? Three days? When you go there, you will starve to death. The soldiers under the city listen, I The reputation of the nobles of the Holy Light Empire swears to you that as long as you surrender, you can have enough to eat, and you don’t have to die..."

When Wu Lingfeng’s words, the soldiers in the city suddenly moved, and since they swear in the name of the nobility, they can surrender with peace of mind, and soon the first soldier surrendered...

"I surrendered, it was a dead man, and I had to eat and die." A soldier with a slightly fat body dropped the sword in his hand and said that the fat man could not stand the hunger.

"Dare! Look for death!" Ilya screamed, his arm raised, and a sharp spur drilled out of the ground, piercing the soldier's body.

"puff……"A lot of blood splattered, and the power of the magician made the soldier cringe off his neck and dare not change anything.

Wu Lingfeng sneered again and said: "The soldiers under the city listened. Do you still have tens of thousands of people who can't beat a magician? Look, he just killed one of you without hesitation, that is,

Can kill the second and third, do you want to die, or want to be a prisoner to eat?

I am afraid of anything, I don’t even eat it, but I still listen to him. When you go together, he will die, and I will help you on the wall..."

Helena nodded to Wu Lingfeng, and a bow and arrow appeared in her hand, pointing to Ilya, the arrow is the Mithril arrow.

"The master is right, you can only surrender, and my magician is captured. Ilia will die sooner or later. Do you want to die in a hungry stomach? Surrender..." Shirley said at the moment. .

For a time, all the thorn flower soldiers under the city looked at Ilya with cold eyes, that is, tens of thousands of them would be afraid of one person, what about the magician, and not being captured by others, and Ilia will die sooner or later...

Ilya saw the mysterious silver arrow on the wall and the cold eyes of the soldiers around her. She couldn’t help but tremble. I couldn’t help but ask the golden knight around me: “Help me, let the soldiers leave here...”

The psychological warfare of Wu Lingfeng has been enough to succeed, but the hungry soldiers can do anything.

"..." The Golden Knight looked around with a headache. He couldn't do anything until now. Maybe he shouldn't come to Stark at all. The opposite magician's mouth is too powerful. He has a lot of tricks and his heart is shaken. He has no way. If the soldiers have enough to eat, they may be able to fight hard and take down Stark City, but now.

Wu Lingfeng once again said: "Five seconds of thinking time, when you don't surrender, I will lead my army out of town to kill you, one is not left, so now you still have time to choose, timing starts, five...four... …three……"

"Ah, brothers rush, kill him and you can have enough food..."

"That is, the dead ghost is stronger than the starving ghost..."

"Yes, he has only one person. Let's go together and kill him. The magician on the wall will help us..."

"Well, when prisoners are better than being hungry..."

"Kill it..."


When I heard Wu Lingfeng, UU read the book The thorn flower soldiers no longer hesitated and began to attack Ilya...

At this moment, Wu Lingfeng sneered at the wall, nodded to Shirley, let her deal with the golden knight.

"The law of majesty, the order of the order, the chaos, the emptiness under the void, the will of light, the thunder of the heavens, the sing of the gates of heaven, the punishment - the trial of the cross of light!!"

Shirley shot in time and used the trial cross to ban the golden knight.

Ilya hands flustered with various kinds of spears and earth shields to resist the attacks of the soldiers. At this time, the golden knight around him was shackled by Shirley, and suddenly lost his soul. His last shield was also destroyed. Damn...

"puff……"At this time, the Mithril arrow penetrated Ilya's chest. He looked at his chest incredulously. A lot of blood flowed out. He looked stiffly and turned, and Helena on the wall sneered at him. The Mithril arrow has disappeared, the one wearing his chest.

"Stop!" Wu Lingfeng looked at Ilya and the golden knight had no power to fight back. He suddenly said loudly that he would kill them with his own hands, valuable grade experience and QP points. After killing them, they should be able to rise. At the 15th level, hey, it’s the last contribution they made to themselves.

"I surrender……"

"I surrender……"

"I surrender……"

All the thorn flower soldiers have thrown their arms and raised their hands. Now for them, eating the most is the most important thing.

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