The thirteenth episode Chapter 12: The principle of caution

The thirteenth episode Chapter 12: The principle of caution

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"There is still a month and a half from the arrival of the refuge. During this period, all new human beings will be forbidden to leave the scope of the hope. Unless there is an order from the military or the highest command, no new human beings are allowed to go out. The general security level is ... S grade."

This is the latest military order that all new human beings currently have on Hope. Together with those who are still civilians, the newcomers in the civil society have also received such orders, and they are issued with the most formal military red chapter documents. The order of the people, no one to look down on its weight, at the same time, in the newspapers and on the Internet also announced the decision of the hope of the human government.

"In addition to the staff responsible for handling materials and intelligent robots, only the diplomatic corps can freely enter and exit the hope number, which will be too cautious."

In Ren Tao’s home, Ren Tao is playing 3D video fishing there, while sitting next to him, while looking at the newspaper, he speaks to Ren Tao.

Ren Tao has been silent. After being asked to be impatient, he said with a sigh of relief: "This is not a bad thing..."

Ren Yue is very dissatisfied with this answer. She pulled over Ren Tao and asked directly: "There is something you said, please explain it to me clearly. You are a thinker, your head is so smart, don't give I am perfunctory and silent, I hate you the most, and explain it clearly."

Ren Tao was too annoyed, and this said: "The key is actually the problem of insufficient understanding. Oh, I mean the lack of understanding of the universe... I will give a simple example. If we are on Earth, the United States and China. There is a war, well, it is a dispute, then it is almost impossible to have a war, because each has scruples, all the scruples including the nuclear bomb, making it almost impossible for the two countries to have a war, then? For example, an African Indigenous small countries, the state powers kidnapped the US president, and even declared war on the United States. The war is certain, is this the case?"

"This is actually a question of recognition. Because China and the United States are familiar with each other, there is no danger of war. Even if they change to a small country, as long as they are familiar with each other, they will generally compromise and give up. The possibility of starting a war is not great, that is, Recognition determines whether or not each other will fight. Of course, there are so-called interests and enthusiasm. This was the case with the Middle East oil war on Earth. Now our human beings’ awareness of the universe is too low or too low, both for the universe itself. For the civilizations at all levels in the universe, we are all like the small African countries. We only know that they have them. We only know that they are strong, but how strong is it? What kind of threat can we pose to us? These can only rely on a few Information and imagination."Speaking of this, Ren Tao showed a slightly ironic smile: "I think Yao Yuan is also very wrong, made such a decision... From the time we left the earth, it was forced to leave, then After another series of unintentional persecutions, you said that the intention is okay, the key is this unintentional persecution. Those high-level cosmic civilizations do not even look at us at all, as if we are treated as bugs, this 憋Breeze, with Yao Yuan’s heroic spirit, must be filled with grievances.”

Ren Xingyue suddenly raised his hand and took Ren Tao’s head and said: “To call the head of the head... What do you say at home? It’s best to be polite when you go out. He is the head of our humanity after all.”

Ren Tao still showed a mocking smile, but he did not refute, but continued to say: "It’s a pity that Yao Yuan is a pity because of the head of state. If not, he will definitely want to do something, but because he is the head of state. Everything must be thought of by all mankind. Even if he feels wronged, he still has to endure this tone. Every time he is a tortoise... It’s not, the topic is pulled back. I want to say this is actually this. Because we are unfamiliar with the alien civilization, especially the civilization with higher civilization level than ours, then it will inevitably produce fear, especially after we have seen the creation and weapons power of a large number of high-level alien civilizations like us. It is even deeper, even if our strength is enough to match the second-level peak universe civilization, it is estimated that there will be disputes, most people will still selectively escape, especially in the face of three-level universe civilization."

"The kind of caution you have seen is what most people think, but they don't think about it... the universe is so dangerous, only the brave can survive, so that it is not easy to hear again and again. If the people are distracted, the team will be scattered..."

The same conversation also happened to Xiao Wen Bird and his two good friends, and Li Wencheng and his several familiar friends. Although the content is not the same, they all thought of the same problem... After losing the spirit of struggle, what about the future of mankind? If it is inertia to position its own civilization as a weak civilization, then if you encounter a weaker civilization than yourself, what about human beings?

