The thirteenth episode The twenty-second chapter: launch!

The thirteenth episode The twenty-second chapter: launch!

The words of Blue 6 are very arrogant. To know that he is flying is not an ordinary alien civilization, but a representative of the real three-level universe civilization. This is not just a provocation. This is the face of the red fruit. It is simply trampling the dignity of the third-order universe civilization under the feet, and still trampled on the foot and stepped on a few feet.

The surrounding Star Warriors had a cold sweat on them, not only them, but also the second-class cosmic civilizations around them. They were also stunned. The chaotic battlefield was quiet. It was quiet for a moment, almost everyone was jealous. Looked at the representatives of Blue 6 and the third-level universe civilization.

The calmness on the surface of the Blue 6 does not really represent his inner calm. He is also very guilty in his heart, but to delay enough time, this order has forced him to make this risk.

When he flew the representative of the three-level universe civilization, he said the words and did not stop. He immediately rushed forward and smashed the representatives of the three-level universe civilization on the ground, while using encryption. The channel said: "The low-flow effect of the spirit, we all know this thing, you dare to kill us, the four or five-level universe civilization will dare to destroy your family, who will not disregard the universe of their own race to adapt too much?"

"I know that if you meet in private, you must dare to destroy our family, or secretly cover it, but there are many people here, unless you are sure to destroy all races and even the entire shelter here, maybe this will not work. , intermediate and even advanced universe civilization, they may have any way to search for the residual electronic signals here, you can know how many cosmic adaptors you have killed, you are not afraid of destroying the family?" Blue 6 still said.

This third-level cosmic civilization is really awkward. I used to make a big noise. I am planning to intervene in the current dispute. Then I will punish them on both sides. The three-level universe civilization will take profits. This has been done many times, and this has been done. The representative also worked many times, but did not expect that even a sentence was not finished, directly fell on the ground by the representative of the second-class cosmic civilization, such things have never happened, so that no time for a few seconds Let him come back to God.

Then when he came back and was furious that he wanted the vehicle and the people above to kill all the people here, the sound of Blue 6 had already passed, and suddenly he was a spirit, which reminded him of him. The purpose of this trip... These dozens of cosmic adaptors appear in the shelters, which is unprecedented, and it is still a second-order universe civilization with these cosmic adaptors. The most important thing is that they also committed this refuge. The law and taboos are such a godsend, either intimidating or threatening, or using technology and interests to exchange. In short, he is given the task of at least five to ten cosmic adaptors to continue this. The fate of the refuge of the refuge.In fact, this refuge, as Blue 6 saw it, is a refuge that has begun to decline. The reality is that there is no cosmic adaptor in this refuge, including all three-level universes. Civilization, only by robbing people of other races, killing and later acquiring the spirit, in order to continue the life of the race, so all year round, generally only one level 3 universe civilization defends in the shelter, other three levels The cosmic civilization is looting outside the war.

Because of this, even if it is a cosmic adaptor, it is possible to save this refuge...

However, killing and getting are two completely different concepts. If you kill only if your own civilized race is present and strictly confidential, then it is really fine. If you kill it, you will kill it, but if the news is revealed, In the case of a lot of people, and killing so many cosmic adaptors at once, that... The three-level universe civilization in the district will really be pinched to death like a bug.

"You are not afraid of our three-level universe civilization? Your spaceship will stop there. The electromagnetic shields in the area will not be able to withstand our attacks. You can pierce them with a single blow. You are not afraid that we will directly give your mother ship Wrecked?" This representative of the three-level universe civilization, wearing a spacesuit is only about one meter three or four heights, in the face of Star Wars, even the leg height is not reached, after being picked up by the blue 6, he waved The rampage of the hands and feet.

"Hey, mother ship? Tell you, we are just a sub-fleet of our civilization. I don't know, it is important for a spaceship of the second-order universe civilization, or a three-level universe civilization itself is important, and our The cosmic battle suits are equipped with a self-explosive system. Do you want to give birth to us? Believe it or not, I will kill you now, and your upper class will never dare to order the fire." Blue 6 ignored his threat and directly sneered. Said.

The representative of this three-level universe civilization suddenly became silent. It seems to verify everything that Blue 6 said, but then Blue 6 puts down the representative of this three-level universe civilization, and then retreats three steps, one knee. Under the squat, this said: "Please ask the third-level universe civilization to arbitrate this incident. It is a despicable act to arbitrarily civilize and want to coerce and harm our human civilization. It is to insult the guest civilization in the refuge. It is intolerable. I request that the three-level universe civilization be handled fairly, and that we humans are fair!"

The words of Blue 6 were spoken through the public channel. His actions once again made the people around him stunned, and the representative of the third-level universe civilization was a god for a few seconds. This made it clear: "The passage of specific things." The loss of both of you, and this incident is a violation..."

This representative once again did not finish talking. Blue 6 once again lifted him up, and at the same time continued to use the private channel: "Let me be less bureaucratic, don't say that your three-level universe civilization is reasonable. In the same way, this time is not just that these rogue civilizations are wrong. Even you have the responsibility to let them threaten our human civilization. Believe it or not, I will kill you now?"This representative hangs out a blood, he almost hated: "What do you want? Your language is the blue language? This article

Is Ming Dynasty a vassal of the Blues? Everyone is a three-level universe civilization, don't give face a shame! ”

Blue 6 嘿嘿 smiled and said: "The vassal is not attached to the ignorance for the time being, you should first give me the words to say good, do not give me a bureaucratic, or I will let you disappear now, and then wait for another representative of your civilization to come over. ”

This representative is really hateful. He has always been his civilization, and when he has eaten the loss of others. The most important thing to treat him is still a second-class universe civilization. This is really hateful. If it is not the dozens of cosmic adaptors in front of him, he really wants to summon the above vehicles and personnel to these people. Full force bombardment, so he did not speak at the moment, he stood there, letting Blue 6 threaten him not to say a few words, he should also look at it, whether Blue 6 really has the courage to kill him.

