The thirteenth episode The twenty-fourth chapter: no difference attack!

The thirteenth episode The twenty-fourth chapter: no difference attack!

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When the hope escaped from the interior of the refuge, outside the refuge, all human beings could more clearly see the horror of this huge building. The original form has disappeared completely. The refuge in front of the refuge has been thoroughly Split and split, and because of the centrifugal force of its own rotation, this split has penetrated into its inner core, a large number of shelters have been separated, and there are huge debris jets formed after the internal air leaks. The refuge in this place has become a ruin of the universe battlefield.

However, such a scenario is also expected, or is it far beyond the gravity guns imagined by low-level civilizations, is its power not worthy of its name? This is the super technology of at least the intermediate universe civilization involved in the gravity category! Of course, the energy consumption is too much...

As Hope came out of the refuge, as soon as it came to the outer space, many differences on the ruins of the refuge were discovered, because with the full universe of the creation particles, within this range, there is no The energy creation of the creation particle shielding device will all fall into the shackles immediately. At the moment, there are still a lot of stars on the surface of the refuge. These rays are obviously the place where the creation of the particle shielding device is located. Is the energy center, or life-sustaining equipment similar to the escape cabin, these are all the main points of the 011 type space fighter attack, because these positions are likely to have external attack power!

As Yao Yuan’s previous order, all the 011 space fighters left the refuge, and they launched an indiscriminate attack in a group of three machines. All the light that shines in the visual range, and obviously there is energy flow. They are all targets of the 011 space fighter, and the refuge is indeed big. From the perspective of life, it is really like a planet. But at the speed of the 011 space fighter, to be honest, it’s really big. Going there, in just a few minutes, more than 300 011-type space fighters have been distributed throughout the refuge of the entire refuge, and the entire refuge surface has been constantly erecting huge explosions.On the contrary, compared with those 011 space fighters, the hope number is completely hidden in the dark by the ECS system, plus the full-field coverage of Genesis particles, basically as long as the hope number does not actively attack, it does not care. Will be found aiming, but this is the first step in an invincible position, if there is a huge spacecraft similar to a civilized mothership, the luck is excellent, and the 011 space fighter is powerless, the hope is It is possible to re-launch the gravity cannon in the middle of hiding and once again destroy such a huge spaceship.

While there is no difference attack refuge in the 011 space fighter, it is also busy inside the Hope, especially in the energy department of more than a dozen hydrogen polymerization reactors. Thousands of skilled workers and related technical workers are working on damaged hydrogen. The polymerization reactor was repaired and emergency maintenance was carried out for the still intact hydrogen polymerization reactor.

"The eighth reactor has a new fault. From the perspective of on-site exploration, it seems to be related to the heavy element condensation system. The front construction personnel hope that the technical department can send several professionals to see."

At the hope of these hydrogen polymerization reactors, the most busy nature is skilled workers, and those who are more stressed than those are the technical staff, in addition to most of the hopes of the graduates of the university graduate students, but also lead them The old batch of technicians, these are the treasures of Hope, of course, there are also a small number of survivors of the original Noah No. 1, their knowledge and solid technology, although currently in the ranks of experimental students, but only Because their time to learn new science and technology is too short, and this time the big maintenance action is just the best time to improve their proficiency.

“The eleventh reactor was repaired urgently, and the engineering team was trying to restart it...”

“The third reactor has been determined that it cannot be repaired in a short period of time. In order to avoid possible problems, the engineering team hopes to be able to perform the permanent sealing process, at least until the vacant time is enough, never open the third reactor...”

"The energy center conversion device has been checked, no adverse reactions, the operation is completely normal, and it can continue to operate at high load..."

Various information is continuously collected at the general engineering team. After analysis and decision, the information obtained after the analysis is returned to the working group of each hydrogen polymerization reactor, and the same is sent to the control center of Hope. There is a decision on the next step by the high level of Hope.

"The situation is not very good..."

