devil king from the otherworldly dimension The Blood-stained Lamb

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Introduction to the Devil's Alien: Wu Lingfeng, who has passed through the soul, has the DNF male mage occupation system. The demon tour begins officially... Is Juggernaut very powerful?俺 is the devil, the element of the god, easy to swing a hand, four magical smash! Is the Magister awesome? You don’t have to sing the magic, you want to throw it and throw it, throw it to the coolest! What? Can thieves be invisible? Not afraid, there are elements around, automatic defense, want to die, you die first! What? The archers are very powerful? Not afraid, there is a lightning barrier, you want to shield and shield, all the attacks, you are accepted, and you are flying! What? How many people are amazing? There is a lightning chain, and you will get a thunderbolt! What? Dragon? I am going, oh, what is great? The Magic Quartet makes you faint! What? Bright God? I went, I was awakened, did you come out and find death? The elemental disillusionment opens to the maximum. After the fall, go back and reflect, and then send the angel sister to the warm bed! What? death? Don't mention this word, you are not dead! -------------------------------------

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