Chapter 12: Great Development (small Z seeking collection recommendation)

Chapter 12: Great Development (small Z seeking collection recommendation)

"A lot of things!"

Since the use of alien plants, great underground cavities have been excavated under the asteroids, and a large number of various metal blocks and alloy blocks, energy spar, and even a large number of plant fibers have been harvested. The space transition safety line, to be precise, has exceeded a lot. If space transitions are made at this time, then only waiting for the hope number may be direct explosion and destruction.

Of course, such a full load is exactly what the hope number needs for long-term operation in the universe. These materials, plus the energy spar obtained, are enough for the hope to survive in the universe for 30 years without replenishment. This is not a small amount. How many years has it been for a person?

Because of this, these materials are necessary and reasonable burdens. In order to be able to carry these materials smoothly, it is necessary to transform the hopes into energy circuits, not only to carry these materials smoothly, but also to carry them. More materials, plus a large amount of radioactive minerals, can also stabilize and secure space transitions without worrying about the dangers of space transitions.

Because of this, in the smooth use of alien plants, a large cavity was excavated in the asteroid ground, enough to accommodate more than 12 million people. At the same time, engineers and technical staff were ready to transform the underground cavity first. This renovation is expected to be carried out for about two months, installing a living system, installing an anti-gravity system, installing various lighting life systems, a circulation system, and so on.

This series of projects are discussed by experts and engineers of related disciplines, and then the government department is responsible for the filing and finalization, and Yao Yuanlai will approve them.

Everything was going smoothly. Yao came from the establishment of the government office. The basics were those who had relevant experience, such as his secretary...

I have to say here that Yao Yuan’s secretary is a black-and-white sling stocking with a short skirt, **********, at least a hot-blooded blonde with more than E-cup. When I chose the secretary, Let Yao Yuan be very reluctant to choose her, it is not to say anything else, but the impact is not good, well, it sounds a bit imaginary, but this is really Yao Yuan’s real thought, he did not think about giving this blonde beauty What rules, so naturally do not care too much about their looks, and such a sexy blonde stunner, in the days of choosing her, let the members of the Black Star team look at Yao Yuan's eyes with some surprise.

When I first selected the captain’s secretary, from the resume, there were five suitable candidates, two of whom had served with government agencies, and the other three were managers of certain multinational companies, or directly the president’s secretary. In order to select the secretary of the captain of hope, Yao Yuan interviewed the five people directly.

In the interview results, there will be five languages, agile thinking, and a wide range of knowledge. I like to watch natural science magazines, but also have a mysterious virus, and Barbie Avis, who survived the virus, has become the best. Candidates.Yao Yuan didn't want to choose her, but she was indeed the best candidate. In the work after the selection, Barbie really did not care about the resume evaluation of his secretary elite, and almost arranged many things to be stable.

In addition to this Barbie, the staff of the government office are basically the most elites selected from the hopes of more than 12 million. It is necessary to know that these more than 12 million people are truly highly educated and highly knowledgeable elites. Among them, the most elite personnel have been selected. It can be said that the efficiency of the government office is extremely high. After the establishment of the government office, Yao Yuan even has time to go to the officer's restaurant to eat some light meals, or to check around after the plain clothes. If it was before, he didn't have this free time at all.

But even the government office, which is so efficient, has been caught in an extremely busy state after approving the underground reconstruction plan.

First of all, nature is the radioactive minerals collection plan proposed by the energy department. They proposed to carry out excavation work on this asteroid according to the radiation detection device, and do not use alien plants because the alien plants directly swallow the radioactive minerals, so Such excavation can only be done by manual work, that is, the original technology of the earth.

Therefore, it is natural to set up a work squad, engineers, technical staff, coupled with a certain army to transport minerals, as well as responsible for security work, etc., and also to specify various plans, supplies, oxygen, space suits , equipment, all must be prepared for planning...

Well, this working group is under construction. Suddenly new situations have occurred. The heads of the industrial departments have come to the door again. They have proposed a parts factory to build fine operations...

Well, according to them, the stocks of various fine parts brought out from the earth have been used cleanly, especially when they are used in the manufacture of space mining machines. There are no more high-precision parts at present.

As for the various factory workshops already on Hope, they are basically small smelting areas, or various lathe areas where equipment can be manufactured, that is, the kind of basic tools and instruments that can be manufactured, and then rely on these Tools and equipment, and then to the production area of ​​higher processing production line, when leaving the earth, in order to save weight and quality, these high-precision work areas of deep processing are not carried, after all, a production line weighs several tens of tons, so generally Only brought the finished product inventory.

