Within Three Inches Chapter 305

Within Three Inches Chapter 305

“The first trick of weight loss cultivation, running!” With the order of Wang Baole, in his arrangement, these five hundred students started running, not in the square, but around the entire college, began to run wild.

As he did in the past, in this running, these students seem to feel no fatigue, strong energy and the thick Spiritual Fat, so that they run while absorbing, gradually, almost everyone feels the increase of their own strength .

This running practice lasted for three days, watching his body shape, rapid recovery, these students are relieved, many of them also found a problem, that is… before the fatter people, after this weight loss practice The higher its cultivation base is!

For example, Jin Duozi directly broke through Qi and Blood and became a Sealing Body. There are still many people, and even Qi and Blood of the great circle, and these students, without exception, are the fattest before. A batch.

“I told you before, I want to believe the dean, what’s the fat, the fatter I am, the stronger I am!” Jin Duozi proudly spoke, a look that I am fat, I am proud, so many students are in the middle of it. I also feel that it seems to make sense.

Therefore, in addition to the running practice, they also practiced Swallowing Heaven Art more than before. In this way, under the comfort of Wang Baole’s, these students are almost one day, the body recovers from the previous, and slowly Rounded up.

This time, neither the school teacher nor the parents of the students said anything. After all, they witnessed the changes of their children and felt the speed of their growth base and the cultivation of them in less than a month. Passion.

The former is rare, the latter is more rare!

Wang Baole did not let these students gain weight. After feeling that a large number of students were getting fatter, he taught the second trick of weight loss.

That is weightlifting!

Wang Baole still remembers that he was lifting weights at the time, so he spent a lot of thought on this weightlifting, so that these students, one by one in the square, screamed and constantly lifted weights.

There are men and women, males, and those female students are now in full swing. The raised barbells are even heavier than many male students. It is sometimes a hip-hop voice that allows men around. Classmates, watching the heartbeat.

Wang Baole is very satisfied with this effect, walking in the crowd and constantly encouraging.

Outside the square at the moment, several teachers stood there, dumbstruck watching the crazy weightlifting students, one of the teachers, looking at the students, a girl who was competing with Jin Duozi, whispered.

“I remember Zhou Mai, a month ago, a delicate aunt mother…”

At this moment in his in the eye, this once a petite aunt mother, has now become round, even when the power burst, can see a lot of muscles… Similarly, its cultivation base also breakthrough, from Qi and Blood I entered the Sealing Body and even caught up with Jin Duozi.

Zhou Mai is not a special case. These 500 students don’t say all of them, but most of them are under the cultivation of this month. In this weight loss, the physical strength is too much, and one by one can obviously see the strong and the same, they The confidence and mentality are also more and more exciting.

Only very quickly, there are some cultivation bases to increase the most obvious students, it seems that the body has adapted, whether it is running or weightlifting, it is difficult to melt Spiritual Fat.

In this regard, Wang Baole as a person, smiled and spoke directly.

“Who aunt, can build a melting pot, I have drawings here.”

As soon as he finished his speech, many students responded immediately. In the end, Jin Duozi grabbed the opportunity and loudly guaranteed that he had kicked a few people beyond the cultivation base of others.

“The dean is relieved, I will go back to my grandfather’s sound transmission, and I can’t finish it in two days. I will sever his relationship with him!” Jin Duozi said proudly, looking at the unruly classmates around him, my heart was smug, secretly thought This is the opportunity for the dean to flatter, I can give you.

Wang Baole encouraged the pat on Jin Duozi’s thick shoulders, and the heart was full of gratification, but also knocked.

“Thank you for your grandfather, don’t move, you will sever the relationship, you must emphasize filial piety…”

For Wang Baole’s discourse, Jin Duozi and his team obeyed, so they nodded quickly.

In this way, in the same day, the March Group came to a large number of people, began to build, and even the majority of the Foundation Establishment cultivator involved, one by one, but helpless, really did build in two days Out of an amazing furnace.

Although it is not comparable to Misty Dao Academy, it can be similar to some extent. The most important thing is that after two days of repair, the cost will be even greater.

