Chapter 32: The Last Fight! (small Z seeking recommended collection)

Chapter 32: The Last Fight! (small Z seeking recommended collection)

"Give them both!"

Yao Yuan looked indifferently and looked at the two bombers lying in the corner. They were not members of the Black Star team. They were the auxiliary troops. This operation did give the Black Star team a lot of help. But two of them were seriously injured and they could not be saved.

"But here is the enemy zone, we are secret operations, if they fall into the enemy..." A government official who was rescued said quickly.

"Yes, they can't fall into the enemy, otherwise they must be born to die! So..."

Yao Yuan suddenly took out the anechoic pistol and reached the chest of one of them. He whispered to the injured soldier and said, "I want to save more people. Sorry, please take a step first. If you are not lucky, I will Then come..."

Pistol vibration, blood spray...

In the meantime, Yao Yuan’s mind suddenly flashed the picture of the past, those memories that used to be the captain of the Black Star team and perform various tasks...

"Captain, Captain?!"

A voice woke up Yao Yuan, and he discovered that there was a sound coming from the contact.

"Say, what?" Yao Yuan replied immediately.

"Yes, the captain, 3,420 sets of spacesuits have been delivered. At present, everyone on the third floor has spacesuits, and in order to prevent it, we have sent more than 100 spacesuits. Instead, the vacuum isolation pipeline operation has been successfully completed!" the voice said quickly.

"Yes? It's hard work, everyone is working hard, then according to the second paragraph of the plan, all the relevant personnel of the operation immediately retreat back to the hope number, all the fixed equipment should not be moved, the portable tools will be carried, and then immediately retreat along the way, speed "Yao Yuan thought about it and said."

"Okay, the captain ordered..."

Soon, under the leadership of the relevant military personnel, the second-tier workers and technicians, as well as some scholars and scientists, retreated back to the first floor entrance and exit at a very fast speed, and hoped at the fastest speed. The number rushed, because the inner rock layer of this underground temporary residence is actually covered with cracks like a spider web. In fact, it can persist until it has collapsed. This has already exceeded the predictions of many scientists.

"Next..." Yao Yuan looked at the dozens of people in front of him, most of the members of the Black Star team, members of the Guards, ordinary soldiers, and Ren Tao as a civilian.

However, Yao Yuan’s words have not been spoken yet. Liu Bai, next to him, suddenly said: “Yao Yuan, I think you should rest, and Zhang Heng must also rest!”

Yao Yuan looked at Liu Bai wrongly and then looked at Zhang Heng.

Yes, until now, he discovered that Zhang Heng’s face also had a sick red color, which is exactly the same as the sign of Jay Power’s fall. It is the kind of image that returns to the light. In fact, Zhang Heng has persisted for several hours. For a long time, he has been using his foreseeable danger ability, for the operator until drilling direction and drilling strength, etc. To be honest, this time the vacuum isolation pipeline operation can be completed, in addition to Jie Weili’s deception ability, Zhang Heng is also Great contribution.Now, although it is a passive new human skill, consumption is far less than active skills, but at this moment, Zhang Heng has finally reached the limit.

In fact, not only Zhang Heng, but Yao Yuan also found that he seems to be reaching the limit. He has been using dangerous perceptions, and all the way to the command, always thinking about how to save the third-tier personnel, the consumption of all this is absolutely not Will be much smaller than Zhang Heng.

Yao Yuan shook his head at Liu Bai. He said: "I can still insist... I am relieved. I know very well about my situation. I will not do anything beyond my ability, but Zhang Heng... Zhang Heng, you can rest and leave at any time. You have done your best and can do it at any time."

Zhang Heng shook his head in the distance: "No, it has reached the final step of the rescue plan. How can I leave now? And I can stick to it..."

"...OK, stick to it." Yao Yuan said quietly, this said.

Then, Yao Yuan said to the people around him: "So according to the previous plan, now is the last step. Open this blocked passage. If it is excavated, time is definitely impossible. Then there is only one road left. ……blasting."


"...but not."

At this time, when the word blasting was spoken, Zhang Heng and Yao Yuan also said a negative discourse.

Yao Yuan looked at Zhang Heng and he continued. "My hunch and Zhang Heng’s hunch tell us that once this blocked passage is blasted, the only possibility is that the entire underground temporary residence will collapse completely, not just the third floor. The personnel are dead, and together with us, it can be very dangerous, so this proposal can no longer continue."

At this time, Yao Yuan turned and looked at Ren Tao: "Now you have played, the new human thinker skill holder, Ren Tao, tell me, what should I do next to save the following people?"

Ren Tao said very helplessly: "Thinker? This skill name is really good, but it is a pity... I am not a magician or a magician. I can't save the people below."

However, the whole scene was beyond the expectations of Ren Tao. No one around him accused him, or what was frustrating. Everyone looked at him seriously and seriously. His expression was helpless at the moment, just shrug. Shrugging his shoulders: "Yes, I can't save them, but you have... Well, if you can know the cracks in the underground temporary residence in the shortest possible time, then the chance to save them is big. a lot of."

“Rock fissure fault map?”

Yao Yuan recited such a noun. In an instant, he felt that there was silence all around, and various clues and logical reasoning began to flash in his mind...

"Understood, indeed, this seems to be the only way."

Yao Yuan nodded and immediately contacted the hope number, and asked the hope to temporarily live underground in the shortest possible time.

The internal rock stratigraphic map is sent out, especially at the cracks in each rock formation, which is the most important place.

"In fact, it is very simple to say that it is..."Yao Yuan pointed to the blocked passage and said: "There has been completely blocked, so in fact it can be considered that it is a wall entity filled with rock breaks, not a passage."

"Because we humans do not have the ability to fly, the entrances and exits can only be constructed in a diagonally downward manner. In other words, compared to the vertical heights of the second and third layers, this blocked passage is actually farther away from the third floor."

"So, compared to slowly blasting this blocked passage, it is better to come up with a simpler way, which is to blast a new passage from the second floor to the third floor."

While waiting for the fax of the desired number, Yao Yuan tried to explain his next plan to the rest.

"Maybe someone has to say, blasting a vertical passage, which may also cause the cave to collapse. Moreover, even if it does not collapse, how can the vertical height problem be solved? It is impossible to drop the rope and let the people inside pull it up one by one? Yes, this is impossible. There are more than 3,000 people. We can't let them climb up or pull one by one."

"Because of this, Ren Tao actually proposed a way that is not a solution, and can be said to be the only way to survive in the dead..."

"We caused collapse in advance!"

Yao Yuan said earnestly: "The collapse of the underground temporary residence will be within the range we can bear, and at the same time, the collapse will be developed as much as we want, for example, from the second floor to the third floor. We can not only blast a vertical channel, but blast a plane..."

“Move a part of the second floor and blast it down to form a collapsed ladder from the third floor to the second floor!”

"This is the only way to save them..."

"Save the way for the survival of more than 3,000 people!"

At this moment, the picture fax system illuminates, and everyone is busy around the fax system. When several drawings are transmitted from inside, Yao Yuan immediately grabbed the drawings and carefully looked at them.

After a few moments, he called Yangvalo to his side and handed the drawings to him. He also said: "You and Zhang Heng are in a group, with several members of the escort team, and start to arrange bombs in several weak places. As for the amount, according to your experience and Zhang Heng’s reaction, you are responsible for half...

"...the other half is responsible for me."

"The rest of the people immediately retreated back to the hope! We did not rush back to the hope in 30 minutes, then you immediately took off and the rescue failed, and at the same time..."

"Wang Guangzheng is the new captain and leads mankind to continue to live."

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