In this way, the time passed by a second, and the cold sweat on the blue 6 was dry and wet, wet and dry, and the interstellar warriors also stopped the attack, surrounded by the blue 6 and the representative, quiet Contrary to the thousands of alien troops that survived, the atmosphere at the scene was really strange.

(Time... and the last minute, the time is coming...)

Blue 6 seems to be standing in front of the representative of the third-order universe civilization, but his eyes have been staring at the time mark in the Star Wars. When the countdown to the fifteen minutes is over, he feels a deep sigh of relief. Suddenly, I arranged a quietly representative with his confrontation. I was scared to jump backwards. The blue 6 sneered and said on the public channel: "As I said, we humans are here. The refuge has been treated unfairly, our personnel have been threatened, and our human civilization has suffered heavy losses..."

These words heard that the representatives of the second-class civilizations simply wanted to vomit blood, who lost a lot? Who fucked the loss?

", we hereby ask the owner of the refuge to give us a fair ruling, but we are hooligans, and our righteous demands are ignored by the owner of the refuge. Therefore, here, I am present as the chief diplomat of humanity. All civilization announcements..."

"We humans will declare war on you here!"

After the blue 6 finished saying this, he ignored the people at the place. He just turned and walked to the hope number behind him, while the defensive soldiers surrounded him closely, and the outer part was the interstellar warrior group. These dozens of people have calmly moved to the hope in this chaotic battlefield, and the alien troops who surrounded them simply did not dare to stop. The representative seemed to be scared and generally stood there to continue to be in a daze, while still in a daze. There are single-flight flight crews of those three-level universes in the sky.

"...No, didn't you get it wrong? The existence of a secondary universe of civilizations, actually declared war on hundreds of second-order universe civilizations of a refuge, and a three-level universe civilization? Did they actually declare war?" ”"Is it a surrender? Is it because of the difference in civilization, the translation of lexical logic is problematic? Are they surrendering?"

Many races, whether they are present or remotely watched by signals, almost all races are unbelievable. They can't even understand the behavior of the hope. This suicide should not exist in the rational universe. Civilized.

However, just as they were talking about it, when the Blue 6 and others completely entered the hope number, suddenly, the hope number slowly floated. At the same time, a large amount of current appeared on the surface metal in front of the hope number. Layers, these current layers are too strong, even have formed a plasma, and these current energy slowly outlines some current structures in front of the hope.

Just as the hope number changed, in the huge space of the shelter, the top and the ground produced a violent energy response. In almost a few seconds, a thick energy shield had wrapped the entire hope in it. It is as if it is the energy shield that I hope to produce myself.

Yes, this is the defensive facility inside the refuge. No matter how strong the refuge is, the damage is always easier from the inside. Such examples are everywhere in the universe, so there is a reaction inside the refuge. One of the mechanisms is to use the almost infinite amount of energy of the refuge itself to form an energy shield to seal all spaceships, including the mothership. This energy shield is directly powered by the refuge. I am afraid that it is a mass-killing weapon that is the peak of the third-order cosmic civilization, and it is almost impossible to penetrate it. This can be said to be a very safe measure.

Of course, the energy shield does not know the difference between inside and outside. The weapon inside can't attack outside. Similarly, the weapon outside can't attack inside even during the duration...

When the hope number opened the energy virtual structure, the artificial intelligence of the shelter determined that the hope number was using weapons of mass destruction, and immediately blocked it with energy shields, so the aliens outside were Civilization only saw that the Hope had a move, and then it was sealed by the energy shield. These alien civilizations were ridiculed. I felt that this human civilization was really arrogant and dared to use large-scale in the third-level shelter. Destructive weapons... Then, this human civilization should be eliminated, except that the cosmic adaptors can save them, and other human beings can all go to the slaughter room...

Just as these cosmic civilizations are so imaginative, inside the Hope, Yao Yuan and others are shocked and happy!

The natural shock is that the defensive mechanism inside this refuge is very powerful. It has produced such a tough energy shield and wrapped the hope number. The favorite is the energy shield, which is the most vulnerable to the protection of hope. The moment.At the moment, almost all the energy is poured into the energy virtual constructor. At the front end of the hope, the anti-gravity system constructed by the pure current is being formed one by one, stacked on top of each other, as if it were an electronic circuit, which has been fully constructed. There are so many things, and this number is still increasing continuously...10,000, 20,000, 30,000...

These anti-gravity systems are completely incapable of changing the size, shape, and order of the internal parts. Therefore, even the energy structure is constructed in such a way that the dense front is completely covered with the front end of the hope number, waiting for the moment of launching...

"Gravity gun charging is over... the status is launchable!"

“I hope that the anti-gravity system will maximize the power and completely offset any external force...”

“All hydrogen polymerization reactors maximized output, and the third, fifth, and eleventh units sent reports, and minor faults...”

"Artificial intelligence calculation is completed, anti-gravity system adjustment phase..."

The information gathered constantly to the control center of Hope, until all the information was reported, Yao Yuan silently looked at the front of the video, where it was the battlefield of the former Blue 6 and others, the troops of the alien civilization. Still staying there...

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