As a person who wore into his novel, Qin Kailuo said that he was under great pressure. As a person who wears his own novels or wears a villain, Qin Kailuo said that the pressure is very large. As a person who wears a villain in his novel and is forced to go to the plot, Qin Kailu said that he no longer wants to write novels. Qin Kailuo: "Nima wears a villain and goes to the plot, even if it is, Shen Fei laughs, can you fucking from me?" Shen Fei laughed: "Sister, I don't." "Well, in fact, it is a stupidity that has become a story in which the villains in his novels are overwhelmed by their protagonists." Abdominal black and light attack X unknown property is subject to. Develop a route, slow heat.

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