Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension

By The Blood-stained Lamb

Chapter 5 Fighting can be shameless

Chapter 5 Fighting can be shameless

Chapter 5 Fighting can be shameless

Wu Lingfeng looked at Sean, the silver knight, still screaming, can't help but pout, I went, did not exist even?

Although it is only a first-class male mage, Wu Lingfeng has the confidence to wear Shaun’s blood trough a little bit. Your senior knight is a calf, but the young master is in the system, and the BOSS in the map is not afraid. Still afraid of you?

"Magic Ice Hockey!!"

Wu Lingfeng screamed and put his hands up and down together to compress and transform the magic energy in his hand. A high-pressure blisters with a diameter of 25 cm appeared in his hands.

At the moment when the high-pressure blisters were condensed, they immediately got out of control of Wu Lingfeng and quickly hit Shawn’s body.

Sean wanted to use the snow and silver sword in his hand to resist the attack of high-pressure blisters, but in an instant he was shot and fell to the ground again. The sadness of the child’s paper fell, and the magic ice hockey was the effect of repelling. And there is a magical attack with ice properties.


Although the skill is instant, but there is cooling time, Wu Lingfeng had to condense the magic ball in his hands again for ordinary attack, but even ordinary attacks are magic attacks. In the absence of magic armor, the damage is very heavy. .

Through the system of the right eye, Wu Lingfeng found all the data of Sean? ? ? This shows that the level difference is more than five, and the ordinary soldiers, licking his magic ball ordinary attack will fall, but Sean has suffered two magical whirlwinds and magic ice hockey attacks, and there is still nothing.

Although the property can not be displayed, but the blood trough will show up, more than 5,000 blood, now removed by his repeated magic attacks, only one tenth position, it seems that can be handled as a game BOSS, this The typical kite play is used.

However, Wu Lingfeng is very clear that a senior knight is not only that simple. He is only sluggish by his own magic attack. When he finds that he is weak, he will fight back.

Therefore, Wu Lingfeng began a shameless battle plan, but he can find a helper.

What is important is that all the enemy's ordinary soldiers have lost in succession, and Sean wants to reverse the battle.

"Captain Mark, come help me to deal with this guy, I just promoted to the magician, there is no powerful spell, it is difficult to wipe him out at a time..." Wu Lingfeng shamelessly asked for help from Mark.

Mark stunned and ran to the side of Wu Lingfeng and said, "You told me, I will give you this life..."

Wu Lingfeng patted Mark's shoulder and said, "Don't use you, let me be a little fluttering, and it is too alienated. You remember, in the moment I use magic to knock him down, you immediately stab him with a sword. The key point, this time he can't resist, understand?"

Mark nodded and said: "It doesn't matter. Although the senior knight is really powerful, the high-level knight who fell to the ground is useless. If it is a golden knight, my intermediate swordsman may not be able to harm him, but, uh... ..."Shaun also instantly understood what was going on. Wu Lingfeng’s magic was powerful and he could knock him down to the ground, but he couldn’t do much damage to him, but the help of an intermediate swordsman would be different!

"I want a duel!" Sean stood up and threw his hand to Sean's feet.

"Duel? Duel your mother, watch my magic whirlwind!! Captain Mark,

on! ”

Wu Ling winds a laugh, the fart's duel, Xiaoye is not a noble, and in the 21st century, what is the most important thing to know, shameless, the sister is even more thick, oh, encounter this earth, you OUT...

In an instant, a small tornado with a height of more than three meters was formed, and Shaun was once again flying out, lying on the ground and unable to move.

Mark saw this situation immediately whispered, holding the giant sword in his hand and tied it to Sean's chest.


Sean spit out a lot of blood from his mouth, his eyes burst, and he hated watching Wu Lingfeng: "You are not a noble..."

"Of course I am not a nobleman. I am a soldier who will be magic. If only two of us are personal, I will definitely die, but I have a good helper, hey, let's die..."

Wu Lingfeng came to the front of Shaun, and the magic ball was condensed in his right hand and stuffed into Shawn’s mouth...


Although the magic ball is a normal attack, its power is not great, but it depends on where it breaks out. The head is the most vulnerable place. If it breaks out in a moment, it will be GameOver.

"Hey, the leapfrog kills the 21st-level alien character Sean Shawn. Congratulations on your upgrade. Your current level is level 2 (1/1000). The basic attributes are increased as follows:

HP (health): 155 [35HP per upgrade before transfer]

MP (magic value): 235 [35MP added each time before the transfer]

Physical attack: 12 [3 physical attacks per upgrade before transfer]

Magic Attack: 16 [5 magic attacks per upgrade before transfer)

Strength: 6.5 [add 2.5 power per upgrade before transfer)

Physical strength: 9.5 [2.5 physical strength per upgrade before transfer)

Intelligence: 7.5 [Additional 3.5 intelligence per upgrade before transfer)

Spirit: 10.5 [Each upgrade before each transfer to increase 3.5 spirit]

Physical/Magic Independence Attack: 150 [50 independent attacks per upgrade before transfer)

Physical defense: 47.5

Magic Defense: 52.5

Physical crit: 0%

Magic Crit: 0%

Attack speed: 10%

Casting speed: 10%

Movement speed: 10.5 m / s [0.5 / sec movement speed per upgrade before transfer]

Anti-magic value: 0

HP recovery rate: 10

MP recovery rate: 110 [10 points MP recovery rate for each upgrade before transfer)

Fire attribute: 0

Ice attribute: 0

Light attribute: 0

Dark attribute: 0"The upgrade prompts make Wu Lingfeng a little happy, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Although the murder upgrade is a bit abnormal, some people have to kill, if you want to upgrade, you can kill everywhere, Wu Lingfeng feels that he has not yet reached the level of madness.

What makes Wu Lingfeng care is that the 21st-level character does not have any items to drop. It is really a pity, and it seems that no matter what high-level characters are killed, it seems that he only needs to upgrade to the next level, otherwise he will kill the 21st level. The BOSS how to say it will rise to two or three levels without problems.

However, it does not matter. The basic attribute growth brought by the upgrade makes Wu Lingfeng feel that his body is more powerful. It is really cool to have a system god, and there is no limit to cheating.

"Well, the coach is dead, we can fight back, Lingfeng kid, you can make a meritorious deed, you are our savior, and I believe that you will soon leave here, the eagle can already fly to a wider The sky!"

Mark squinted at Wu Ling and raised his thumb. Then he snorted and took his soldiers to the fallen soldiers. The Wolf Corps was a wolf. If he had the ability, he would go crazy. The last enemy, one does not stay!

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