The twenty-seventh chapter: the song of the soul (small Z seeking recommended collection)

The twenty-seventh chapter: the song of the soul (small Z seeking recommended collection)

The four people Yao Yuan found... In fact, Zhang Heng and Jie Weili have already prepared for the departure. After a few hours of rest, it is not only Jiewei’s nap, but also the tired Zhang Heng has recovered his energy. The two men, together with Ren Tao, have already finished their breaks, and he seems to have guessed that Yao Yuan will come to him, so he is ready early.

Only the eve of the night, this 17-year-old girl who has been reloaded, a beautiful long hair, standing in front of Yao Yuan, seeing that it is not a little girl at all, it is a person who looks like a man. In general, a rabbit that scares away immediately.

Yao Yuan’s head hurts a bit. If it’s okay to face the military, it’s okay to have a direct order. If you are facing a man like Javier, you can basically discuss it... but it’s obviously scared. Little girl, what should he do?

"Cough." Yao Yuan lightly stunned, try to make his tone softer: "Hello, eve of the evening, I hope that Captain Yao Yuan, please don't be afraid, I am looking for you not because you made something wrong. But because I need you."

Nian Xikong was a little scared first. After hearing the words, she stopped. After a long time, her little face suddenly became red. She whispered, "I am sorry, I am seeing you face to face for the first time." , so I feel very vague about you, and my parents are..."

When Yao Yuan heard it, he immediately slammed his head and slammed his head and immediately scared him into a whistle. He immediately smiled and said: "Not that, I mean, I need you to go back to the ground with me. Temporary residence, I... We need you, those who are trapped on the third floor need you!"

The little face of Nian Xikong became redder. She secretly glared at Yao Yuan and saw Yao Yuan’s face serious and serious. She felt that she really had no face to see anyone. She wanted to have a hole for her to drill down for a long time. After that, she nodded slightly with a low head.

In this way, Yao Yuan took three people, and a dozen escort soldiers set off together, took a short-range live car, and went to the second floor of the underground temporary residence as fast as possible.

On the road, Yao Yuan kept asking about the eve of her ability.

"...I don't know what this ability is. But every time I play the guzheng and sing a song, I feel that there is silence around me. I feel that everything around me seems to have disappeared. No one, no cabin, no Hope, only a dark, empty universe."

Nian Xikong seems to be remembering the dreamlike expression, she murmured: "The feeling is wonderful, surrounded by silence, surrounded by only the incomparable universe, boundless, dark, horrible, cold, I am lonely there, I was very scared when I entered a few times, but gradually, I found that when I sang, I could see a ball of light in the darkness around me. I could only see dozens of them at first. They have The bright and dark, and the brightest one, like a burning star, I feel safe every time I approach this brightest ball..."When it comes to this, Nian Xikong carefully looked at Yao Yuan, but she immediately shyly lowered her head and continued: "In such loneliness and insecurity, I want to communicate with these balls of light, but they are all It is self-enclosed, I can't hear my voice, so I can only sing. Gradually, I found that there are not only dozens of light balls in this silent universe, but more, just those light balls..., even the ball of light can't be called, they are the smallest and smallest bit of light, there are so many dozens of thousands, so I can't count it, I found so many small spots around the grain."

Yao Yuan was more surprised, but he didn't show anything on his face. The surprise was hidden in his heart. When he finished his speech, he asked: "And then? How did you do it?"

Nian Xikong still bowed his head: "I tried to keep talking with them. The languages ​​I used were all used, but they still couldn't hear them, so I ended up using songs to communicate with them. As a result... As a result, when I sang, many people came and listened. They said that my song is very good, as if singing with a soul."

(Can you only use the song? It must also have air as a channel of communication, and it can't be soundproofed... No! I can also feel those light balls, but I can't feel the light particles, she is transmitting information. The new human ability in terms of aspects is stronger than mine.)

In fact, after the Battle of the Desert Planet, Yao Yuan confirmed that the new human being does exist, not an illusion or an illusion. He actually gave a lot of attention to this special ability beyond the understanding of human science and technology. More than ten scientists, more than 50 researchers, are basically tackling and summarizing the skills and personnel of new human beings.

Not only that, but he himself is constantly trying new human skills.

From the desert planet to the present, in the middle of several months, no matter how busy he is every day, how tired he is mentally, except for physical exercise and training, he will basically take an hour or so to train new human skills.

