Heart of One Piece

By Na Yi Zhi Wen Zi



Watching the explosion behind the king of the sky is far more enjoyable than on the ground.

Look at the pink flame below, slowly swallowing Whole Cake Island, and three people like Weier are watching the fireworks.

And Ain, but some body trembled.

The red flame below, at this time is eating a lot of life, although those people are Pirate, but they are also alive.

Zephyr, who has the name ‘not killing’, is the boss hands of Disciple. Of course, it won’t be contaminated with too many blood.

“You have no feeling at all.” “

Ain looks at the three of theville, waiting for the answer from the three.

“Some are thrown away.”…Vire

“The dessert below is a pity.”…granulated sugar.

“It’s still more spectacular when it’s broken up.”…A thousand glazes.

The feelings of the three people made Ain wrong. The younger sister had some doubts about her life. In the end, her three views were not correct, or the three views of the three people were a bit strange.

“The explosion below is also inferior. This kind of good opportunity must go to ‘greet’ Charlotte. Lingling.

If there is danger, the thousand branches are responsible for taking care of the sugar. ”

Vere gestured to the king of the sky to lower the height, and the king of the sky began to approach Whole Cake Island.

“What if this woman is in danger?”

The glazed thousand branches point to Ain.

Subject to Availability.

After all, Weier began to stare down to find a living person who was not killed. BIG·MOMPirates was completely destroyed by ‘Dynamite Rock’.

As the Four Emperor Pirates, which dominates New World, if it is completely destroyed by a few ‘explosives’, it is a joke, andville does not have that illusion.

Although it will not be completely destroyed, but the loss is absolutely heavy, and some of BIG·MOMpirate’s inferior combat power will definitely be completely destroyed.

The king of the sky fell to the ground, and Vail landed at Whole Cake Island.

Just arrived at Whole Cake Island, a heat wave came, the temperature of ‘Explosive Rock’ burning Whole Cake Island.


A crisp feeling, coming from under the feet, the ground of Whole Cake Island has been completely baked into coke.

According to Vail’s estimate, the entire Whole Cake Island has been flattened by a third of its height, from the original above sea level, to the current level of sea level.

This surprised Weier, an island made up of cakes, some of which were unexpectedly strong.

In the expectation of Vail, Whole Cake Island may be directly blown up.

A strangely scorching smell pervades the Whole Cake Island, which is the smell of a lot of desserts.

“Cough and cough.”

A violent cough sounded the sight of Vere.

Wensmerk Lay, crawling out of the ruins, the wings that had wrapped the body, had been smashed and fried, leaving only a small section.

On the skin of the bud, there were several blood marks on the skin, and the clothes had been completely burned by Flame.

At this time, the bud, is the red | body | bare | body climbed out of the building wreck.

Lei’s line of sight was very blurred, and the eyes appeared, making Lei’s vision into blood red.

As a mature sister of ****, Lei 玖 ​​consciously tightened the body, covering the two white rabbits and the hidden part of the body.

Will also noticed the naked beauty that climbed out of the ruins and went forward.

“Hey, let’s go.”

The crispness of the crunchy dessert wreckage makes the buds difficult to raise the head.

When she was still in her mother, she had already been genetically modified by her father, so the recovery of the body was abnormally formidable.

The basic consciousness of Lei Ying has been restored at this time, and dizziness and other conditions have obviously improved.

After seeing the man wearing a black red trench coat with a long sword hanging around his waist, Lei Yi immediately recognized the opposite side.

‘King of the catastrophe. ‘

This is the name of Vail in the underground World, the catastrophe king, and some people called the Vail War King.

As long as he offended the catastrophic king, the opposite side will provoke a chilling war.

The war of gold and the war of ‘the country’ is still vivid.

The feeling of Vince Merck was a desperate, and her family had offended Monster in front of her.

At this moment, Lei Yi has given up hope of living, and the look in her eyes is dim.

“Who are you, should not be BIG·MOMpirate’s crew, the rewards of those guys, I have all seen, your face, I am a bit strange, but also some familiar.”

Vere grabbed Vince Merck’s white chin with one hand and examined it carefully.

In the heart of Lei Yi, a feeling of ecstasy came.

In front of this Monster, I don’t want to know her, yes, in the eyes of Lei, Wei is the Quarter terrifying Monster.

“I am a member of Dark World and come here to sell top cakes.”

Lei Xin’s heartbeat began to accelerate unconsciously.

to lie

The simple two words make the buds fall like ice.

“I didn’t lie, it was true.”

Lei Yi tried to defend, but Wei grabbed the bud’s calf and opened the crouching leg of the bud.

At this time, Lei Yi was in a full-naked state, so Wei’s move made Lei Lei **** all leaked, which almost made Lei Lei faint.

“You, what are you guys doing?”

Just when Lei Yi thought that she was going to be chaste and unprotected, she suddenly felt that Weier had tapped her thigh with her finger.

“66, huh~, the rabbit scorpion of the Vincemock family finally let me catch you.”

Weier’s smiling looks at Vincemoke Lay, before he faintly saw the numbers on the opposite side of the opposite side, but did not see.

The number 66, in Pirate World, represents a country with the Legion, Jerma 66.

Vincemoke Lei was speechless and completely desperate.

If she is in a state of complete victory, she can probably hold a few tens of seconds in the hands of Weier, but with her current state, she will definitely be insta-kill.

“It’s nothing to do with Charlotte Lingling, but I dare to take the initiative to grab my arms. Is there a kind of kind of Vincemoke Gavin?”

One of the things that her family finally regretted was the robbing of Doflamingo’s arms.

Because it is not only the arms of Doflamingo, but also the property of men in front of them.

A few days after the ‘Wensmock family’ had just robbed the arms, it was reported that Charlotte Lingling was seriously injured by Weier and the others.

At that time, the father of Vincemoke Rey, Vincemick Gag, regretted it and regretted that he should not provoke the Monster.

The Wensmock family’s Strength is not forformable, and even BIG·MOMPirates is needed to completely rule North Blue.

After that, Vinsmock Gagh gave an order to his children, and if they met Weir in the future, just think about how to escape.

“What other words are left, give you a ten-second time statement.”

Weier’s hand-sword hilt of ‘Italian Blood’, ‘Italian Blood’ slowly erupted.

Even if this red|naked Beauty is ten times more attractive, Will will kill the opposite side.

No matter how beautiful the enemy, he will not be soft, this is the consistent style of Weier.

“I hope not to be smashed, it’s too ugly.”

After the buds finished, they relaxed the body and lie on the ground in a large font.

Whole Cake Island has a dark ground that contrasts sharply with the white and seductive body of the bud.

As for the exposure of the hidden parts of the body, those who are about to lose their lives are no longer important.

“I just want to keep a whole body, I am satisfied with your wishes.”

Will walked to the side of the bud, preparing a sword to pierce the heart of the bud, so that you can die decent.

“Goodbye, Vincemoke Lay, if I didn’t guess wrong, you should be the eldest daughter of the Vincemock family, Vincemoke Lay.”

Weier didn’t know Lei, and in the previous life, he only saw the story of Zuo Island and came to Pirate World.

Pirate World, there is no possibility of catching up.

“Thunder Sword Hero, I am fighting with you.”

A little crying sound came from afar.

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