Because of this, the Minister of Industry specially submitted a report stating that the current high-precision parts of Hope are seriously inadequate. If something unexpected happens, in addition to removing the parts on the existing equipment, there are no more stock parts available. Replacement, this is a very serious situation, so I hope that several production lines are urgently needed to reserve relevant high-precision parts.

Well, this is urgently needed. If necessary, it cannot be considered and hesitated. So, the government department then made an emergency plan for this, asked the relevant engineers and experts, and then made a co-ordination...

However, a wave of unrest, a wave of up again, work

After the Ministry’s proposal was answered, it was followed by the Ministry of Military Affairs’ report.The military wants to rebuild the shuttle machine, not the simple mold of the space mining machine... Yes, in the military report, the space mining machine is called the mold. The shuttle machine proposed in the report is equipped with an anti-gravity system. The time-sustaining circulatory system, the real shuttle in the atmosphere, is the only shuttle that is currently the only one.

The military's report is very ambitious. They hope to make at least five shuttles of this type. At the same time, the report pointed out that from the current situation of the hope, it can be seen that when there is an emergency in the universe, the hope cannot be answered. When asteroids are evaded, they need to have a highly mobile shuttle to defend, so the report is whimsical and hopes to transform the five vessels, including the existing shuttle, a total of six shuttles. Add a missile system on top to increase the space warfare function.

Well, Yao Yuan has to admit that this is really a whimsical plan. What do they think these shuttles are? Cosmic fighter?

However, if you think about it, there is some truth about this. In the universe, anything can happen. I hope that it is so huge. If I have encountered a large fault and have to drift in the universe, if I happen to encounter it again. The asteroid is attacking and cannot be circumvented, so the shuttle carrying the missile...

To this end, Yao Yuan has also discussed and researched with some experts and scientists. In particular, he asked whether the missiles currently stored on the Hopes are capable of cosmic warfare, whether the hope is capable of manufacturing missiles, etc. Later, the shuttle manufacturing proposal was also added to the existing engineering order. Of course, the five shuttles were reduced to three...

Then, another new report was submitted, and this time it was the report of the Ministry of Agriculture...

Because of the monetary system reform, this disguised stimulation of the consumption enthusiasm of the people of Hope, naturally will not be there, but relatively speaking, all kinds of meat, especially beef and pork, eggs, fresh milk The consumption of these materials has increased month by month. Relevant statisticians have already issued warnings. At present, the storage of this kind of materials has reached the warning line. In the sixth-level ecological park, the larger area is planting, wheat. Rice, potatoes, corn, vegetables, fruits, and the area of ​​farming are not large. To support the consumption of more than 120,000 elites, they are actually using stocks.

The report proposes to increase the price of meat, eggs, and milk to limit the consumption of the people, or to find new breeding sites, expand the scale, and provide more meat and eggs. The supply of milk.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s proposal is even more incredible, the same whimsical...

They actually proposed to add the outer layer of the seventh floor on the basis of the sixth floor.Because Hope has built the current shape of a chopstick-like hull, because the calculation limit of the anti-gravity system is so, it can be considered as the limit of current human science and technology. If the cabin is increased or decreased, the current hull structure is changed. Then, when the hope is close to the large gravity range, it will lead to its disastrous consequences.

Obviously, the Ministry of Agriculture must have studied the details one step at a time, so the report they submitted pointed out that the external cabin, that is, in the gravity-free space navigation state, can be loaded up, and close to the terrestrial planet, or space transition At that time, it can be disassembled to recover the device inside the hope number, in order to get more farming area.

Well, Yao Yuan has been convinced. It is absolutely impossible for him to agree to the price increase of meat, eggs and milk, because this may have long-term negative effects. As he has always insisted, the ability is greater. It is necessary to bear more responsibilities. Similarly, the greater the responsibility, the more benefits you should receive.

If you want to run the horse, then you must let the horses eat the grass. For the same reason, since all the elites were selected, and these elites did not live up to their expectations and did play their respective values, then they should Get the treatment that suits their status. You can't expect them to have a porridge. Moreover, it is better to have better conditions. It is not the time to survive and overcome.

So, in the engineering sequence of the Hope number, added a heavy item, a huge external cabin...

Then, the large recruiting work was carried out among more than 120,000 people, and the salary was raised from the initial three hundred human coins to the later four hundred human coins...

The whole development period of the human remains is finally coming...

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