Within Three Inches Chapter 115

Within Three Inches Chapter 115

Seeing that the body was taken away by Zhao Yameng, Wang Baole was satisfied. Although he went out to give the body of Dao Academy, it was Zhao Yameng, but Wang Baole believed that the justice of Dao Academy and the character of Zhao Yameng, his own credit. Will not be erased.

After all, in Wang Baole’s opinion, if it weren’t for himself, it wouldn’t be necessary to take the corpse. If you think that you haven’t gone out yet, you already have a lot of credit. Wang Baole suddenly feels good and turns his head. When he looked at the crowd, he looked down.

It is obvious that these people are obviously angry and burned, which is very bad.

“Cough… I haven’t greeted you just now. I don’t know if you have someone who doesn’t know me. Tell me about it. My name is Wang Baole.” Wang Baole coughed and said nothing. On the one hand, the big man who was broken by the giant shield was raised.

The man glared at Wang Baole and opened it directly.

“Everyone is their own master, and I am Misty Dao Academy’s after all. I saw how I can’t help, so don’t yell at me like this. It’s very unreasonable. You said yes, and I didn’t use big. Move to deal with you, why are you so angry?” Wang Baole sighed and looked at everyone.

At this moment, everyone has already broken away from each other. After all, these are all Ancient Martial. They are True Breath. They are entangled in a few breaths and no problem.

After getting out of trouble, they are very depressed, especially Li Yi, Wu Fen and black-faced youth, but also complexion gloomy.

They found that Wang Baole seemed to be his own nemesis. Every time he competed with him, he failed. At the moment, he looked at each other and saw each other in the eye. If he didn’t vent, he must be wronged to break the fighting intent.

Wang Baole was alert and sighed on the surface and went up to take away the damaged cockroaches.

“After going back, I have to upgrade these shackles, otherwise it will not work well in the future.” After the collection, Wang Baole found that Li Yi and others still glared at themselves, so they turned to look at the past.

“everyone, want to see my big move, then let’s do it, but discuss it, can you not stare at me like this, although I am handsome, but you look at it… everyone who is watching is embarrassed. “Wang Baole put a low head and a shy opening.

When his words came out, the complexion in this place was even more ugly, especially Li Yi. The eyes were picked up, and the teeth were gnashing. I felt that this slut was dead and very shameless.

“Hey! He stunned him and let him go out when he went out!” Li Yi’s words came out, her body rushed, and she was born with Fire Spirit Body, even if she had just promoted True Breath, she had never learned magical technique. With the speciality of the Fire Spirit Body, the flames suddenly burst out at the moment of rushing out. Although it is not a spread, it can also be wrapped around the body.

Even when I was shot, there was a fireball that separated from the flame outside her body and went straight to Wang Baole. When it passed, the air seemed to be burned, and the heat wave was blowing, and the momentum was amazing.

At the moment when Li Yi flies out, the black-faced youth is also bright.

“Yes, this is OK!” He thought it was a good idea, so his hands were directly pressed on the compass, and suddenly a spree broke out from him, and all the layers of the spell formation seal. Overwhelmingly approaching Wang Baole imprint.

And Wu Fen, he thinks that Li Yi, a woman with a bad temper, is too savage, but at the moment she agrees with the other person’s idea, so she quickly takes out four medicine pills.

In fact, medicine pill is his strongest point, and the previous Qi and Blood method was formed after he swallowed medicine pill. At this moment, Wang Baole’s mind is strong, and all four medicine pills are swallowed. .

Soon the roar came out of his mouth. His skin was red and his forehead cracks appeared four times. Everything was shocking, and the breath broke out and went straight to Wang Baole.

Everyone else is also like this. They each use the trump card. Even if there are several magnetisms in the body, they have to be rejected. They can still be shot. Obviously, Wang Baole anger is great, and he vows to stun him. When you go out, you are shameful.

“So poison!! Li Yi, you are too embarrassed!” Wang Baole took a breath, the consequences were too serious, so he did not dare to have the slightest effect, the body Devouring Seed suddenly opened, forming a huge suction, shrouded the Quartet, will be everyone The magical technique is still a magical treasure, or a body, and it is directly forced to suck, changing the trajectory, making everyone look like a change.

At the moment when their bodies were struggling to change their trajectories, Wang Baole’s spirits suddenly ran, and the blessing speed rushed forward. He was faster than the ordinary True Breath, and directly avoided Li Yi’s fireball and appeared in the black-faced youth. In front of him, with the right hand of gauntlet, a punch hit.

“Pour!” Wang Baole whispered.

In rumbled, this black-faced youth who is good at spell formation, even if promoted to True Breath, can still be under the fist of Wang Baole’s, can not be dodged, was bombarded on the stomach, Wang Baole’s power is too big, in this black face youth feeling In it, it seems to be hit by a high-speed train, spits out of blood, and the body is stunned when it is thrown.

Without waiting for the landing, Wang Baole wave a hand, immediately three enlightened students look like a student, entangled the young man’s hugs, and after doing this, Wang Baole turned around and avoided other people’s whistling A few pieces of Lingbao came directly to Wu Fen, and in Wu Fen’s look, the same punch.

“You are also down!”

No matter how Wu Fen struggled, or even took out Lingbao, it didn’t help. Wang Baole took the gauntlet’s fist, and it was like a broken bamboo. It smashed it all and fell on Wu Fen’s stomach.

Wu Fen spits out blood, suddenly fainted in the past, and was entangled in several shackles.

This scene is too fast. When all the people around it are discolored, Li Yi in the eye flashes a touch of ochre. It is close to Wang Baole, and the hand seal is squeaking, and the whole body flame bursts into a flame. Wang Baole swallowed it directly.

“Afraid of you?” Wang Baole turned his head, and there was a big horn in his hand, and he slammed it on his mouth. This snoring shakes the heavens, like a thunder, and after being blessed by a big horn, it is even more mad. The storm went directly to the flames that swallowed it.

Suddenly the flame was twisted. Under this violent sound, it was instantly torn, revealing the back of the flame, bombarded by the sound waves, and screaming Li Yi.

Wang Baole quickly and quickly chased it. After the approach, there was no pity for him. He also stunned him with a punch and threw a few cockroaches to hug him. He turned his head and stopped to look at the moment. Several other people.

“What are you going to do?”

“Wang Baole, you are too embarrassed!”

“Yes, what do you mean by tying them with you?” These people immediately stepped back a few steps, the burly big man, glaring at the opening.

But his words just finished, Wu Fen stunned in the past, the body has a magnetic light shining, because the coma can not resist, can only be lifted by the magneto-optical, flew toward the exit, just… his body is still wrapped around the three The cockroaches with posture ecstasy, these three cuddles are too tight, so they followed Wu Fen and flew out.

In this scene, everyone suddenly changed their minds. Wang Baole coughed and found that the black-faced youth began to appear magneto-optical. He pulled off his clothes and wrote a line on it, which was stuffed on the black-faced youth. .

After doing this, Wang Baole turned his head and smiled at the rest of the crowd.

“Now know what it means.”

Seeing all of this, including the burly big man, all of them complexion changed, sucking the breath, it is Wang Baole, this move is the same as Li Yi’s idea, it is too bad, once they are stunned, they are used so ecstasy The posture is holding out, afraid that everyone outside the Four Great Dao Academy will see their embarrassing scene, and it is very likely that it will become a black spot in life…

After all, everyone is a person with a face in their respective Dao Academy. Faces are very important, so they quickly leave and leave.

It’s still late, Wang Baole has some vengeance…

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