But no matter what, time is still in the past, and the situation on Hope is gradually getting nervous. Although the society is still stable, it can be seen from the newspaper first, as it gets closer to the shelter, in the newspaper. The more articles on the analysis of alien civilizations, the more, how to save themselves in the event of war, the more articles on how to avoid, and the other... the basic food of Hope, including rice, flour, and various Easy to save food, the sales volume will be greater.

In fact, this is just a subconscious behavior of ordinary people. If there is a war, either hope that the number will win or escape, or that the human civilization will be extinct, and there is no third way to go. What is the significance of storing food? ?However, the current ruling of the hope is Yao Yuan. With his several speeches, although this tension has not weakened, there has been no further change. After all, Yao Yuan has already been in the hearts of a large number of people. It’s a legendary figure. Many people even believe that as long as Yao Yuan exists, human civilization will continue.

In a way, this statement is also true.

In such a situation, Hope has only three days of voyage from the refuge, and at this time, the Hope and several vassal ships have monitored several spaceships approaching them, and for self-protection and the universe. Common sense, including all spacecraft including the Hope, all immediately launched Genesis particles.

"This is just to maintain the troops, to see the shape of the battleship, it should be the second-class universe civilization."

In the command center, as the current human 'cosmologist', the official position is the Blue Minister of the Foreign Minister. He looks at the several 3D images of the spacecraft on the screen, and muttered.

Yao Yuan sat on the captain's chair. He patted the chair with his fingers. "In other words, these so-called maintenance forces should be the vassal civilization employed by this refuge? It is to collect taxes and the like. Will it be responsible for checking our spacecraft? For example, landing inspections..."

Blue 6 smiled and said: "Not only to collect taxes, but also to lead us, or to monitor us all the way to the refuge, of course, without the so-called inspections, at most through the instrument to measure the size of our spacecraft, and so on, It is convenient to decide which space we are entering from the refuge... Your Majesty, please remember a common sense in the universe, forcibly boarding the ship, it is war!"

"The spaceship of our home, the spaceship is our land, the spaceship is our life... The spaceship is the foundation of our civilization! When we do not accept the invitation, we do not get permission, and forcibly board the ship, this... means endless war!"

The blue 6 when I said this was not elegant at all. In fact, let's leave the skin color aside. The Blue 6 is a very handsome guy. The appearance is no different from the handsome young man, but when he says this, he To give the people around me a feeling of iron man, the breath of the face, even Yao Yuan's momentum is one of them.

"...Forcibly boarding a ship, is it a war?"

Yao Yuan chewed it a few times, then he smiled and said: "This is fine, our human secret estimates can be retained, the transaction is successfully completed, the resources and energy are successfully replenished, and then the flight continues smoothly... It will be fine."

Blue 6 seriously looked at Yao Yuan, and he tried to say a few times, but after all, he did not say anything, so he accompanied Yao Yuan to look at the screen.After a few hours, the defensive escorts led by Blue 6 approached these maintenance warships. After a brief discussion and bargaining, they decided to enter the port taxation of several spacecraft including the Hope. Of course, The subsequent transaction tax is not included, but this is not managed by the maintenance force. They are now only responsible for leading several spacecraft into the shelter, and it is also considered to be inside.

"It's not expensive. The price of some of our spaceships is really not expensive... Of course, it may be in my skin color. After all, the Blues have come to this refuge." Blue 6 simple to Yao Yuan After reporting on the matter of the negotiations, the Hope and the surrounding vassal spacecraft followed the maintenance of the battleship and sailed toward the refuge.

At the same time, in the refuge, hundreds of races survived, and more than 70% of the races are already in decline. In order to preserve the seeds of race, there are a large number of unconscious “wastes every day. "It was treated as a consumable directly."

Among the countless races, there is a race that was once in decline. It seems to have been lucky for a long time because they have produced millions of normal people in a row, and they are said to be extremely spiritual bodies. Can inherit the type of four or five generations that do not decline!

This is an affiliation race of alien businessmen. They have always claimed that they have encountered a race with hundreds of cosmic adaptors in a looting war. Because of close contact, they have had so many normal newborn births...

Of course, no race believes in them, and all races think they are in the mouth...

How could there be hundreds of cosmic adaptors in one race?

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