Episode eleventh chapter fifteenth chapter: chaos

Episode eleventh chapter fifteenth chapter: chaos

"……I feel……"

A Lei Lei soldier just said these words, and then he was beaten by a group of Lei soldiers, because he lied... In fact, the Lei people always think that they will not feel anything at all, can say me The Lei people who feel what they are lying are lying.

However, this Lei nationality soldier is indeed "feeling" that something is wrong. Of course, this feeling is different from the feeling of human beings or other cosmic life. It is more like a beast facing the fear of unknown disasters and dangers, just like before the earthquake. The small animals such as mice will run away. The Lei soldiers will clearly feel the danger.

But what is the danger, and what kind of consequences will come from him, but he is unclear. In fact, there are so many Thunder soldiers with such "feelings", almost 100,000. Most of the Lei people landed soldiers. As for the half, about two or three thousand 啪 Lei soldiers... they are not...

A 啪 啪 士兵 soldier is standing on his stomach, this is an adult and strong 啪 啪 士兵 soldier, it has a height of 3.7 meters, and even now he is still increasing, of course, This is not the point. The point is that he has completely transformed the body into a quarter of the organic machinery. This makes him a rare triad of animal husbandry in the Lei family. It can be said to be a warrior among the warriors.

Because it is a warrior, he has to eat three ordinary 啪 啪 士兵 soldiers for every meal. For example, he ate three primate intelligent creatures, that is, those alien creatures on the surface of the planet, though The taste is not as delicious as the chieftain claimed, but it is obvious that the abundance of spirit is indeed unusual, and so many spirits have given him the desire to breed at any time. Of course, he also In worry, it is good to be a strong father, or to be a single mother (...), but in any case, the spirit is always as good as possible.

This is already the third day that the Lei family landed on the ground. He climbed up from a lot of dead leaves and wood that couldn’t tell what was going on. He flew a few squadrons of Lei soldiers who followed the way. He rubbed his stomach, I don't know why, he felt that there seemed to be something stirring in the stomach, but maybe he was hungry, or the spirit was too full, so that he had begun to breed, who knows Well, anyway, he wants to eat primate creatures, and today he wants to eat more primate creatures...

In fact, if there is a kind of equipment in perspective at this time, you can see the body of this Lei nationality soldier...not the stomach, nor the digestive organs of the intestines, but his internal flesh and blood, bones, and a large number of organs. They are squirming and changing in a weird way, changing in a special way that is completely incompatible with the 啪 族 gene...At the same time, at this moment in the outer space of this planet, not only the fleet of the Lei family has existed. So far, two other universe civilizations have arrived, and these two universes are also the second-order universe. Civilization, but it is also the peak of the second-class cosmic civilization that has mastered the curvature of navigation. The number of fleets they have arrived is not as large as that of the Lei family, but it is also a fleet of ships, hundreds of large warships and small ships of phase configuration. In all respects, although the strength is inferior to the Lei family, it is not the existence that the Lei family can easily crush.

After the two civilizations arrived at the scene, the actions they showed were completely different from those of the Lei nationality. They did not dare to send any personnel to enter the life planet. Instead, they immediately moved the fleet away from the extremely long distance of the planet. Then they communicated with each other. This is not to fear the existence of the Lei family, but to feel the fear of the planet itself.

This is a cursed star!

In the history of the universe for countless years, from countless universe civilizations, from low-level, intermediate, and even legendary high-level civilizations, there is such a legend, that is the existence of the cursed star...

It is said that, of course, it may only be said that the cursed star has the final interpretation of the "spirit" and is the first greedy race of the universe, the birth star of the demon family. Every time the cursed star appears, it means a river system. The disappearance, yes, not a planet, not a galaxy, but the disappearance of a whole river system!

Of course, it is said that another meaning of the two words is that it is possible to pass on the rumors. The final rumors may be as far away from the original meaning. The so-called cursed star is only passed down in the universe. One of the most incredible rumors, in fact, these universe civilizations that are clearly known to the cursed star rumors, they do not even know what the demon family is, let alone the birth of the demon star cursed star.