In the Hope Control Center, Wang Guangzheng looked at all the information on the screen and analyzed the results. He sighed: "The gravity gun almost destroyed a small part of our reactor. Now the hope energy can last for thirty. The intensity of the gravity gun launch in seconds... Lao Yao, shouldn't you really intend to destroy this refuge?"Yao Yuan shook his head and said calmly: "I am not so crazy, don't look at the power of a family, the power of a boat, the hundreds of thousands of refuge, tens of thousands of ships, and looks like We seem to be invincible, even the three-level universe civilization has been made into a cookie, not so simple... We just occupied a strange word, first surprisingly, and then surprising weapons, all this It’s just pre-emptive, really, I’m still a big sweaty back. At the time, it’s not good. If we human civilization is really finished, it’s also the use of this gravity gun...”

"Do not worry, we only need to be here again.

After twenty-four hours of persistence, we can safely leave the stellar system and use our wish to sail at our own curvature and continue on the edge of the river system..."

What Yao Yuan said, Wang Guangzheng actually understands that he is afraid that the hope number will be pursued when using the curvature voyage. He also agrees to do this. The reason why he asks this sentence is actually that he is worried that Yao Yuan is too impulsive... Originally, Wang Guang was absolutely impossible to worry about Yao Yuan’s impulsiveness. However, under the long-term grievances, occasional impulses are possible, but as the leader of mankind, the helm of the last major civilization of mankind is guided. Even the occasional impulse is not good!

If Yao Yuan is really impulsive...

Wang Guangzheng touched his nose, but his heart was full of gratification. At this moment, he heard a sound that could be heard if he was so small that he could only hear it.

"Pharaoh... I am still saying that when one day I am stupid, impulsive, and can no longer lead everyone to live together, you will replace me when you break, just like when I led the Black Star team. This is my promise to you, my vow!"

At the same time, the hundreds of Star Warriors at Hope are working hard. For a planet-sized refuge, even if it has begun to disintegrate, it is really too big, hundreds. When the space warplanes are thrown out, it is really invisible. If it is not the occasional explosion of fire, and the celestial emptiness of standing next to Yao Yuan, from time to time using the soul network ability to perceive the number of new humans, I am afraid that even these interstellar warriors will survive. Do not know at all.

Two hours after the indiscriminate attack command, the first batch of alien civilization ships finally emerged from the ruins of the refuge. From the appearance point of view, these alien civilization ships are all ragged, and The size of the space is also a small spaceship, the largest one is the most ruined, one-third of the hull has been twisted like a twist, but it is still hard to fly, this quality is really strong over the head .

Of course, the biggest spaceship is slightly smaller than the hope. If this is not the case, when the volume is large, the larger spaceship may have completely disintegrated when the tidal force caused by the gravity cannon is torn. .The number of the first batch of alien civilization ships is more than 30. With the gaps in the refuge, there are also small cosmic fighters flying out of their hulls. The number is more than a few thousand. It shows a unique posture of the universe civilization. It seems that it is really powerful. This is still in the lineup of gravity bombardment. If not, I am afraid that the real battle lineup of this civilization is the universe. There are thousands of ships, and the number of space fighters is countless.

However, this is the case. When the first space fighter flies out of the gap of the refuge, it is surrounded by the spaceship waiting for the spaceship in the universe, but in an instant, dozens of shots have been shot in the surrounding sky. The heavy-duty Gaussian spirals easily smashed the electromagnetic shields of these space fighters, and then bombed these space fighters into the universe, and in those places where the ammunition was launched, some looming body shells flashed. .

This is the 011 type space fighter that has been in the ECS stealth state. The attack will instantly make the ECS system appear in the gap, but the drivers of the 011 space fighter can be all new humans. The mobile attack is its strength, and the new humans almost all have more or less dangerous advances. It can be said that as long as it can break the existence of its protective cover, the 011 space fighter will encounter a third-class cosmic civilization. The manufactured vehicle also has an overwhelming force!

In this way, with the appearance of an alien civil spaceship in the visible range, the 011-type space fighters in its vicinity almost gathered here, bursting into the fire, with the latest Gaussian heavy weapons, here 011 The type of space warplanes completely destroyed the alien fleets that wanted to leave the shelter without any injury.

But this is only the first batch. Next, from the gaps and breaches of the refuge, there have been a large number of spaceships, and the number has gradually reached thousands of ships... (to be continued. If you like This work, welcome to the starting point ( to vote for the recommended ticket, monthly ticket, your support is my biggest motivation.

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