With the completion of the furnace, the third stroke of Wang Baole’s weight-loss cultivation can finally be implemented. In this way, as the first batch of people entering the furnace become alive, the original body is restored, and the cultivation base After a substantial increase, the enthusiasm of other students is more abundant.

At the same time, his training plan was basically completed after the construction of the furnace.

His plan is to use Swallowing Heaven Art as the core, so that the students can accelerate their cultivation, and use the suction to get a lot of Spiritual Fat that can’t be absorbed by the body. Then, as the assembly line, they run and lift to the furnace.

Through these three tricks, it helps to absorb and digest the Spiritual Fat, so that the students’ body is restored, and their own cultivation base is also advanced by leaps and bounds.

These are the first links of his plan. If they can pass, they can enter the second link. At the same time, the elimination will also begin at this time.

After all, not everyone can afford to gain weight for the sake of strength. The first batch of people who have been eliminated are those who cannot afford it.

As a dean, Wang Baole is responsible for these students from the bottom of his heart, but anyone who leaves will be able to recover quickly under his devil-like training. After being eliminated, Wang Baole is more serious. Inform, if you can’t persist, then don’t continue to practice Swallowing Heaven Art. If you must practice, you must exercise restraint.

Otherwise, once you gain weight and it is difficult to keep exercising, it is difficult to restore your posture.

In this way, as time goes by, when there are less than forty days left in the exchange, the original five hundred students, only about half of them are not eliminated.

After half of the people understand the situation, they still choose to stay and still choose to practice. Even after experiencing the melting pot and recovering their posture, they are not in love, and they are cultivating Swallowing Heaven Art with greater perseverance. In a few days, he was fat again.

Only a few times later, the furnaces also lost their effect, which made their cultivation speed slower, so they found Wang Baole to find a solution.

Looking at them, Wang Baole seems to have seen himself in the past, feeling sorrowful, while he is drinking ice Spirit Water, while waving a big hand.

“Reassured, I have been prepared, I have already bought you a weight loss from the earth, and I will calculate the time. It is estimated that I will be there tomorrow.” Wang Baole encouraged them to look at these students. Under their expectation, the next morning, he At the Misty Dao Academy of the Earth, a large number of Death God Pills ordered from Xie Haiyang arrived.

With the release of Death God Pill, in the next few days, the voice of the wails spread throughout the college, and even the pedestrians passing by, can hear the voices heard in the college, one by one, I don’t know what happened. whats the matter.

The effect of Death God Pill is amazing. But there are still some students who can’t stand it, so they are eliminated. There are less than 150 people left, and these people are experiencing Death God Pill. , whether it is a cultivation base or a fleshly body, the formidable is more than the same generation.

In particular, Jin Duozi and the other 30 people, in fact, their foundation has been very good, so under the special training of Wang Baole, the accumulation of thin hair, directly broke through the Sealing Body, stepped into the Mending Meridians.

This speed, even if it is related to their own foundation, can still shock the college, shocked their parents, and also gave other students a strong stimulation. Although they did not immediately break through Qi and Blood, they could be similar, reaching Qi and The peak of Blood.

And their fleshly body, also in this one-time forging, became too strong, at the same time, Wang Baole also felt the mutual benefit of the mask Little Elder Sister for the first time, in fact, with the cultivation of these students Wang Baole clearly felt that his Devouring Seed seemed to be a lot deeper than before, and even the cultivation base was also refined.

This made him feel very shocked. He knew that Wang Baole, who was not easy to lose weight, was serious about screaming at everyone. He told them that from now on, they must restrain Swallowing Heaven Art, and once they discover that Death God Pill is weakening, they must immediately Stop cultivating Swallowing Heaven Art.

Otherwise, their strength will continue to increase, but the weight loss will become more and more difficult.

“Although life is endless, weight loss is not limited, but you should consider it yourself.”

“Next, I will teach you another set of trump cards, whose name… Baole is invincible!”

“This technique is against the sky. When I used to show the first move, some people shouted and called Dad to beg for mercy. In the second move, someone directly passed out. As for the third move… the power is too big to be easily used because of its outbreak. Under the kick, now, you can destroy the future!”

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