However, although the cursed star is only a rumor, it is only said that this type of planet has several distinguishing features. The first one is the planet of life. Any cursed star is a life planet, and it is escaped. The planet of life attacked by neutron star fragments.

Second, all the cursed stars, the entire planet has been completely different from the terrestrial planets in the universe. It has no features of the earth's crust, mantle, and core. It is just a pure rocky deep planet, from the surface to the core. They are all pure rocks, no magma, no faults.

The third is also the most easily distinguishable feature. All the cursed stars will have a special symbol in their galaxy... The symbols arranged by the planet, a total of seven planets, the cursed star is at the core, the other six Moving around it, it forms a set of six-star surrounds on the planet! And this is why the Cursed Star is clear at a glance!The two cosmic civilization fleets are also the first to see such a picture. The six planets orbit around a life planet. This cosmic wonder is simply unimaginable. If it is not seen by the eyes, then it may only be a movie. The things are virtualized, and the seven planets in front of them are the sights in the real universe. This kind of shock can only be described in person.

"...the legend of the cursed star?"

The leader of the fleet of two cosmic civilizations, they are all afraid of the rumors of the cursed star, especially after seeing this scene that is not like a natural planet, as long as it is a slightly intelligent creature, it will never be easy. Stepping on this cursed star surrounded by six stars... Of course, the Lei family does not belong to such a creature.

"It’s too savage. Is the Lei family a group of creatures without brains?” one of the leaders of the civilized fleet sent an information.

The other leader replied: "Brain, do you think that the scorpion creatures have brains? Their brains are not muscles or wood, or wood muscles. The brain is too extravagant for them, or think about it. What should I do next, the cursed star."

"... Our scientists have studied this group of information, using information transmitted by space technology. In other words, at the very least, it is a technological component unique to the five-level universe civilization. Nothing else, no traces or technology can be used. As long as we get this spatial information transmission technology, then our civilization can even trade with the four-level universe civilization! Do you give up such things? Perhaps this is the peak of our civilization from the second-order universe civilization, directly reaching the third-order universe. The ladder of civilization! Who will give up? Who dares to give up?"

"In other words, the aristocrats already have plans?"

"Of course... not yet, the rumors of the Cursed Star have appeared in the universe for countless millions of years. I don’t know why, but I don’t know the story, but even the intermediate and legendary high-level civilizations have this. The legend, then the curse of the star must have something special, it is likely to be the traps and dangers left by the advanced universe civilization, so before these dangers are presented, let the 啪雷族 of the wooden mind bag go and lick it."

"...the family is also considered this way, but in order to prevent the aggressive behavior of the barbaric 啪雷, please let our two people form a short-term alliance, with the strength and strength of our two communities, when not afraid of this Only the Lei family fleet."

"We agree with the proposal of the nobility..."

Such alliances do not have any binding effect, but for a civilization with similar technological standards and similar strengths in the current fleet of stars, this verbal covenant already has considerable credibility, and then after a few days, no Knowing whether it is a signal, there have been several other cosmic civilizations, and they all want to join this alliance, but after all, there are some uncoordinated cosmic civilizations, so after a few days, several alliances exist in this star field. In the middle, such as the alliance, the tribe or something...All in all, this star field has unknowingly existed for more than a dozen cosmic civilizations, but fortunately, these dozens of cosmic civilizations are the second-order cosmic civilizations of nearby stars, although they are all two. The peak of the universe of civilization, but after all, it is not a three-level universe civilization. The gap between the strengths of each other is between a few cents, and there will be no overwhelmingly powerful enemies. However, because of this, these civilizations are really undercurrent. Especially among several alliance civilizations that hate each other, the feeling that may erupt at any time is surging.

And they don't know that the real danger is not from the cosmic civilizations that are far from the cursed star, but from this unremarkable cursed star, even if it looks unremarkable...

At the same time, under the ground of the Cursed Star, led by Odysseus, led by the mysterious virus survivors, this human remains are struggling towards the destination, and there have been many sacrifices along the way. In any case, life will continue. For the possibility that Odysseus will give them, they are still fighting for death. Even if there are people missing every day, everyone knows that these people are fierce, their The brain pulp must have been eaten, and the flesh is manipulated, even then...

All humans are still marching toward Noah One! And getting closer!

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