From the perception of malicious, killing sensory skills, to the clear-minded skills of dynamic visual enhancement, to the predictive skills of perceived danger and attack, these three are the skills that he has basically mastered, as long as he is willing, basic It can already be used with willpower, and it doesn't have to wait until the malicious killing comes.

In addition to the above three skills, Yifan and Polly's whisperer's new human skills, he also has a vague feeling, but this skill is too strange, if he has to look at some inexplicable scientific literature, this can trigger, and then It can be understood and remembered ten times faster than the average person. In addition, this skill does not seem to be transferred by his will.

Then there is Jay's skill as a deceiver. This skill is also something he can't master, and he doesn't even have it.

So far, there have been more than a dozen people recorded by new humans.Divided into sensors, you can feel malicious and killing, such as Black Iron and Li Haiyun, Liu Bai, Lin Fei, they have the most capacity.

Secondly, the clear ones can make dynamic vision as fast as an exaggerated point. Currently, only the eagle has it.

Then there is the foreseeer, who can anticipate various dangers in advance. At present, there are Zhang Heng and Ren Yue, and another person, a total of three people are recorded.

After that, it is a whisperer. After entering the state, there will be inexplicable words in the ear, so that it can generate special inspiration or understand some knowledge. Currently, there are both Yifan and Polly.

Then there is the deceiver, only Jay Power has it.

Yao Yuan has noticed that his new human skills are also very special... He has almost all new human skills versions, sensors, predictors, clearers, whispers, except for the deceiver, including the presenter. He has all the skills!

However, there are certain losses. When he has all the new human skills, he also feels a gap. Although it is still not obvious for the time being, his predictive danger ability is inferior to Zhang Heng’s, and the speed of inducing malicious and killing. Compared with the black iron, the clarity and dynamic vision of the clearer are not as good as the eagle, even the whisperer and the transmitter. For example, he can only see the light ball, but can’t see those representing the ordinary. Human spot particles...

Yao Yuan carefully thought about the skills of the evangelist. He felt that this skill should not be so simple. You must know that the new human skills should be from the current known information and the historical records. The new ability that was born, in other words, this ability is likely to be the ability of human beings to adapt to the universe. There is no air in the universe. If you can only rely on the air as a medium to spread the sound, then this ability and speech have What is different?

Thinking of this, Yao Yuan categorically said: "Zhang Heng, Jie Weili, Ren Tao, we are now closing the contact, and then open again after three minutes, eve of the evening, please start singing after five seconds, you can stop after three minutes, good Can you sing any song without having to tell us the song name in advance."

During the speech, Yao Yuan directly shut down the contact equipment in his space suit, and by his side, Zhang Heng, Jie Weili hesitated and closed, and Ren Tao was a dull, daze, after a long time, Until Yao Yuan slaps on his aerospace helmet, he reluctantly closes the contact.

Nian Xikong felt very confused, but she still obeyed Yao Yuan’s order, but she seemed to be very shy to Yao Yuan. When she sang, she leaned on her body and prevented Yao Yuan from seeing her face. After a while, the three looked. When her lips began to move, she apparently began to sing.

(No sound? Is it more I think? Indeed, there is no air, no channels of communication, how can the sound spread in our ears or in our minds? Physically, this is impossible, not those Fantasy sci-fi, or the special function scam sees more...)Yao Yuan sighed secretly. When he was about to connect to his own contact, suddenly, a voice was heard in his mind.

No, it’s not a sound, it’s not so much a voice, it’s a signal or feeling...

It is a blue planet like a gem, blue sky, white clouds, sea, land, green plants...

Everything is so warm, the world in front is so gentle, here...

It is hometown!

When Yao Yuan came back, his face had tears, which made his heart stunned, immediately connected to the contact, and at the same time he woke up the rest of the three people who were in tears, until then, he I heard the song of the eve of the night...

This is a melody. It is a melody in the symphony area of ​​Wangxiang. I didn’t sing in the evening, but I picked up such a melody, but this melody made the four people feel her under the condition that physical conditions were not allowed. The artistic conception of the melody.

"Stop it, we heard it."

Yao Yuan looked complicated and looked at Nian Xikong: "The song of the soul you made."

(PS: The first one today, oh, there are two more in the evening, the climax, the plot climax.)

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